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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

January 16, 2013

James asks…

Are there any resources to help people from rural America find jobs and relocate to cities?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pay service or free, I could pay a little if they were a good organization that could help me. I’m graduating from a regional university in May and I just to get out of the poverty stricken Ozark hell hole I’ve been stuck in my whole life. But I’m scared of how I will manage in a bigger city and how I will find an apartment, find a job, and just adjust to the culture mainly.

Administrator answers:

You could just wing it!!!I have many times when i was younger #1 rent a rm that way you don’t have to come up with deposits for electric water etc… Depending where you want to live NY york very costly same with boston any big city but their are rooming houses in these city’s.florida is cheaper or texas ,Georgia very cheap compared to other places they have a lot more work their as well. Once you rented the room then look for a job it will work out go for it !!!!!

Mary asks…

Is there anywhere a family of five can live for cheap and free for one month or maybe two?

My cousin and his wife have been living in our apartment with their 3 kids one turned three today. One will be two really soon. The apartment people came by and told us they have to be out by tomorrow. Please help if you can and thank you so much for helping.

Administrator answers:

Sadly I am afraid you will find no free housing, it’s just unheard of today, however you may try charity or church orginizations sometimes they will help to cover the costs needed, Also try to Look around your area for an “Extended Stay America” or one of their sister companies, The hotel offers an alternative to apartment living (Kitchens (fridge, stove, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, ironing board, iron, on site guest laundry) bear in mind they are standard hotel rooms and most will not offer any separated bedrooms nor many fun activities for the children, the stay is discounted the longer you are with them, and also after 31st night all of your taxes are refunded and you no longer pay taxes with the company. You might be able to find one that offers a swimming pool, or fittness center of some sort, many are located near parks and busy cities with alot of activies (mine near the dupage childrens museum) Also, *if relevant* ESA Hotels are all pet friendly and available for check in immediatley . :) Hope this helps and good luck!

Richard asks…

Is living in a house your family owns different from living in a house or apartment your family rents?

How? Are renters, owners, and homeless people all considered equal citizens in America? Why or why not?

Administrator answers:

On the surface, all are supposed to be equal, yes. But nothing could be further from the truth. Homeless people do still have a ‘social stigma’ here, not as bad as it used to be, but still there nonetheless. Renters get a little bit of that as well. What’s interesting about that, to me, is often times the ‘feeling lesser because one rents’ is self-imposed ! I’m an apartment renter, and I just recently had the extreme good fortune to move into a beautiful new 1-bedroom apartment in a brand-new construction building. It really is lovely; it is spacious with all new fixtures and appliances and the building itself has many great features including a rooftop deck. Yet . . My mind was telling me that “It’s not as good as a house.” Isn’t that bizarre? It’s a perfect place for me as a single person. But I was still feeling ‘less than’. Our society just impresses upon people SO much that ‘to be successful and live the American dream, you must own (at least) one house’. I had to ‘work on’ that nonsense thought pattern that society ‘so nicely’ put in my head. After about 3 months of feeling ‘less than’, I’m over it! This place is beautiful, and I am just as ‘worthy’ as any homeowner in the country.

Now, I need to keep ‘working on’ my other little problem, which is that, yes, I have to recognize that homeless people are worthy of good things also. Many of them ARE ‘good people’ who have for whatever reason found themselves homeless. I actually was on the brink of being homeless myself 6 years ago after some rather bad life events. I was VERY scared about it. Luckily I found a cheap place and avoided that scenario. But on my way back up to ‘regular’ living, I did ‘meet’ many homeless people who CHOOSE to remain homeless. That is, they don’t pursue assistance programs for getting into housing. Some of them get on the USA welfare or Social Security programs, and even then they don’t do anything – besides spend their welfare money on drugs, that is. That is probably where the societal stigma against homeless people in the USA is coming from. Many working Americans feel that they are being taxed so that people can get high. And there IS a lot of truth to that. I met several people in the past 6 years who 1) get their monthly benefit check, 2) buy drugs, 3) find a place to do drugs, 4) do drugs until the money is gone, which is typically only 2 or 3 days, and 5) be broke the rest of the month, and from there, mooch food and cigarettes and beer off neighbors if possible.

So that’s my perception of things in America as they relate to your question. I live in downtown Seattle, Washington, just for an area reference.

Linda asks…

What are the 10 most affordable cities to rent apartments or housing?

Affordable, decent rental apartments / housing is becoming more difficult to find. There are so many fees, and hidden fees until it is almost impossible to rent a place these days. It would be really nice to have some feedback on communities and cities left in America with affordable housing.

Administrator answers:

Where apartments are cheap, wages are low.

Generally rural cold areas have the cheapest apartments because no one wants to live there.

Michael asks…

Are there any cheap apartmnets in Quebec City?

I’m planning to move to Quebec City for work next year. I’m from the New York, USA. What are the requirements before you get an apartment in Quebec City?

Administrator answers:

Appartments in Quebec City are the cheapest in North America, your lucky ! Requirement, well it depends, but having a job and references will help. As for the price, an average 2 bedrooms appartement is around 600$ a month, 500$ for a single bedroom.

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