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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

May 5, 2013

John asks…

which city in the US is economically better for a new coming family,by 2 children, to america?

answer by experienced people please. I have to immigrate to the US in 3 months. we have 2 small children and must find a job and cheap apartment. please lead me to a right city. thank you

Administrator answers:

The entire US is suffering from economic problems. The real unemployment rate was 18% as of the end of January and is still rising. People are desperate for jobs of any kind just to try to survive. And nowhere can you find a low-cost of living and well-paying jobs.

What are your credentials and experience? And your spouse’s credentials and experience? Have you both tried finding employment yet? It would be better if you could find jobs and move where the jobs are. Living in the US is very expensive. Taxes are high and rising. Without good jobs, you are going to have a great deal of difficulty supporting two children — that’s a great deal of expense right there.

Joseph asks…

How much does a really cheap apartment in america cost these days?

I haven’t been in the country for 5 years. I’m just wondering.

Administrator answers:

The cost to rent or lease an apartment would depend on the section of the country you would want to move. In Los Angeles, Ca you would find a low price not in the best area a 2 bedroom 1 bath for around $1500 and up. This does not include utilities and in some cases if you would want a garage this could cost $150 and up.

In a much better neighborhood the cost could be around $5,000 or more.

In the southern part of the United States, this same price would bet you a 3 bedroom 1 bath house not including the utilities, in a good neighborhood.

You would have more specific as to what area you would be interested as well as the type area you are able to afford.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Mandy asks…

How much does a cheap apartment cost in India or Bangladesh?

I’m a poor american. I live in Thailand for the last 5 years since it is too expensive to live in america these days. I have a small income since I have a disability(no thanks to the us govt). Anyways, I’m looking for cheap accommodation around $50 a month. Can I find that over there?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

For that money you will find nothing.

Charles asks…

Where do i find extremely cheap living in mexico, south america?

I have about 2500 saved up right now, and planning on having 5000 by the beginning of summer. Looking to buy an extremly cheap house or apartment for around that price range, where do i look???
2500-5000 dollars

Administrator answers:

Look at the Yucatan Peninsula. In Merida you can rent a house for 100 dollars a month, even less.

Maria asks…

Transiting to a US college life at the University of Washington?

Hi, I’m from Singapore, and I will be studying at UW (Seattle) this coming fall. Having grown up in the East,
(a) I would like to know more about college life in the USA.
(b) I would also like to know the “dress code” in Seattle, so that I can prepare my clothing (heard it’s cloudy/wet for most of the days).
(c) Are the things there affordable (food, transportation, clothing, electronic devices, general cost of living, etc.), if they are, it’ll be much easier for me to buy things when i reach there rather than bringing from home.
(d) Which bank is best for me, i’m looking at the Big 4 (Citibank, Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo) as well as the US Bank. They all have atms/banks located either within or near my campus. Are there any more recommendable banks that I can consider too?
(e) Lastly, is living off-campus or on-campus a better option for me (fyi, i’m 21 years old)? Where is accommodation on-campus found?

Administrator answers:

(a) College life in the USA is great. You normally go to class in the mornings Monday through Friday, then have Saturday and Sunday off. Full-time students typically take 3 classes per quarter.
(b) You will want to buy/bring a raincoat. For nine months out of the year, it is wet and rainy. People like to “layer” their clothes here since the weather can change quite a bit throughout the day. A typical outfit might be one or two shirts, a hoodie or sweater, a jacket, jeans, tennis shoes, and a hat or beanie. North Face is a very popular brand in this area. You’ll notice a bunch of people wearing their jackets.
(c) I would say things here aren’t super expensive, but aren’t super cheap either. It really depends what you’re comparing to. I’m not sure how expensive things are in Singapore, so I can’t give you a good idea on this. A typical meal here costs about $8. Rent varies greatly depending on what area of Seattle you’re living in, but I would estimate around $1000 for a 1BR near campus, in an average condition building.
(d) Any of those banks are fine. I have Bank of America and it has been convenient for me because they have ATM machines everywhere. Bank of America’s customer service isn’t that great though, so I can’t say I’m a satisfied customer. It works for my needs.
(e) I would recommend living on campus if you’re new to the area and want to make new friends. It’s a lot easier to meet new people when you’re running into them everyday and starting random conversations while waiting for the elevator, for food, in the common areas, etc. If you live off campus, it’s easy to go to class and back to your apartment without taking the opportunity to talk to someone new. I lived on campus my first three years at UW and off campus my last year. You can get food in the dorms or in the HUB.

Have fun! I loved the UW when I was studying there. Great academics and beautiful campus.

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