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May 4, 2013

Joseph asks…

What’s the best way to find cruise specials?

Hey there, I’m planning on taking a cruise with my best friend this summer, and have no idea how to go about finding the best deal. I know that it is good to wait until like, a month before to jump on a special, but I don’t know any of the details, the websites, etc. We are in Canada and would like to go someplace warm and sunny, possibly the Caribbean. Please help!

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you need some basic information about cruises before you start looking for specials so that you will know a real deal when you see or find it. Most cruises are done by cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, and Disney. Most of the ships for these lines are now 1500 to 2500 passenger ships. The ships are big but things are so well managed that you really don’t feel crowded on them. Prices on these ship can be as low as $800 for a 7 day inside cabin and about $1200 for a balcony cabin. The first rule in getting less expensive cruises is book early. The second rule is go with the same cruise line multiple times because they do offer repeat customer discounts of $50 to $100 per person in a cabin. The third rule is shop around for specials. Some lines will offer specials on a date that does not usually sell out, like Christmas or Thanksgiving week. So don’t lock yourself in to one particular week of the year; be flexible.

If/when you go to a cruise line web site you will see the various cabins listed by type, i.e., SUITE, VERANDA/BALCONY, OUTSIDE, and INSIDE. The category, and generally the square footage of each cabin type. The category will generally be listed next to the cabin type. The most expensive cabins are the penthouses and owners’ suites, which are like apartments and what you saw on the old TV program “The Love Boat”. Next are the jr and full suites. The next are the VERANDA or BALCONY cabins (you have your own private patio). The next lowest priced are OUTSIDE cabins (they have either a window or porthole). The cheapest cabins offered are always the inside cabins; those without a window or porthole. The inside, outside and balcony cabins are generally the same size on each ship, but may vary by ship and cruise line.

When you see a cruise advertized its generally the lowest priced cabin on the ship. Another thing to remember is that a cruise price can vary by date. Alaska cruises for example are cheapest in May and Sept. Some Cariibbean cruises are cheaper in mid-summer, because that’s hurricane season.

Now the best way to find specials is just go to the web sites for the cruise lines and click on specials, OR if you find a cruise that goes where you think you want to go, check to see when the price is the lowest. We just booked a cruise in the Southern Caribbean for May and the date we are going is the lowest price for that cruise.

William asks…

What are Gun Rights, and are we the Enemy of our own Freedom & Liberty if we forget what that something is?

Because if we let that something wither and die, they will take it from our cold dead hands.* And our children will never hold it or even understand it. And America will never be the same.*

Administrator answers:

Gun Rights? Simple Broad general term used to express two ideas.
1. The right/duty to defend you and yours by any means possible.
2. The right/duty to redress grievances with those in power.

Both rights/duties mean up to and including Deadly Force.

Gun Rights is also a prejudicial term used to fragment/dilute the meaning of the 2nd Amendment. If, you follow the line of reason? Then you allow that the 2nd Amendment does not mean clearly mean that you can carry a firearm. Nor clearly buy/own/use one without restrictions. That the Government can state the terms, conditions of use and types of firearms it’s citizens can bear. It’s the same type of orwellian double think term as Suicide Special, Saturday Night Special. All 3 terms that came into heavy use in the anti-gun hysteria of the late 60′s.

In the end? If, you give up the rights/duties expressed in the first part? By, agreeing with Gun Rights challenges of the progressive/liberal/communist left’s propaganda? Then you surrender them to people who do not care a wit about you. Can not be there till well after you needed them. And ultimately to people who WILL send you away to some ungodly hell hole. Should you suddenly wake up and demand your RIGHTS back.

Use your God given Rights. Do not surrender them without a fight. Do not trade them for cheap meaningless rights of LICENCE. Example right to free medical care. Right to wed someone of same sex. Right to a free home. Right to free food. Right to an earned income credit, right to free education. Right to have any drug. Right to commit immoral acts. Etc.

Get it? We’re so distracted by pundits, intellectuals, Government polticos, advocates, etc. Shoving new “rights” and “crises” at us? We can’t always see them steal away the Rights we do have. The Emperors and Senators of Rome kept the plebes under control with Bread & Circuses, rent free apartments, pagan altars and whore houses. Our current crop of elitist think no better of us common plebes today.

Maria asks…

What are good travel tips while visiting Argentina?

My wife and I are going to Argentina in the middle of April. What are some good tips while visiting
(Saving money, places to visit, health and safety, food, weather, things to take with us, transportation, etc)

Administrator answers:

Hey, I might be able to help you, I’m living in Buenos Aires at the moment. Planning for your trip is going to depend largely on if you are going to stay in BA or venture out into the rest of the county.

Bring warm clothes because it will be the fall when you visit. The days can be cold to warm and the nights will be on the colder side (however, if traveling to the north of the country, it will be much warmer). You can find some clothes here that is relatively cheap (but most stores in the touristy areas are very overpriced).

You do not need a visa to visit the country if you are from the United States (and a lot of other countries as well). You will be granted a 90 day tourist visa upon arriving. However, if you have any doubts about this, it certainly would not hurt to contact the nearest Argentine embassy or consulate.

As far as health goes, if you are going to go into the north of the country to Salta, Jujuy, Chaco and so on you will defiantly need to get the yellow fever vaccine. Since you are traveling to South America it is always a good idea to make sure you have gotten your Typhoid and hepatitis shots as well. Health care here is very good. Just about any prescription can be bought here at the pharmacies with a prescription from a local doctor. It is not very difficult to find an English speaking doctor in Buenos Aires. There are a number of hospitals that staff English speaking doctors. It is also a good idea to purchase traveler’s insurance that includes health coverage.

Safety is a big concern in Buenos Aires. Much more so than all the websites and guides tell you. There are a lot of poor people here and you will have to watch your back when in the city (and absolutely avoid going to certain areas of the city, especially at night). Pickpockets are common here but violent crime is on the rise. The important thing is to stay aware of your surroundings and take proper action to avoid being robbed.

It is good not to wear hats or leather jackets and avoid using the big fold out maps in the middle of the street to find where you are going. Try to dress like a local and don’t have any of your valuables showing where people can steal them easily.

In terms of saving money, if you are staying here for more than a few days, the best way to save money on lodging is to rent a furnished apartment during your stay. You can find studio apartments for U$S800 a month and one bedroom apartments for about U$S1000 a month. This is much better than staying in a hotel for 100 dollars a night. And this affords you the chance to live more like a local, but understand that you will be more on your own. There won’t be a hotel desk that you can go ask questions at.

Hostels are another option, but those are really more for the younger crowd and not suited very well for couples.

Transportation is fairly easy in this city considering its vast size. There are literally thousands of taxis in the streets that are still very cheap for tourists to use. There is also a very good subway system in place (called the subtle) that can get you around the city. It could be a good idea to take the subway as close as you can to your destination and then take a taxi from there to save money. The subway only costs 1.10 pesos a person and the taxi starts at 4.48 pesos when you get in (and there is a minimum fee if you call them to your hotel or apartment to pick you up. The subway-taxi combination will also likely save you time getting to your destination.

There is also an extensive bus system in place but it can be very confusing trying to figure out which bus to take and then when to get off. If you take the bus, you MUST pay for the fare in coins. Cash will not be accepted. At nighttime, only use the taxis.

Food is fantastic, the beef is the best that I have ever had. If you want to spoil yourself one night in the city, go to Cabana las Lilas. It is one of the best restaurants in town, supplying itself with grass fed beef from its own private ranch. It also has an English translator on staff most nights. It can also be very crowded so you may need to make a reservation. Also be sure to try empanadas, ice cream (some of the world’s best) and dulce de leche.

If there is anything else you need to ask, feel free to send me a message through this website and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

Sandra asks…

can you stay in a hotel for 1 month is it cheap?

I am planning on going to see my bf but I need a place to stay for 1 month where can I rent a place that will charge me per week not night example:hotels, motel, apartment

Administrator answers:

Try an extended stay hotel. Value Place (i worked at one for two years, very clean) studio plus, extended stay of america, etc. Just googled “extended stay” then the zipcode where you will be staying. They range from $100/wk to $600/wk, depending on the area and amenities you want.

Steven asks…

which city in the US is economically better for a new coming family,by 2 children, to america?

answer by experienced people please. I have to immigrate to the US in 3 months. we have 2 small children and must find a job and cheap apartment. please lead me to a right city. thank you

Administrator answers:

Dont go to Honolulu. The weather is great, but the cost of living is really high there. Even if the jobs pay a lot, you will spend every dime you earn trying to just survive. The food is even expensive.

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