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April 28, 2013

David asks…

Where is a good place to live in or near Shanghai, China?

My wife and I (plus 2 kids) are moving to China next year for her job. We live in a 5bd/3ba in Marietta, GA now, but would like to find a nice 3bd/2ba condo style home in Shanghai thats comparable in amenties. I realize space is a premium, but we want something decent without having to travel too far from her job and things to do. We are planning to go as expats, so we have some benefits. Also what are the possibilities of a job for me (I am a manager at Wal-Mart)? How much is furniture average cost (sofas, bedrooms, TVs) and utilities? We were once entertaining the thought of living in downtown Atlanta, but the cost of a decent condo runs a small fortune. Are there any really helpful websites that will help us look at rentals, furniture, travel expenses etc? Try to be as specific as possible so when we do our pre-move trip we will go fully prepared with some personal tips.

Administrator answers:

I have lived in China for four years and was in Shanghai at my friend’s condo last weekend. I live in Beijing…biz trip. Anyways, the most affluent and most modern apartments you’ll find in Pudong, and expect prices to run similar to alot of big cities in the states…my friend has a nice 2 bedroom condo, albeit a little cozy, but well furnished/decorated/modern, with Statuettes, et. All in the courtyard…really nice place actually…they have somewhat of a bargain though and pay 3,500rmb…US 500/months plus utilities…they’re about 20 minutes from the famous BUndt/Nanjing lu, etc..(I assume you’ve done some research?)…anyways, you’ll probably be looking at 750-1000 US/month if you’re just arriving and have children. Some places are very luxurious, heated floors, etc…
China is changing fast. You’ll like Shanghai, it’s a happening city…safe, clean, (still building in some areas)…the traffic can be a nuisance…and there’s loads of foreign cafes/restaurants in case you feel like a taste of home…
Come to Beijing if you have the chance (airfare and China rail/overnite train are both very developed/modern and cheap) You definitely won’t regret it!
What am I a tour guide? Advice? Try to learn the language…just for practical things…and then build from there…makes things much easier and you gain a sense of self worth. Also, coming from N.America, keep in mind while you live here that China is a country of 1.3 billion and it has only been developing for 25 years…although Shanghai is about as modern/cosmopolitan as it comes…the West esp. And some rural areas are still have much work. This is not the West. Have a great experience.
P.S. CLose to Shanghai…Suzhou is a beautiful city only about an hour away, also Wuxi, and Hangzhou, Zhejiang province…

Sharon asks…

1 Person & a small dog. What size apartment is really necessary?

I am looking at apartments and found one that is absolutely perfect. They will be putting a grocery store downstairs, totally new building just opened a few weeks ago. The question is which one do I need? I can afford 2500 a month but that seems really high, but also its 1100+ square feet. But on the other hand, 1400/month is great, but its only 654SQ. I don’t have too many people over usually it’s really just me and my dog.

1bed/1bath for $1400/month at 654SQ
2bed/2bath for $2500/month at 1,141SQ

Administrator answers:

Good God!
1/1 for $1400.00 a month!!!

Geesh, in Houston Texas, you can get a 2 story 6 bedroom house in River Oaks or Sugarland and Katy area for that rent price and those areas are where the millionaires live!

MY 1/1 apt that is 695sq feet with fireplace and vaulted ceiling and view of waterfall is only $535.00 a month.

Then again, Houston is the cheapest place in America for real estate. We avg 25% less than the national price.

Betty asks…

What are some cheap hotels/motels in Rochester N.Y. ?

I want to visit my family that lives there with my wife and son. I never had any reason to go to a hotel there, because I lived in an apartment. I would stay with family, but my wife and I need our sex, and none of my family members have spare rooms. So can anyone recommend a good cheap hotel/motel there?

Administrator answers:

The Cheapest hotel rates in Rochester starts from around $40. Check these budget hotels.

Days Inn Thruway Henrietta Rochester
Towpath Motel Rochester
East Avenue Inn Rochester
Country Inn & Suites Rochester
Extended Stay America Hotel Rochester
Extended Stay America Hotel Greece…
Country Inn & Suites Henrietta Rochester

Cheap Hotels in Rochester

Lizzie asks…

how much are residential hotels in Bakersfield and Stockton?

Monthly rent. Looking for the cheapest monthly rent in Cali.

Administrator answers:

The economy in Bakersfield and Stockton is so bad that an apartment may be more likely to let you in without an extensive income check / credit check. Stockton is one of the most dangerous cities in America.

The cost of living for both of those places is about average.

Extended Stay America is a good chain for such a thing – call them and ask about their LTL – long term lodging rates (also found on but not their website)

I used this site to book my recent Las Vegas trip:

Ruth asks…

How much will it cost to shop in Turkey?

I’m going to Turkey in late August and was curious as to the amount of money I will need to bring with me and spend there for a week. I already have paid for travel and accomodation and curious as to prices of eating out and drinks. Any help much appreciated. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I visited Turkey a few years ago and found the people to be very friendly and the prices cheap compared to North America. I had use of a car and travelled quite alot. Few people realize many of the classic Greek and Roman sites are in Turkey. The food is very good and they do like to drink. I found everything open to discussion. The price they ask is not usually the one you pay. Not bartering is a sign of weakness. I used American dollars and got one bedroom apartments on the coast for about 25 dollars a night. Most large cities and towns have cash machines so I also used them to access my account here. Not knowing how much money you intend to spend, I can’t give you a figure to carry, but I found cash in the form of American dollars worked well in dropping the prices for accommodation. I’m sure you will love it there.

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