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April 17, 2013

Ruth asks…

How much are stuff in Japan?

Ok, so I really want to live in Japan and I am planning to. It is a great country, but I have heard a lot of people saying that Japan has high living standards. All-tough I have heard that some stuff like electronics are way cheaper than here. How much is a hotel / apartment to rent in Japan? Also how much is it in larger and smaller cities? How much are snacks and that kind of stuff?

Administrator answers:

I am currently living in japan, and all these prices vary greatly depending on where you wanna live exactly. You can pay a 1000 dollars a month for a tiny apartment in the city or 600 dollars a month for a slightly better apartment (but still tiny by american standards) a lil bit outside the city and so forth.

As far as livings standards it literally is the most expensive city to live in in the world. Depending on what your doing your train fees everyday are probably going to be between 5 and 10 dollars a day even if you dont go far, and dont even think about taking a taxi.

And also electronics are not way cheaper here. They more accessible and bountiful and you might can get some secondhand stuff in akihabara for a deal, but on major stuff you can expect almost the same prices as in america if not higher because of the exchange rate.

Snacks I would say bout the same as america depending on what you want. Fast food prices are pretty competitive too plus you get the nice small japanese restaurants and chains where you get pretty decent food for kinda cheap.

How long are you planning on living here though, if this is just a trip your probably good. But if you are planning on living here please make sure you speak japanese atleast a lil bit cus you are not going to get very far with English especially if you are in the smaller cities.

Joseph asks…

what are the suburbs of Paris like?

in a few years my fiance have been planning on moving to Paris….we are thinking we would only be able to afford living in a suburb and not right in the actual city….plus we have several animals so living in an apartment would be impossible.

if anyone could give some descriptions and names/locations of some suburbs of Paris that would be very helpful and much appreciated!

thank you!

Administrator answers:

Suburbs around Paris are very much like those of most capitals: some are down at heel and somewhat cheaper and some are salubrious and very costly, but there are houses with gardens where you can keep pets and many people also commute from surrounding neighbourhood or towns .
This being said, your post is from the USA. If you are American citizens, it is impossible to just move to France or countries in the Schengen zone just because you want to go and live there. There are now stringent immigation laws for non European citizens to enter the Schengen space. Your fiance or yourself would have to find a job whilst living in the USA. This would have to be offered by an organisation already on French soil, on the grounds that you have particularly brilliant qualifications and skills for the job they are offering you that could not be filled by a European. You then have to apply for a long stay residence and work visa and permit from your nearest French consulate, and you have to be fluent in French and pass a language test. This is extremely difficult to obtain and you have to jump through similar immigration hoops as Europeans now have to to live or work in America. Even so the original visa might only be given for a limited time such as a three years maximum.
You also might not be allowed to bring some of your animals with you, depending on what they are.
You can check particulars on the website of the French Embassy in Washington, but here is the general site on immigation from abroad:

Mark asks…

taking online classes thinking of moving to latin america?

im 19 just really bored i just signed up for online classes for my community college. so im thinking of moving somewhere in latin america and taking the online classes in a apartment there. i want to go somewhere tropical and on the beach, but not brazil or mexico or belize. ive been to panama and brazil and suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Foe most gringos Costa Rica is not too foreign. But it is really expensive if you try to live a gringo-like life and diet.

I loved living and working in Ecuador and it is still relatively cheap in many spots. But its Internet service is a bit shoddy. When you try to pick the area you want to live in you better test out the Internet first, and not just believe what the phone company tels you.. (In a lot Latin America the quickest hookups are really low 128/ second and a lot of down time).

I liked Honduras but again you may have problems with the phone service. Plus you are likely to have a lot of problems with theft and worse. Still the town La Ceiba was great for me.

In all these countries you are going to have some hassle over visas. And the central American countries that have stupidly signed into the Free Trade Act are becoming (again) more and more anti American. This will increase quickly too, I suspect

Betty asks…

Pre-selected as one of the winners of the 2009 DV Lottery. Can I negotiate for a home in San Diego CA?

I hope to be among the finalists for the 2009 DV Lottery.
Can I begin negotiating for the purchase of a home for my family in San Diego,California,USA, while still in Kumba, Republic of Cameroon?
What kind of home mortgage? How much can the cheapest home cost in San Diego,CA?
Thanks in advance for honest answers.

Administrator answers:

I suggest you arrive in America first and rent a temporary apartment and then negotiate prices for homes after you are here. It is very difficult to negotiate a price without seeing the home.

Paul asks…

What benefits do we have from having illegal immigrants in America?

Let your opinion be heard. Tell me what you think.

Administrator answers:

I hear it keeps our food cheaper since some of them pick crops on farms for low wages.
They do go shopping, so stores benefit, and they pay sales tax on purchases.
Companies that hire them make a profit by paying them low wages.
They buy cars, rent apartments, go to movies, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Businesses gladly accept their ”illegal” money.
You asked for the benefits, so I’m not going to mention the downsides.

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