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June 29, 2013

Richard asks…

Do Hotels Give Discounts For Long Stays?

Hello, I’ll be having an operation in Florida and will be required to stay in a hotel for over three months. I was wondering, do hotels normally give you some kind of discount if you book a reservation for an extended period of time like three months?

Administrator answers:

Yes but it depends in the hotel/motel.

They may have weekly/monthly rates that will be cheaper. But in exchange for a lower rate you won’t get things such as daily maid service, for the special rates it is best to call them directly. There are also chains that do this. A couple you may want to check out is Residence Inn by Marriot or Extended Stay America.

Also, if you are looking at three months you may want to look into a short term lease of a furnished apartment. It may end up being a bit more but may also feel a little more like home.

Maria asks…

Why are prices rising on good and services but Wages/Salaries are staying the same?

I have a college degree and I am barely making more money than people I know who don’t have degrees, this is this the whole reason I took on the debt to put myself through college?

Administrator answers:

I feel your pain.

The reason is called inflation. Inflation in the United States here recently has been caused by the rise in the price of oil. When the price of oil rises, transportation costs for goods rise and energy to used to create goods rise and some of the materials that are used to make goods rise such as plastic. Companies will hold off for so long on raising prices of consumer goods until their competition raises their prices then they see that as a window to raise their prices too. Many of these companies supply other companies with materials to make consumer goods which puts all that much more pressure on the companies they supply to raise their prices. So what you have starting is a domino affect.

Wages on the other hand won’t rise because US wages now have to compete with wages from other countries such as China, India, and Mexico that have much cheaper wages. If the wages go up too much, the company moves their operation to another country because it is cheaper to pay the shipping than the increased wage.

Companies tend to keep wage increases at about the same gradual rate. However when our parents entered the workforce the US didn’t have nearly as much international competition as far as wages are concerned. So if you took into account what they made verses what stuff cost back then, our parents with only a high school diploma made probably as much or more starting out than what us college graduates do with a college degree.

Add onto that that we are going to have to pay for their retirement and all the government debts their generation accumulated through wars and stuff that our generation will have to pay for and our generation is well…totally…well yeah…you get the picture.

We also don’t have pensions like they did to fall back on and many of our generation can’t even afford to buy a house and live in apartments. So they won’t have a paid off house when they want to retire. It’s not going to be pretty for Generation X’s and Y’s when they go to retire if we get to retire before we die.

I also believe the rich and companies are getting more greedy. Which makes the poor, even poorer. Look at the way CEO salaries have gone up compared to the average worker’s salary. It’s outpaced the increase of the average worker by 10-100 times or more.

I think a big reason for this whole mess of the rich getting richer and the poor gettig poorer is due to many of the decisions the Bush administration has made such as free trading with countries such as China and South America. And allowing other countries to put tarriff’s on our goods but not us putting tarriff’s on theirs. Or not making actions to prohibit companies from moving overseas.

In some ways, we are selling ourselves out. Yes, Japanese carmakers may assemble their cars here in the United States now, but that assembly job if it were an American carmaker would support 10 other manufacturing jobs in the US that supply it parts. The main portion of the auto industry isn’t in the assembly plants but in the parts suppliers. US manufacturers use about 80% American parts, Japanese about 30%, European cars about 5-10%, and Korean cars about 2%. So think about it the next time you hear about Ford laying off 20,000 workers. Each of those supports 10 other jobs in the US. So that’s about 220,000 jobs that just went overseas. About 220,000 jobs in one of the best paid sectors of American jobs.

Michael asks…

Need a apartment/townsuite for 15 days in san jose?

My relative are coming and we need a place for 15 days/2 bedroom,1 kitchen and bath in san jose,california.How can i find cheap and best deal?

Administrator answers:

The Oakwood Apartments on Saratoga Ave at 280 in San Jose have corporate housing which would fit what you need. The apartments are furnished with everything one would need. I don’t know the costs or requirements. Also, you could look into extended stay hotels which usually have kitchens in them. Some extended stay hotels are Residence Inn, Extended Stay America and Summerfield Suites. You will have to call around to find the best deal.

Thomas asks…

do international student live with other international students at university? or live with home students?

e.g a british student apply to america, would they be with home students from america or other foreign students?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the college/university that you are planning on going to. If it is like a popular university, or where they get a lot of international students (example: Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, the Miami university, the Los Angeles university, etc.) then yes, they usually have their own housing blocks/dorms where the international students stay. But a bunch of universities don’t because they just don’t get enough international/foreign students for them to put the money into putting them into their own international student dormitory.
Like I live in Florida, USA and a large portion of people going to universities/colleges here are from South America and the Caribbean (Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, etc.) so most (not all though) of the schools have housing dorms for the foreign students, OR if not, the students usually make like a “group” and mark out an area of the city where cheap student apartments are and they’ll all live there (that’s what my friends from Brazil do, because about a total of 25 of them have all grouped up to live in a certain apartment building).
But also, the schools might also put you with the Americans if your British, even if they have international dormitories, just because there isn’t a language barrier between the two so you would be just fine being with them.
And even if you are stuck with Americans at the university that you’re going to, don’t worry, most are very funny, very nice and easy to get along with!
Hope that helped :)

George asks…

Hoe do we get heavy women off the couch?

Their are so many women in the community where I live that sit home and collect their checks from the government. It is not healthy to sit all day.

Administrator answers:

The benefits are minor and most people have to do SOMETHING to get them.

Because I deal with these people constantly in my volunteer work, let me suggest the following:

- mass employment: there wouldn’t be so many people “on benefits” if there were more jobs…specifically, many of the jobs that these women held were shipped away or made obsolete

- training: training women to do things that the dynamic economy needs is helpful; have YOU seen how many women all across America are taking classes in scrubs and such? The government is making it mandatory that they attend classes; it’s good and bad…good because they will be able to earn an honest living…bad because they are herding people into 3 or 4 key professions; I feel it is my duty to help people self-actualize and not be trapped

- better/cheaper equipment: to lose weight you need good, whole foods and exercise; when you consider that in poor areas there is little produce and lots of processed, carb laden food, that people don’t usually have cars to go out to the suburbs, and that they cannot afford gym memberships (if you combined income/benefit level is say $400 and your apartment is $200 and your electricity is $120 and you get food stamps and a bus pass, this isn’t in your budget), if women can have sports clubs with other mothers (they need people to keep their kids) and home exercise programs (the fact that so many are getting cheaper is great) and cheaper equipment (it was nice to see a VitaMix that could be paid for in installments on QVC)

- babysitters (sort of self explanatory) you can’t work or go out and exercise if you have lots of young ones running around and no support/help

- counseling : these women are not having kids to get the pitiful benefits; these are misguided attempts at filling emotional holes and filling up unsuccessful lives in many instances; I am writing a book about this now

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