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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

June 24, 2013

Jenny asks…

Do you have to bord/room a college in America or can you live elsewhere?

The only option at Pennisula College, Washington is to bord, although I’d rather not, is there any wa you don’t have to ?

Administrator answers:

You definitely don’t have to ‘board’

Boarding essentially means living on campus. It provides a cheaper cost for students.
I prefer living on campus because it’s convenient, and cheaper.

However you can find an apartment on your own and choose to live there. The negative side of living on your own is that you have to worry about paying utility bills (Electric bill, internet bill), and it may in some cases work out to be more expensive in some cases.

When migrating to a different location it’s hard to figure out the neighbourhoods. What I mean by that is, you won’t know which areas are the nicest places to live. You might think that an apartment/ flat is lovely from pictures, but the area might be terrible.

Best of luck at uni, but you definitely do not have to dorm/room/board.

William asks…

where can I buy dirt cheap furniture?

I know the model homes around town sell their unused furniture but I don’t know where to get it. I need furniture that is simplistic and not all sophisticated or pricey. I live in an apartment by myself and I don’t want bulky couches. I would like to know where to find lightly used couches or a sectional. Thanks for the comments:)

Administrator answers:

Make a regular check of thrift outlets such as Salvation Army, Volunteers of America and Vietnam Vets. Attend garage sales and local estate or dispersal auctions. Check Craigslist on a regular basis. Model homes today tend to use EXACTLY the sophisticated, non-simplistic stuff you want to avoid, and especially in today’s tough market for builders, they’ll use what they’ve got for as long as they can and not just unload it.

Mandy asks…

Block walls in apartment. What would be a cheap way to make them smooth walls?

Administrator answers:

In england we would dot and dab plasterpoard on them, in other words mix dry wall adhesive, dab on to the wall and stick your measured and cut plasterboard onto them, then whack the boards with a straight edge to get them level, tape the joints with scrim and skim over with two coats of plaster, its easy to get a good finish on plasterboard and then paint when dry. I america its probably a very similar process but I dont think you plaster so much as we do in england, you would probably just tape and caulk the joints sand them down and then paint the walls.

Richard asks…

Is it possible to find a decent apartment in New York for less than a million dollar?

Administrator answers:

To buy? Sure, you can get a tiny one-room studio for about a half-million or so.

Good luck, and the link below is to a realtor’s webpage where the cheapest listing in Manhattan is $450K for a studio, and bear in mind that a “studio” apartment in New York City is just a little bit bigger than the size of a walk-in closet in the rest of America…

Steven asks…

I’m moving to Canada from the US. Please tell me how to apply for a work Visa and other details I might need.

I would appreciate any details for obtaining a work visa for working in Canada as a US citizen. Website references would be awesome, as would instructions or testimonials from people who have done it or know how to do it. Also, any job, apartment, cell phone, insurance websites particular to the Vancouver/Langley British Colombia area would be very useful. Basically, any information for what it will take to live in Langley as far as cost of living and resources for finding those things. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

First of all–why? Economic opportunity up here sucks. If you like being taxed heavily and have a job lined up, go for it. Don’t expect universal health care to be anything but cheap. It sucks even worse. We have the best shitty health care system in the world.

Anyhoo, search on the Web for details. It’s not that difficult but here ya go:

Apartment–forget Langley unless you like the boondocks and driving everywhere. Vancouver is the place to be. Live in the West End, Kits, anywhere west of Main…Commercial Drive is OK if you can dealk with the hippies and druggies. Burnaby and New West along the Skytrain are good too. North Van is fine esp, if you are close to the Seabus to get into the city. Richmond–well, OK, but until the rail line gets built in 2010, it you;re stuck with the “new” Chinese (sorry, but you’ll understand when you move here…and before I get mail I grew up here, lived in Tokyo for 20 years and my wife’s Japanese…so yeah we’re both racist, blah, blah, blah, when it comes to zipperheads but that’s due to experience in dealing with the idiots. Older Chinese immigranst are GREAT! The new ones from HK, Taiwan and New Econ Zones with money suck big time!).

We have a HUGE car theft (#1 or #2 crime rate in North America) and break-in problem due to the drug culture here. Guns…well, not as bad as Compton but there have been more incidents than I ever heard of growing up in Bby.

Cell phones–Telus, Fido or Rogers are the three basic co.’s to choose from. You can figure that out and what plan works for you here. I’d say London Drugs is the best bet for buying a phone even a cell phone. I got mine dirt cheap there and they did the Telus contract in the store. Future Shop too but I HATE their pushy customer service.

Insurance–Cars can only be insured thru the govt, and ICBC. Property and life insurance you can search for yourself. Medical–you MUST get as it’s the law. There is a three month waiting period so sign up right away as soon as you get your visa. Medical does not cover dental so get all that done before you arrive, if you are covered in the US. But like I said, god forbid you need joint surgery or some such here, the wait times are insane.

Langley sucks though if you want a life. It’s not even suburban. It’s way the hell out there. Put it this way, if you get a job in Vancouver, you’ll be commuting two hours a day into the city if you have 9-5 type hours.

Cost of living–13% sales tax all tolled on most things. You’ll pay between 25 to 35% incoem tax all tolled but if you;re smart you’ll fidn a way to cut that when doing your return.
No idea on Langley but on TV they said avg. One-bedrooom is $837 in vacnouver. We pay close to $1,000 right downtown in the West End. I’m sure in Langley you can pay maybe half that but you’ll waste as much on car payments, gas, commute time, you’ll be bored out of your skull out there.

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