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July 3, 2013

James asks…

Where in central/south america is best for me?

I am looking for a place to move to after high school, I live in Canada and speak only English.
Here is what I want
-safe (hopefully not a lof of racial hate on whites)
-in or very very close to a large(ish) city
-local markets and some decent stores
-near a beach
-cheap living
-i want to be able to get around on a motorbike
maybe more.

Please try to help me find places that meet a lot of those requirements as I do not know much about this area. Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

I’m Canadian too.
I live in Costa Rica on and off since 2007 and I love it!

It is safe, warm, with every services you need ( yes, we have Wal-Mart and Mc Do!).

Here are some tips where you can find good infos:

About hotels in Manuel Antonio:

Domestic flight:

Ecolodge in Corcovado:

Plastic Surgery and health cares:


!Bienvenido a Costa Rica!

Steven asks…

Is IKEA Funiture store a good place to by your funiture?

I read alot of reviews on here and I saw that everybody says that it’s a great store to buy funky and fashionable stuff but they break to easily…I’m trying to buy funiture for my first appartment and was wondering if it was worth it I don’t have alot of money to go and replace funiture every other month..Also T’m from America is Ikea safe to order online if your no where near a store location?

Administrator answers:

IKEA is cheaper because it is sold in bulk,
you build it yourself,
and it is generally made from cheaper materials.

In my experience, it is better quality stuff than Walmart, maybe about equal with Target.

The difference is that IKEA is very focused on design.
(Walmart has no design focus, Target is quite good, but IKEA is stellar in that area)

Colors, patterns, shapes, and usefulness of design are all a major focus for them.

I’m typing from an IKEA computer desk and chair, under an IKEA desk lamp.
The chair is relatively crappy and we’ll probably replace it before it is 3 years old, but the rest is stellar, really holding up well and nicely designed! (the desk has a discreet shelf that holds our tower. It’s never been easier to keep the vents dust-free! And the desk has small, lockable, color-matched wheels. They’re not very noticeable, but they make cleaning under and behind this whole set up SO easy. I love it!)
It all looks great, and except for the chair, works very well. The entire shebang, including desk, lamp, chair and a little color accent trash can next to it, cost under 185 dollars.

So, IKEA cons:
~not heirloom quality, won’t last 20 years
~assembly required
~some complicated assembly items, like bookshelves, probably won’t live through many moves
~We drive quite some distance to the nearest one. I don’t know if shipping costs might be prohibitive.

IKEA pros:
~lots of fun, funky colors and designs
~themed design makes fun, flexible decorating easier
~great options for smaller living spaces
~cheap cheap CHEAP…watch for sales as well!

I think IKEA is a perfect choice for a first apartment.
If there’s an ikea within a few hours drive, consider finding someone else who wants to go and renting a small U-haul truck if you plan to buy a number of large items.
Look up the costs of both and compare them.

~I wouldn’t glue EVERYthing together! Some things, like the couches, are designed to be able to be disassembled and reassembled. It makes moving MUCH easier, and in some cases, you can change the cover if you want a new color or get a bad stain on the old one.

~if you purchase at the store, open packages and check for damaged items before driving home.
This just makes returns, and thus your life, easier.

~If you have any problems, first call their help line.
They usually have pretty good customer service, but in the event of a tough problem,
call corporate, and be persistent.
(this is actually good advice when dealing with most companies, btw)
You can also get a wide variety of advice at

Have Fun!

Linda asks…

Why are all the houses so cheap in America? What’s wrong with them?

So I was looking at houses in California..and there are some for like 20 000….is this normal for america or is there something seriously wrong with the houses?

Administrator answers:

There are a few things in this question. Real estate prices in the United States vary a lot by location. What is called a Brownstone in Manhattan with a very tiny square yard in an attached row of brick houses is well over $1 million. In some areas in some cities, prices are very high. However, the United States has a lot of land capable of living on with a large road system. There are places in Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and others where you can get extensive property acreage at under US$20,000. If a property has a structure (house), the house usually will add something, and some properties are valued more for the house and some for the land.

The question is where in California, the safety of the neighborhood, the condition of the property, any liens associated with it as a price shown may not be clear of taxes due and liens, and also there are some properties that were bank foreclosures showing a low price to get interested people and they won’t sell for that price. It is an auction equivalent. There are also properties called a “short sale” now, where the price is honest, but the property has a bank loan larger than the price on it, and the seller needs the bank to forgive part of THEIR loan.

Yes, there are amazingly cheap properties in the United States. Some have reason to be cheap. The value of a property is what people are willing to pay for it. About 20 or so years ago in a newer community near Colorado Springs, a property developer went bankrupt, and the existing homeowners ended up with large annual taxes as an assessment to pay for local roads and the water system. Those houses with the large annual tax rates became very cheap to buy. and are good browsing web sites. A foreign citizen may buy and own US property, but still deals with the visiting and immigration laws. From Australia, the distance is far but you have excellent visitation rights to the USA. I am in Las Vegas, NV, and property dropped in value a lot, and there are a few Australians and New Zealanders who own property and visit.

Here is a 6 family older (1920 construction) apartment building in a community Endicott, New York state offered for US$150,000 5,580 sq feet (appx 558m2)

or, a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home on 71 acres of land not far from Colorado Springs, CO for $309,000

You don’t get listings in coastal cities for US$20,000 in California
There are nice properties in Sacramento for $105,000, and some places in California have condos or small houses or fixer-uppers for $20,000. It is a big state.
Here is US$105,000 in Sacramento, CA:

Betty asks…

Which of these two places has a better nightlife?

Tenerife, Playa de la americas.


Costa del Sol, benalmadena/torremolinos?

We are a group of 5 guys looking for somewhere with a very active nightlife but also nice beaches, water sports and attractions. Which of these has an active nightlive at the start of July that’s suitable for 18 year olds? Thanks :)

Administrator answers:


I personally would forget both of those destinations and head for Benidorm instead, I will tell you why in some easy steps. 1) Flights are dirt cheap 2) Apartments and AI hotels are Dirt Cheap 3) Its a very British resort and knows what the brits like. 4) It is full to the brim with fantastic bars, clubs and restaurants all selling beer at 1 euro a pint!!!. The resort has watersports June onwards and has the cleanest beaches in the whole of Spain. I hope i have put a good case forward but do remember that a whole holiday in Benidorm will be cheaper than just flights to Tenerife!

Take a look at full of amazing information.

Susan asks…

Can I find a cheap apartment under 300 in Akron, Ohio?

Not run down, clean, decent for a college student, one room apartment. Help!

Administrator answers:

Listen, Ohio’s real estate market is in the dumps right now.
You should be able to go to your nearest bank and ask them if they have any real estate holdings that they would consider renting out until they sell them.
Not only that, any of your local real estate agents that are trying to sell an unoccupied house may be interested in renting to you. Because if you look at it this way: someone is trying to sell there house, and the market is not doing good…so the house just sits there and its costing them money. Getting a rental income is better than having no income at all. I would really explore that avenue.
But wait! There’s more…..!
If you have any money at all saved up, I know of this auction that has been selling houses all over Ohio, and other states dirt, dirt, cheap.
I’m not kidding. I saw houses sell for $14,000. !!! Yeah, I know!
So listen up, tonight on television they are having another auction, and tomorrow night too. Its called
Its America’s Auction Network.
If you could score a cheap house, you could fix it up on the weekends, and then rent it out to a roommate. Then you would be ahead of the pack. Have the roommates rent pay for your mortgage.
Check it out…I’m not kidding.
Auction starts around 8pm EST tonight.

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