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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

May 14, 2013

Donna asks…

How much would a year long rtw cost?

How much (total) would it cost to travel around the world for a year? Airfare, food, hotel/apartment, clothing, spending, etc.

Administrator answers:

Depends on where you go and how long you stay in the different areas.
Western Europe is rather expensive, with at least $100 per day as backpack tourist, a little less if you are willing to couch surf. But if you insist on 3 star hotels it will be $200 plus shopping money each day.

The farther east you travel the cheaper it gets, with a few exceptions, till you meet Japan.
Australia, New Zealand and North America are a little cheaper than Europe, but not much.
In most of Asia you are supposed to be able to travel for $25 per day, hostel style, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA you should count on at least $50 but more likely $75 for hostels/motels, going up fast if you insist on hotels and eating out.
I think South America and most of Africa are in the same price class as Asia, but resorts can get very expensive any place in the world.

A round the world ticket also comes for different prices depending on what you are allowed to do and which route you select. $3000, maybe even $4000 by the time you travel.
The bottom line will be more than most people can afford, unless they can go on working on their day job through internet, or they have very rich parents or won the lottery.
Working your way round the world is getting harder all the time, as most countries protect their citizens from competition from abroad.

Linda asks…

Why do people spend so much on housing in other countries?

I don’t want to sound ignorant, but seriously. I am watching HGTV right now, and there is a lady looking at apartments in Portugal for approximately 250-315 thousand U.S. dollars. They are all in high rises, they all look like crap, and they are extremely small. Here in America, you can get a brand new house on a beautiful piece of property for that amount. I just do not get it.

Administrator answers:

Yeah i saw a some piece of crap cottage in Spain selling for for half a million U.S dollars. Got to be kidding me the crap had 1 bed room, no historic value built recently. The surroundings look shitty and poor. I dont get it. If i wanted to live in the projects i could do so in america for cheap.

Paul asks…

What do you think about the health care bill that was just passed?

lately, all i have been hearing about was how stupid this bill was. and several people are against it.

also, do you think that the health care bill is more if a good/benefiting thing or a bad thing?

Administrator answers:

……well ” DarkDawn ” conservative know that the sick and ill people want them to pay for their health care insurance , and are too lazy to get better. Besides they want to steal tax dollars away from republikans as they lounge around their ghetto apartments enjoying failing health,along with all the benefits of living in the high crime areas of downtown. Lately conservatives have noticed a disturbing new trend. Those too lazy to overcome gravity, and stand up and walk, are no longer happy with the cheap economical, manually powered welfare provided wheelchairs, and are know demanding that conservatives provide electrically motorized wheelchairs. Conservatives are forced too notice the new highly mobile wheelchair abusers out in public places, flaunting the free motorized luxury sports -utility chairs. Another injustice are those who choose not to use vision and abuse americas dogs, being led around by the always faithful canines. Those who haven’t yet learned to rip the system off acquiring these dogs, start out with there carbon composite, highly polished white canes with expensive red tips, casually strolling down the road at a snails pace, forcing conservatives to be late to their tennis and golf lessons. Perhaps the greatest injustice is the miniature yellow buses for special children. Conservative republikans consider their children as being special too ,and wonder why their children do not get to enjoy all the “special education ” benefit’s showered on these young abusers of the system.

Daniel asks…

Is Krakow more expensive during the high season, specifically April?

I’ve just changed my booking reservation from march to april and it’s gone up almost 100 euros. Does everything become more expensive during the high season, specifically april, or is there no difference except for hotels?

Administrator answers:

I was in Krakow from May to September 2007 and flew there from America. I paid in dollars for my plane flight, and I didn’t make any prior hotel reservations. Once you get to Krakow, the Euro is not prevalant. I used the Polish currency, Zloty, for most of my purchases.

I wanted to search out on my own for housing when arrived in Krakow. I went to an apartment rental agency by the Krakow train/bus station. That was a mistake, so wouldn’t recommend for you to look for bargains located by the train/bus station. Because of course, they may feel you’re desperate to find housing, so will charge you more. I paid for that first month in May $1,000 plus in studio rental fee. For the rest of my stay, I searched outside the tourist area, and found some student housing which was furnished and cost about half the May rental fee.

Not sure if they increase restaurant costs from March to April or for the Summer. I ate most meals buying from outdoor markets or the supermarket which is cheaper. If you have a microwave or cooking facilities in your rental, that will save you money.

Good luck and have nice time in Poland.

Robert asks…

How expensive is it to live in Montreal?

I’m looking at McGill University and I was wondering how expensive actually living there would be. Also, how welcoming to foreigners is it?

Administrator answers:

I graduated from McGill this summer and I’m a local.

If you’re at McGill, you won’t feel as a foreighner since most of the student population is either from other parts of Canada, esp. Vancouver and Toronto, or American. Actually, I met more foreigners then locals. It’s us locals that felt a little out of place sometimes, since all the “foreign” students are super involved in eth McGill and they all live around there, hang out around there, so it’s VERY VERY WELCOMING!

As for expensive, it’s actually the cheapest place to go to school in english in North America (with quality education). Housing is cheapest here than anywhere else in Canada!!!!

Someone said that the further you go from ca,pus, the cheaper it becomes and this is very true! Most out of town students stick to what is known as the McGill Ghetto, and throughout their stay there, they never leave that little bubble. A piece of advice, take the extra trip, it’s worth knowing how to use the subway system, since you’ll get to know alot more about the city and also more people.

If you live alone, it will be more expensive for you, so why not get a roomate. Why not apply for residence first, that way you get an entire yar to look for an apartment, and even make friends which then can become room mates. Most of the people I knew lived in the ghetto, on Stanley and Peel. You can get something decent or 600-800/month (CDN $$$) but it can be alot cheaper if it’s not in the centre of downtown, and do make sure heating is included.


McGill ROCKS! ;)

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