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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

June 11, 2013

Michael asks…

Questions about moving to and living in Costa Rica?

My wife and I are considering moving to Costa Rica. We will be spending several weeks there to see if we should temporarily move. We would like to stay/live near the beach with not as much rain as other places. We like the heat. We’re moving from America. We’ve heard about earthquakes. Are there many? Can they be destructive/dangerous? Also we’ve been researching residency and it seems difficult if you don’t have a pension or a lot of money. We were wanting to maybe work on a boat or maybe at a resort. We are not opposed to investing in opening a business but what would work there?

Administrator answers:

You can rent a small apartment for between $250 – $300 a month around Quepos that is on the West side of Costa Rica and right on the beach and 29 minutes from San Jose by Sansa Air – for $98.00 round trip!

And for $600.00 a month you can live like a king! Everything is about one third cheaper than it is here in the States!

Going to Quepos latter part of June and have been doing so for the last twelve years!

If you visit Costa Rica you can stay there up to 90 days on one of their visas without having to establish “residency”. At the end of the 90 days you would have to leave the country for one day – and then you could return the day after that!

All “residency” does in Costa Rica is that it allows you to remain there as long as you want without having to leave the country for a day, after the expiration of 90 days!

Your best bet is to go there and shop around to see what endeavors would work for your and your wife there!

Good Luck!

Helen asks…

Has anyone ever just packed up and moved to a different state?

with little money and no set career??

If so how did it work out?
Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Moved to america in fact from a war.
I have 2 beautiful children, a loving husband, a house, money, food, everything I need. I came with $10. I still have that bill. Oh, and I didn’t know any word of English and no career.
My advice?
Work hard until you reach your dream.
I started out in West Philadelphia (I am not black, the apartment was cheap) and moved to a wonderful suburban home! I always wished, “Wow, wouldn’t it be fabulous to live in [insert town I live in now]? 3 years later, I saw a gorgeous white house covered in snow. It was for sale.
I bought it :)
My life story, pretty much.

Good luck and strive!

Robert asks…

How much will the cost of renting house or apartment increase in general in North america.?

Administrator answers:

Initially it won’t – it will actually go down. The reason why is their is an oversupply of houses on the market, and an over abundance of investors who own rental properties. They are all desperately try to keep up with their payments, and will lower their rents just to make sure they keep tenants in their properties.

Apartments will actually go up. As foreclosures increase, former homeowners will have no choice but to rent. There will be plenty of houses, however apartments are normally cheaper. You will see apartment rents start to rise as demand for them increases – and as home renters start to get tired of getting kicked out of homes that got foreclosed on.

Laura asks…

How to find a room to rent in Brighton? I’m an italian girl that wants to stay in Brighton for 2 months!?

I would like to rent it before my trip to England! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Brighton has a large student population and many accommodation agencies but getting a room for a short period can be difficult unless you want a hotel or a hostel.
Link on here for agencies . . .
There is a backpacker on the promenade which has private rooms and they might let you stay for two months which would be much cheaper than renting a room in a house or apartment block if you can get a long-stay deal with them but some budget hotels can be as cheap.

There are a lot of hotels in all price ranges. Brighton is a very popular and cosmopolitan seaside resort with a lot of entertainment.
There are a lot of Italian people there, and many Italian restaurants.
Brighton gets very busy through the summer and the beach gets very crowded though it is all stones and pebbles, not sand.
There are beach parties at night sometimes, and shelter under the pier if the rain comes. I’ve slept under the pier a few nights…. A few people may be sleeping there any night of the year.
All accommodation in the UK is expensive….including the backpacker hostels.
Http:// . . . .
Kipps hostel and BoHo are worth contacting if St Christophers is fully booked..

Hostelbookers is a reliable site to make bookings with for hostels and budget hotels.. I’ve used them for backpacking trips all over the world for many years and never had a single problem,
Pay a small deposit on line when you book, the balance on arrival.
Every hotel and hostel I stayed in around the UK, other European countries, and in Africa, Asia, and South America, had my booking registered and the deposit recorded.
There are lots of similar sites… Hostelworld, etc. All dealing with budget hotels as well as hostels.
Here are the three hostels in Brighton and some budget hotels which can be as cheap as a hostel for a long stay.
Http:// . . . .

Enjoy the trip. Brighton is good fun but the UK isn’t blessed with good weather for most of the year.
Bring some warm clothes and a waterproof coat.

Getting to Brighton from the airport is on the link below.. I have family members near Brighton and often go there.
See my answer…some of the others have wrong or poor information.
Http://;_ylt=AqI3t_BB7F2hLzOHeK2tamghBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110228132636AA3Rr7y . . . .
Enjoy your time here and have fun.
In boca al lupo!!

Daniel asks…

How much does it cost to study in USA?

I am a UK student however I am wanting to study my degree in the USA. I am wanting to do a drama B.A/B.FA at a public univeristy/collage. And I was wondering if anyone could give me a estimate of how much money I need on average for: the full 4 years of the course, housing, food etc.

Administrator answers:

Honestly, college in America is the worst thing you could ever do financially. I am from Illinois but I study at Indiana University and my tuition rate (as is any other out of state/foreign students’) is $40,000 a year. Multiply that by four years and you get $160,000 plus any interest on the loans you would inevitably have to take out.

My tuition includes just fees to the university – I pay extra for my dorm and meal plan ($7000/year and $1500/year respectively). At IU you have to live in a dorm your freshman year. On average, renting an apartment with a couple other people is much cheaper than living in the dorms (if you rent with one other person, a two bedroom apartment could go for around $300/month).
I’m sure it is different at every university though. My meal plan covers food at any dining hall on campus and it is more than enough to keep me satisfied. If you were to buy your own food, it would obviously depend on how much you eat/if you cook at home or eat out/if you’re buying organic or better-quality food.

As for scholarships, I receive both a federal one from the government and one from my university. I’m not sure how the federal aid would work for international students, but I’m sure if your grades are good enough a university would give you some money to offset the costs.
Overall, getting a degree in the US is not cheap unless you go to a community college or receive multiple scholarships. If your heart is really set on it, I’d say go for it because you’ll never go through anything like the American college experience.

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