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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

May 24, 2012

Donald asks…

How much will it cost me?

After I finish year 12 next year im planning on going to America for 6 months

my question is, how much money should i have saved up for this trip?

im wanting to live in newyork, cheapest apartment i can find

airfares from Australia to america


money to spend on having fun

clubs etc

traveling within america

bit of booze

planning on going to school there for a term also, so whatever public school fees?

can someone please tell me approximately how much i would need at a minimum?

THANKS everyone!


Administrator answers:

Let’ see

Rent – $6000
Airfare from Australia to NYC – $1500
Food – $3000
Spending money – $2500
Traveling – $3000
Booze – drinking age is over 21
School for a term – $5000
Misc – $2000

Total $23,000

Carol asks…

Small beach town with good people?

Anyone know of any small towns by a beach anywhere in america? Perferibally with good people and cheap apartments or houses.
Im 18 and trying to find a better place to live where i can be myself and just live peacefully.

Administrator answers:

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a beautiful place to live, i’ve spent many summers there, and it is clean, not too much tourism, and is pretty cheap. Also, it is right on the beach, and it pretty open since there aren’t many people who live there. And, as an added plus, it is only about 20 miles away from one of the largest beaches in America!

Steven asks…

I need a apartment in america somewere which is very very cheap?

there cant be any snakes their and it has to be a good place it can be anywere in america as long as its ok and safe and not racist please dont give me sites to go to i need a basic (estimate)of how much it would cost a week and with the bills like gas and water.and please tell me how much money it will be in english not dollers thank you for your time

Administrator answers:

I think you have the cart before the horse here. Why are you coming to America? To visit as a tourist… But not work…for up to 90 days without a visa. If you want to work in America, you must find an employer first to sponsor your work visa ( nearly impossible.0 If you want to immigrate, you must have an American citizen relative to sponsor you , then it takes years. You cannot just come to America and get an apartment. America is a huge country ( not like the UK!) so you would have to choose a specific place before looking for an apartment. You cannot rent an apartment before coming, and rents vary widely in different places. No one will rent to you if you do not have the proper visa and a job.If you can give us more details, we may be able to help you more.

Sandy asks…

Best place in Canada to start a new life?

Get an easy job, cheap apartment, basically start over in life, im from america and everything is falling apart. Please help me.

Administrator answers:

Most people are moving to Alberta. Red Deer is usually people’s ideal place when they’re looking for work and whatnot. Not too big, not to small. Rent isn’t toooo bad right now.. I’ll post a couple links to informative websites for you underneath.
Really though, there isn’t a lot of work anywhere right now. You didn’t say what kind of work you’re looking for except easy.. I’ll send the link to our classifieds too.

I hope you find this useful.

Mark asks…

Based on my criteria where is the best place to move in America (city)?

-Cheap apartments
-Safe community
-Public Transportation
-Asian community (not necessarily but here in SoCal I’ve had enough)

I’m guessing New York but where in particular

Administrator answers:

Seattle, Washington has a larger Japanese community whereas San Francisco has a large Chinese community and Portland, Ore has a Vietnamese community as does San Jose, Ca. These are all cities that offer public transit and if you look on the outskirts you can find less expensive apartments. There is a community of Uigar Chinese in Minnesota somewhere and in New York city somewhere there are Koreans.The west coast still has larger Asian communities.

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