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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

July 14, 2013

Susan asks…

anybody who can help me in searching for an apartment in Perth Au.?

I’m looking for an apartment in Perth whom i can share too. i don’t have ample info about the apartment fee and everything. could somebody suggest an apartment that is cheap but good enought to stay.

Administrator answers:

Look at these sites.
REIWA under rentals.
The quokka is good for finding shared accommodation.
There is very little in way of “Apartments” in Perth, unlike America. We call them “flats”. We as not as poor as Americans so we live in houses instead.

There is very little left to rent. It’s all taken.

Steven asks…

I like to know if it’s a good idea sell my house by owner and how can i do it, not much equity left on it,

i need to know how can i sell my house with out using and real estate company, i already tried for a year, but now my house does not have enough equity to pay the real state company so i decided to sell it my self, any ideas how to do it, i will appreciate any ideas , thank you.

Administrator answers:

I did once,when i bought an apartment in55+community and it was just for $15000/-cash.for my mother,after one year my mother moved to my brother and i can’t rent it because of the ristriction of the community,but i rented a young couple they were desperate to have a place to move in,that way i saved the mentenance fee from my pocket.and asked one of the realter that i want a deal if the customer will come through by me then i will not pay him,comision,but i will pay him the documentation fee,whatever it will be from my behalf, if the cutomer he brings then only he will have his commision taken out.i remember the properties values was same like now very down.
So i put on internet free add with the detailed description and the pictures,thinking that millions of people will read and few will contac and only one person will be needed to buy.that is what happened many people all over the world emailed and wanted to buy but one buyer was very interested to buy as an investment and have his mother visiting from south america,so he bought the apartment for $22000/-that sale without any previous experience i did all by myself,then you can also do it.all you need through a title company people too.
In this way i paid only few hundred dollars for protecting my side legalway.and the buyer have to do his was way cheaper than a realestate to the title transfer companies first how much they will charge for doing the paperwork instead of a realestate agent if you want them to do?or ask the buyer’s help if he is interested to buy direct from you,and can they do all the required documentation on your behalf?
There are many web sides you can put your add is try on this but you have to renew every week the add to keep it new otherwise hundreds of free adds for realestate for sale will push your add down.
Good luck

Daniel asks…

Is Hong Kong the Asian version of America?

I’ve heard that they have rights as like american, Great education system, Their justice doesn’t dish out lenient and that it has a rather low crime rate?
I’m considering on moving there

Administrator answers:

Unlike China, HK respects free speech/press/to protest. The City is rated the most free place in conducting business, with the US and Singapore following. Primary school & secondary school are free, total 12 yrs.

Rent is very expensive there on a per sq ft basis unless you’re willing to sacrifice 2-3 hrs daily in commuting by staying in the village apartments in the remote part of New Territories. Others, groceries, shopping, eating out, transportation are cheaper in HK than US, HK has no import tariffs on 99.9% of the things & zero sales tax, income tax is only around 15-16%. The City has a lot of fast food & HK style cafe restaurants which offer cheap combo meals of around US$5 each. The “ding ding” or tram that runs from east Hongkong Island to the west covering more than 120 stops is only US$0.30 per ride.

The final take-home pay in HK is better than many places in the US esp for professional & senior executives posts. A structural engineer or IT-design professional w/ 5+ yrs experience is around US$5,000-6,000/month w/ only 16% salary tax. Low profile, menial cheap laborers jobs have all moved to China in recent decades. At the same time, HK has evolved into one the world’s important financial/exhibition centers, re-export trade, tourism, movies & dramas production , animation design & many other servicing industries. HK is now a servicing center w/ a lot more upscale, professional jobs than 20 yrs ago, Yahoo & Google have big offices in HK, Wal-mart’s Asian Regional Headquarter is in HK. That said, the job market is extremely competitive, not only are they eyed upon by the 7 million strong Hongkongers, but by thousands of graduates from China & all over the world. HK employees are well-known for devoting extensive hrs in the work place, mostly with no OT pay. Working permit for foreigners is not very easy to acquire. As a foreinger who’s not entitled to cheap gov housing & medicare, a generalist’s pay might not survive for a good life style.

To give you an idea the working & living conditions in HK,
For CEO positions, one may get by without knowing Cantonese coz he/she could hire excellent bi-lingual executives to work under him/her. Teaching or tutoring English there also do not need Cantonese. For middle or junior positions, if you do not know Cantonese you may have a hard time w/ the co-workers just like immigrants in the US who do not know English.

In order to live in a decent apartment near downtown core, the monthly rent at least HK$12,000, & to give you some extra $ to dine out & shop, the min. Monthly income should be HK$25,000 – 30,000. Restaurants, shopping, groceries & transportation though are cheaper than in Europe/America.

With a population of 7 million strong in a small place, a lot of talents will be competing for the same job, not to mention that nowadays many more university graduates from China are eying in HK´s job market as HK´s salaries are triple of China´s. To stay ahead, an employee must devote extra time & efforts to excel others. When everyone is working 9 hrs/day, if you put in 1-2 hrs extra to accomplish more tasks than the rest of the team then you will win out. A normal office ends at 5 pm, staff rarely leave the office before 7 pm except for low profile jobs like cleaners, messengers. Many overseas employees start complaining the long working hrs & great amount of work after they’re there, it´s a trade-off one must take into consideration before even thinking of moving to the City. One must not expect a good income w/ only 15-16% income tax, no sales tax yet working comfortably w/ lots of coffee/smoking/tel breaks as in Europe/America.

The people there are generally very kind-hearted & always prepared to give a helping hand as HK has been on its own as an independent state for 160 yrs, everyone caring for one another like a big family although they may look cold on the streets just as people of any big busy cities do.

Hongkongers who speak flawless English are generally brought up from good family/education backgrounds, they are the “blue bloods” & may give foreigners an impression of being high on the nose.

Though HK had been governed by the British for over 150 yrs, more than half of the people are immigrants/refugees from China in recent decades. The governmental, judiciary & business systems & procedures remain British, at home the people though are very “Chinese”. It will not be easy for foreigners to find a girlfriend if he is not interested in HK-Chinese cultures in the 1st place. Non Chinese ethnicity comprised of less than 10% of the population, mostly from S. & S.E. Asia.

Night life, clubs, bars, dining out & shopping are paradise there which means one has to work hard to afford the endless fun. Jun – early Sep is hot & humid, it’s also the typhoon season, you wouldn’t feel too bad coz everywhere is air-conditioned. and enjoy!

Carol asks…

Does anyone have various pictures of present-day metropolitan China?

I’ve heard China has blossomed into an incredible modernized society. Does anyone have links or pictures they could share of present-day metropolitan China (Bejing, Shanghai, etc.)?

Administrator answers:

Dude i heard that too! I just got back from an international honor orchestra that was hosted in Beijing last night!!! Its so untrue hat you wont beleive it! The “metro” part of Beijing is just apartment buildings tht are empty and there are a few buildinds that are merican that are kinda big. Everything is dirty and all of the ppl are poor. I never expected to see this after hearing so much about china and its growth. The truth is that china is really screwed up and Im sorry to say that it is in no way a modern or civil society by any western standard. And the funny thing is everything that was worth having was more expensive in china than in germany. Thats bad. Only the cheap stuff you dont need was cheaper. I have no hope for china becoming the next America. EVER!!!! Not even in the next 100 years. And i am german. Not american. I just go to an american school in berlin.

Paul asks…

where can i find cheap apartments in tenerife near the clubs??

im looking for a cheap apartment in tenerife to rent on the 25th july for up to 9 ppl . in los cristianos or las americas

Administrator answers:

No such thing that time of the year. You need to get out of town, to get cheap, veronica’s area no way. If you are only there for a week then pay the same as evryone else. If you are there for more time ie a month then you may have a chance for a short term let. If you are a bunch of guys then thats out. Check out the local radio stations websites.

email them they may be able to help

good luck RR

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