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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

May 25, 2013

Carol asks…

when on a lease, is it true the landlord can evict you anytime for no reason?

someone commented here that the landlord has the riht to evict you even if you are on lease contract and that he can do so even without a satisfactory reason? is that right? what about tenant rights? we have none? is this america?
oh, thanks everyone for your responses. actually, i just found out that in oregon, you may be given a 30-day notice for no reason if you are on a month-to-month rental; but on a set term lease, you cannot be given notice without a reason or a basis for the action.

Administrator answers:

Sometimes landlords can evict you for no reason. It really depends on what type of lease you signed and what state you live in. Check with your state apartment association for more details.

You do have rights – if something happens that you feel is unfair, you can threaten to complain with the state apartment association. According to a law professor I had for a business class, landlords take this more seriously than threats of lawsuits because they know lawsuits are pretty difficult and expensive to mess with. Formal complaints with the apartment association are easy and cheap, and a pain in the butt for landlords to deal with.

James asks…

How is Sweden’s Economy to this very day?

I’ve always wanted to live or move to Sweden one day, from America.

I was just wondering how is getting a job over there and how the pay is from some of them?

How much are apartments and or houses there? (The Cheapest you’ve seen)

Administrator answers:

Well, first you need to arrange a work permit/visa.

Jobs are not easy to get in Sweden at the moment. I don’t know if you speak Swedish, but if you don’t, then it will be even harder as it limits the type of work you do. You don’t mention if you have any particular degree?

You can buy a house in rural Sweden for about 300,000kr and the same in Stockholm will cost you 2,000,000kr. (kr=Swedish kronor) The wages vary just as much between smaller cities and the largest ones.

Swedish jobs usually pay very well. Accommodation is cheap compared to the States, but other things are more expensive, like electricity, clothes, food.

The cheapest areas are the rural areas/small towns, however it would be more difficult to find work there.

Mary asks…

Buying a home in a different Country?

Soon i move to america, first i need too find an apartment but i don’t know how i can apply for an aparmtnet if i’m here in england when i can’t be over there viewing them with no place too live, i can’t aford to stay in a hotel any longer than 2 weeks? what should i do?

Administrator answers:

Contact real estate agents in the area you are going to and ask for a “virtual” viewing prior to your moving out there.If you send them all your financial details and credit references so that they can have all that done prior to your arrival,any employers references to say that you have a job to go to and the wages paid etc then that would cut down the amount of time it takes to secure somewhere.You could also ask them if they had any short term apartments to rent while you are looking.A cheap motel would be better than an hotel.

Michael asks…

Why do houses in Mexico have flat roofs?

They don’t have shingled roofs like we do, but they’re all concrete and flat. The houses look like boxes, why?

Administrator answers:

I’m afraid high_low and fireguy are both partially incorrect.

Having lived in Mexico, i know that though it does have desserts, much of Mexico is tropical rainforest which gets more annual rain than in most places in the U.S., and even in the rainforest areas of Mexico, homes often have flat roofs. I lived in a village of flat roofed homes in a rainforest area in Oaxaca.

The traditional style of home in mexico was Adobe, which is cheap and readily available in the southwestern U.S. And Mexico, as well as other locations around the globe. They built homes of Adobe long before Western Europe discovered America. With Adobe, they pack the earth to form walls and place timbers across the top of the walls to support the roof, which is usually also made of Adobe. It was part of the construction that determined the roof to be flat. They did not have the need to shed snow, which requires a pitched roof.

Flat roofs in Mexico PREDATE the use of concrete. (The invention of concrete is usually attributed to the Etruscans in Italy, and popularized by the Roman Empire).Concrete is sometimes used now on top of adobe, or with modern construction in place of adobe, because it withstands water damage better on a flat roof. But the flat roofs of Mexico were first Adobe.

In Mexico, it is not uncommon for people to use the top of their flat roof for some activities. For example, at our three story apartment, there was a little shed on top of the roof where laundry was done, and clothes lines were hung up on top of the roof to dry clothes. The roofs get very hot and the wind is stronger there, perfect for drying. But the house inside remains cool because of the thickness of the adobe walls and roof.

Here is some additional information from Wikipedia. If you scroll down you will see in particular it’s mention of roof construction.

Ken asks…

When a website says the cost of rent, is it per year or per month or what?

i’ve been looking up apartment renting rates and it gives a number like 1500. is that 1500 a year or a month? how do you know?

Administrator answers:

Rent is per month unless it specifically says otherwise. Holiday places can be by the week, and there might be the occasional place that rents by the year but I’ve never seen one. If you find any place that’s $1500 a year, tell us. That’s extremely low rent anywhere in North America and a place that cheap is probably never going to appear in the paper because there will be people lining up to rent it before the current tenant moves out.

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