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July 17, 2013

John asks…

If higher minimum wage causes inflation, why is there so much inflation in China?

Raising minimum wage would result in layoffs or work hours cut and it should like it could lead to inflation, but countries with low minimum wage do not necessarily have lower product prices. The cheapest shirt in China is probably cheaper than the cheapest shirt in America, but brand name products (Nike, Apple, Gucci, etc.) are more expensive in China than in America. The tariff makes it more expensive, but without the tarrif, it would be around the same price as in America. China has also been building cities that end up empty because lowering the price of an apartment would burst their housing bubble.
it *sounds like it could lead to inflation
it *sounds like it could lead to inflation
The fakes are cheaper, but the genuine items are more expensive

Administrator answers:

The flaw in your logic is that you are assuming that minimum wages are the ONLY factor in causing inflation, which are certainly not. Countries with low minimum wages, may have high inflation for unrelated reasons, such as high profitability in the self-employed sector (not covered by the minimum wage), that results in higher spending and consumption (=aggregate demand) that may push the general price level to go higher and higher (=inflation).

Also, rising minimum wages as you said may result in lay-offs, increased unemployment, and a fall in aggregate spending – thus mitigating instead of rising the pressures for higher inflation.

Your point about branding being more expensive in China, has more to do with the domestic market protection that China has (as a communist country). Which indeed cause price-distortions. In that manner, China protects the incomes of the local industries by making the domestic products cheaper and thus more desirable to its consumers.

Lastly, the housing bumble: A lower minimum wage of the construction workers would necessarily result in a lower real estate prices, for the reason you said yourself: the current policy is to preserve the price level high, in order to avoid a burst. A good solution could be in an other direction rather than the minimum wage, e.g. A more effective-cooperation of the government with the real-estate agencies, the construction companies and the involved banks (most real estate projects are heavily leveraged), in order to agree on prices that would allow them to minimize the damage.

Mary asks…

Tips for moving to California?

I need tips on moving to California, like the best place to live, where to find apartments and a job, and how to get money. I’m aiming to go near the Orange County area.

I’m a sophomore now and I figured now would be a good time to start planning since Cali is kinda pricey. I’m planning on going to college out there. I want to move to California and take a year off, that way I can become a state resident and avoid paying an extra 10k for school.

Starting now I’m earning and saving as much money as possible for this move. I might get a summer job where I could earn $100 a day, which would help a lot. Plus, during my gap year in Cali I plan on saving as much as I can to pay for school. I want to avoid student loan debt if possible.

Any tips on how I can successfully do any of this? Also if you know of a good, cheap automobile transportation company please let me know. I’d like to take my car with me.
If I do become a resident though, not just for in-tuition, but to just live would they give me in-state tuition? Also would scholarships help?

Administrator answers:

Hmm! You claim to live in Georgia, but “Gap Year” is a European concept. We don’t do that in the U.S.

Anyhow, to go to college in California you would pay the outrageous Non-resident / International tuition rates for all 4 years. That currently runs in the $50,000 -$60,000 a year range, but the state is virtually bankrupt, and the Board of Regents is constantly increasing the tuition and fees.

Add to that California is one off the MOST expensive states to live in. Living off campus, even with a couple roommates, will be an economic burden for a student. Also consider that California has the 2d HIGHEST unemployment rate in the country. Jobs are practically non-existent. Finding one can take many months. You CAN’T survive here on a minimum wage job. Not even close. You would need a salary in the $30,000 (or more) range just to scrape by, and no high school grad will earn that much.

Actually living in California is NOT like you see portrayed on silly television programs. If you come here believing that it is you’re in for a big surprise. One last thing.

“Cali”, is a drug city in South America, and most Californians consider that word INSULTING. WE abbreviate our states name “Cal”. If you say “Cali” here you label yourself as a tourist, a “poser” or an ignorant black rapper.

Mark asks…

What’s it like to live in Quito, Ecuador?

It seems to be a very beautiful city – amazing architecture and scenery, with a pleasantly and evenly cool climate, mostly below 65 Fahrenheit. I’m a tweed jacket and brandy type of guy who likes Latin America, but comes from Northern Europe. I like it quiet and cultured, and the mentalities of Brazil and Venezuela would be a bit too much for me – but I seem to get on well with Colombians and Argentines. Are Ecuadorians a bit more like them? Would I like it there?

Administrator answers:

You will love it here , You are absolutely right it is cool in the mornings and evenings but mid day it can get warm enough to remove your jacket , I’m originally from Canada and I don’t miss the winter one bit, always spring like weather, a little bit rainy in the wet season.

The people are quiet and keep mostly to themselves , lots of business type people. Women are beautiful but not as sexy as the Venezuelans and Brazilians.

They love their football (soccer) and everybody seems to be very passionate to their particular team.

What’s nice is to travel around Quito to the various Volcanoes , market type towns like Otavalo and festivals , if we feel like we need a vacation we just drive or take a $65 USD 25min flight to Manta or Guayaquil and then off to the beach or do some shopping , Because of the cost of living we find ourselves eating out for dinner most of the time, you will find a variety of local and international food at amazingly low cost, In Guayaquil across from our apartment there is a BBQ place sort of like The ponderosa in the states except they serve a full grill with various types of meat and seafood all with hot char coal pieces under to keep it sizzling they say its for 2 people but we’ve never been able to finish it and always end up taking more than half of it home.

My son goes for an English private school that’s rated as one of the best and it only cost $800 per month, same goes for his Tennis lessons and soccer , both have world renowned trainers from Spain and Argentina all for a very reasonable price, you find yourself enjoying life more because of the cost of things are so cheap compared to Canada. The only things that are of a higher cost is electronics and Cars.

I’m sure you will enjoy this city if it wasn’t for my wife (Ecuadorian) I would spend more time in Quito as opposed to Guayaquil but that’s where the family is and she likes the heat 30 to 40 degrees Celsius

I hope I answered you question you can see how passionate I am for this wonderful country.


James asks…

What is best place for jobs that pay at least a living wage (Atlanta, Charlotte, Phoenix, elsewhere?)?

I’m looking for decent pays, safe area, low housing costs, etc.

Administrator answers:

Well the best pay is Bay Area California but its definately not low housing cost but the pay definately makes up for it. People in fast food start at 8.50 – 10.00 an hour. Cashiers in grocery stores start out at $18 an hour (Call any grocery store in san francisco, san jose, or oakland and ask them how much the cashiers start out at if you dont believe this, I didnt believe it at first either). Your houses are like half a mill but if you rent an apartment your looking at about $700 for a real cheap studio or 1 bedroom up to 1500 for a real nice 1 bedroom. Im from Florida, but moved to the northeast and also California. Its definately the highest paying area. If you stay in San Jose or even outside of it, its cheaper. San Francisco is way too expensive. San Jose holds the title for safest big city in America, its perfect weather year round (it only rains like 8 days out of the year) and its larger then san francisco so there is definately lots of jobs there and public transportation is everywhere for cheap if you need it. I worked at Arbys in Florida and 6 months later I was working in Googles building. Theres way more to do in that part of California then anywhere else in the country I think. They are so spoiled.

Michael asks…

I need to travel and would like to know?

…how much a trip to South America, Rio, Brazil?

Administrator answers:

I’m very surprised by the answer given by a Brazilian since a “smart” Brazilian should understand the benefits the tourism “dollar” brings and how many different aspects of life depend on tourists. From hotels to taxis to restaurants to the guys selling t-shirts on the beach. I’m sorry you feel this way Marcos but you are truly not helping fix the things that you call problems with Brazil.

To the OP – It would help to know where you are coming from, how long you plan to stay and what you plan to do. My advice is always to the first time traveler to Rio – once you get airfare and hotel sorted, you should budget at least R$100 per day for food and seeing the sites. Some days may be less, some days could be more but this is a good budget. This does not include the use of a tour guide or eating in the top restaurants (Sushi Leblon) around Rio. This is an economical guess that will allow you to see Rio on a budget and enjoy.

For hotel – I always recommend staying either in an apartment (for stays of 5 days or more) and stay a block off the beach to spend less. If you insist on staying on the beach then look at Rio Internacional Porto Bay. Its graded as a 4-star hotel but all rooms are ocean view, the pool and bar on the roof is a great place to end your day and the breakfast is enough to keep you going right through lunch. Expect to pay at least R$300 per night but more than likely, depending on when you go, you will spend R$400 per night. Of course there are cheaper options so take a look at trip advisor for a very good collective of hotels and reviews written by real travelers:

As for more encouragement. I have traveled extensively over the last 25 years and have visited at least 70 countries and have been to Rio no less than 15 times. I am in awe each and every time I’m there and have a better time each time I go. Rio is one of the world’s cities not to be missed.

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