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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

March 27, 2013

Michael asks…

Am I still better off buying a house anyway?

Even I only spend 13% of my monthly income on an apartment in Portland, Oregon? I make about $80,000 a year & I’m sure I won’t be living in Portland for more than 5 years. I understand the tax benefits, equity building and all that of purchasing a home, but considering my situation and my low monthly rent, from an investment standpoint, does buying a home still makes better sense investment?

Administrator answers:

Difficult question market is garbage.I would have recommended house every time until six months ago. Houses are being foreclosed all across America. In five market may be great. I doubt that but it is possible. Americans have overbought homes they cant afford it is going to catch up in next 10 years. Houses will be cheap so you can get good deal. But it will be difficult to sell. It is a buyers market for awhile to come. So if you are planning to move and with the cost of your rent stay in the apartment.

Helen asks…

Staying in New York City for a month?

I’m planning a Contiki trip to America, that starts in California and ends in New York. It goes for about two weeks, but then I’m staying in New York for a month during Christmas and New Year. What would be the best type of accommodation that is also cheap? Does anyone have any suggestions please ?

Administrator answers:

Hey there!

You may want to look into subletting an apartment for the month you are up here. That could save you a ton. Lots of people rent out their whole furnished apartment while they go on vacation, etc for a small fraction of the cost of a hotel or even a hostel.

Another option may be a long term stay hotel. They are often much cheaper than a normal hotel if you stay more than 2 weeks.

There is a site which explains the process of subletting and all that. You may want to look into it before going on your search.


Good luck!

Paul asks…

What is the best country to visit in South America?

I’m curious about Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. I wouldn’t dare set foot in Venezuela though.

Administrator answers:

Argentina is a fantastic place. Buenos Aires reminds me of Paris, my favorite city in the world.

Its also a great place to visit because its relatively inexpensive. You can short term rent apartments in very classy parts of town for as little as $150 a week. The food is great, assuming you are not a vegan, and also very cheap. You can get a huge steak dinner at a nice restaurant for less than $10.

Tango music is very cool and the people are very hip. And, at least in my personal opinion, Argentinian women are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Sandy asks…

How different is Japan from North America?

Well, I’m planning to move from Las Vegas to Japan after collage, and i don’t want to be some stupid tourist that thinks that they can live somewhere just for the heck of it (I’m moving for real reasons that are confedential). I know that i have to learn Japanese and some customs. Anything else i might want to know?

Administrator answers:

Lots of things you might want to know
1. Japanese isn’t required. YOu can get by very easily in english. You just have to make sure you try to listen, and then try to speak japanese. Once you try, people are very friendly and helpful. If you don’t try they will appear rude
2. Tokyo and all other major cities are extremely expensive. But if you shop around you can find lots of places that are pretty cheap. Buy your own food and cook for yourself, as it will save you tons of money. (eating out is about 5x as expensive as cooking it for yourself)
3. You will need to buy a rice cooker. They are pretty cheap, and very easy to work even w/out japanese.
4. Stock up on your dvd’s. Buying newer dvd’s here is like 25 to 30 dollars.
5. Customes you need to remember. Always take your shoes off when you go inside someones home. They will usually have guest slippers (but if y ou have large feet, then bring your own slippers.)
6. When people compliment you, the response is zen zen (it means not at all.) you are not supposed to accept a compliment.
7. When on the subway/bus, you are expected to give up your seat for old people, pregnant women, women with young children, or people with disabilities.
8. Look into buyiig a japanese railroad tourist ticket. This is a ticket that is good for a month, and you can ride it anywhere in japan. It is like $70 to $150. But you cannot buy it when you are living here. It has to be on your US Passport as a tourist. They don’t sell them here. So if you get one of those tickets, you can then travel all over japan in the first month you are here, other wise travelling around japan is really expensive.
9. Get to know japanese anime. Things like totoro, kiki’s delivery service, ranma 1/2, and hello kitty. If you knwo these characters and anime, then you have built in conversation with most japanese.
10. When you get here ( I live in tokyo), immediately examine your apartment, and notice things like weather stripping, caulking and find a local store that carries it. They do not weather strip here, and most japanese homes are COLD in the winter.
11. Look on under tokyo and to find used furnature, books, bikes,etc…. Never pay for new stuff here because it is soooooo expensive.

Laura asks…

Dear Argentinos, Where can I find a cheap rent apartment or studio in BAires?

And which neighorhood to best to stay at? i know some like Palermo. I am planned to visiting BAires in June for one or two weeks. I am 20 years old and it will be my first time to travel to South America. I found some websites but it seem a scam or something. I rather to ask Argentinos or someone who are experienced in BAires.

Administrator answers:

Do you want to rent an apartment just for two weeks?

I think a hotel should be better for you because rent an apartment in Argentina as a foreigner is not that easy.

But here you have two websites:

A foreigner can’t rent an apartment for the same price as an Argentinian, also foreigners just can rent some apartments.

Not all real estate brokers work with foreigners. I’m an Argentinian citizen and if I want to rent an apartment, for me prices start around 300 USD.

But if my grandmother wants to rent an apartment, for her prices start around 750 USD just because she’s a foreigner, she’s from Poland.

In my opinion, the best areas in Buenos Aires are Puerto Madero, Palermo, Recoleta, Monserrat, Belgrano and Retiro.

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