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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

July 12, 2013

Lisa asks…

Where do you advise me to stay in Montreal, Canada?

I’m 35 years old Lebanese moving to Montreal, Canada in September, 2010. My wife and son will follow me after 1 month. During this month i will have to find an apartment for us: where do u advise me to search, downtown or outside, which area… if you have specific names it would be a great help. Thank you in advance

Administrator answers:

It depends a lot on what you plan to do once here and there is the money matter. If you want to buy a house, the suburbs are much cheaper and I could suggest Laval (in the Greater Montreal Area) which is north of Montréal and easily accessible, with a great transport system. You can easily get by in Laval and Montréal in English. If you are afraid of winter, you can maybe look froward for downtown, where the Subterranean Montreal will keep you warm, and you can do easily every day-to-day things there.

There is a guide here with pretty much everything you know about establishing yourself in Montréal :

And here some people from Montreal Lebanese community :

Good Luck!


Sharon asks…

Have you ever found enough decent public courts in british towns?

to really play regularly?

Administrator answers:

No. I live in the US now but when I was in Britain that was a big problem for me. In America, many Apartment complexes have tennis courts you can use for free at any time if you live there. There are also leisure centers that cost about $20 a year to join. You can play all the tennis you want. In Britain, public courts are rarer, especially cheaper ones. When I went back to the UK a few years ago, I went from playing almost every day, to maybe once a week, tops. If the Brits want to break their Grand Slam drought, they need to work on this… Badly.

Ruth asks…

How safe is Buenos Aires, Argentina?

I am male, 64 and healthy. I would like to visit there for at least a month. Could I use public transportation or walk around safely?

Administrator answers:

I have probably seen more of Argentina than most Argentinians, and the entire country is very safe in my opinion. I was in BA last winter and am headed there again in a month. This trip will be a property scouting “overview”, as my partner and I (both late 50s) will probably retire in BA. Like any large city, there are places to avoid. Always be aware of your surroundings and safeguard your possessions.
Florida street is a place to be extremely cautious, as are bus stations and trains stations. Veer away from crowds, particularly those that gather around “staged” fights and around “street shows”. Pick pockets are prevalent in the “La Boca” area and will fleece you while you watch a tango show on the street. Or stage a fight for the same reason. Sometimes they will spill something on you, and then while apologizing and trying to dry your clothing help themselves to your wallet. The San Telmo area is also one where you should be alert, but don’t let that stop you. It is a fascinating barrio. BA has a fabulous Subte system which is inexpensive. The main corridor in along Santa Fe Avenue, so you will probably want to find an apartment nearby. Retiro is a good neighborhood, but the walk to the subtle is about 8 blocks. Barrio Norte (near Callou/Santa Fe) is convenient as are the Palermo districts, with the exception of Palermo Soho..again an 8 block walk to the Plaza Italia subtle. I would not suggest staying downtown. I always rent a flat while in BA for the convenience of meal preparation. There are a lot of agencies on line. Google holiday rentals Buenos Aires for a look. And remember, our winter is their summer, although BA never gets cold. I don’t know your budget is or how you like to travel, but LAN is having a business class special to BA right now at $2999.00 R/T. That’s from San Francisco. New York and Miami will be cheaper. We used them last year and the experience was quite nice. I have used American and Delta business class and there is no comparison. The LAN aircraft are “new” and the seat fully reclines to make a bed. Food for thought. Enjoy..the Paris of South America awaits you.

Joseph asks…

is Michigan a good state to live?

I live in New York now and my parents want to move to Michigan because my family can’t afford the high price of renting an apartment here. I’m going to continue my high school education there and honestly it’s scaring me to death. I’m just wondering if it’s-

1. better or worse than New York in safety terms?
2. cheaper to live in Michigan?

Administrator answers:

Depends where in Michigan you live. I live on the west side of the state. It is a lot cheaper to live in michigan. I live in a nice town out side of Grand Rapids. Jenison Michigan. I love it here,. Lake Michigan has the best beaches and a beautiful shore line. We also have over 11,000 inland lakes and hundreds of rivers and streams. And over 120 waterfalls. There is a lot to do here all year long. We go tubing a lot in the summer. Down the muskegon river the Platte River is a beautiful river to go down it ends at lake michigan. The best beach to go to in the summer is. Grand Haven or North Beach Park north of Grand Haven . Do not go to Holland or Muskegon. Another cheap and safe place to live in America would have to be Michigan. Although Michigan winters are bitter cold it is still a great place to live. Another great thing about Michigan is that it boasts about being one of the lowest for crime rate within America.

Paul asks…

How in hell are 18-year-olds expected to afford rent? Deal drugs? Sell their butts? ROB PEOPLE?

Rent is $900/month. Full-time jobs, even minimum wage jobs, are hard to get. 50+ applicants per position is common, and no one is hiring (or almost no one) because business is slow. It takes real genius and innovation to beat the other 50 applicants and win the grand prize: the minimum wage full-time job.

And with ZERO experience, better jobs are impossible to get.

Oh sure part time jobs are much easier to get. But is a part-time job gonna cut it? Is it gonna pay for utilities, rent, and groceries? No.

So how are young Americans expected to make ends meet? Are we punishing a whole generation for the sins of Wall Street and the housing market derivatives speculators? Is Generation Y the “economic scapegoat” that must suffer for your sins, oh Older Generation?

It almost seems that there is a worldwide economic conspiracy to create the new underclass in this neo-feudal society: The Young. As bad as it is in America, Greece’s and Britain’s youth face 40% unemployment.

Are young people condemned to poverty? How are the young expected to make ends meet? Sell drugs? Sell their butts? Rob convenience stores?

Administrator answers:

You find a cheaper apartment! You also get a roommate to split rent. My apartment costs $230 a month (after splitting with roommate). Our apartment is furnished from wall mart. I think it is a given that your first apartment is going to suck but eventually you gain job experience and move to nicer apartment.

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