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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

July 25, 2013

Mandy asks…

cheap n good hotel in san antonio?

I am looking for a good decent and cheap hotel in San Antonio?

Administrator answers:

That should be an easy one because San Antonio is a cheap city as Texas cities basically are cheap…

Here are some well known cheap chains of hotels:

Extended Stay America. If you’re staying for at least one month, call them up and ask them about their Long Term Lodging rates (which are not even found on their website for some reason.) Alternatively, LTL rates can be found on as available. You’d have to search for furnished apartments on to see if any of this is available. Long term lodging with Extended Stay America is the same price as the average apartment in a given area.

Http:// – You can rent by the week at a rate similar to an apartment.

Http:// – Same kind of thing only cheaper. Be careful their reputation is not great but don’t take my word for it see for yourself if you want…

I just used this site to book my recent Las Vegas trip:

– The site checks major hotel booking sites for deals so its an all in one kind of thing…

Joseph asks…

where in Europe is a good nice place to make money temporary? that speaks neither french,spanish or english?

Im a Spanish native speaker, and i know American English as well. I’m 15 and learning how to speak French in my school. When i get older, i want to find a job in Europe to make a living and extra money. This is only temporary but if i like Europe so much, then i guess i’ll have to live there. I want a nice community with nice social people. I want a nice home (apartment) but at a cheap price.
I heard that in Genova, its a good place for a high income, should i live there?
whether its France, Spain, England, or other easy language countries like Germany and Italy doesnt matter as long its social, enviromental healthy, and good income.

Administrator answers:

Wow that’s a difficult question to ask considering the financial markets in Europe at the moment. Sweden is a great place to work and live as is Norway – clean and good social order but neither are cheap to live in and you may struggle to find work……it depends on your experience or qualifications!

PS just like to add the American English is just English (Just like Spanish is just Spanish..not American Spanish because it is spoken in America…… ;-)

Jenny asks…

I am planning to move to PR, but I have no family or friends there. Is there anyone who can help me out?

I am 21 years old and former military. I have a lot of experience with computers and management. I am currently a videoteleconference operator and part time manager at a Subway Restaurant. I am a very hard worker and will do anything for a place to stay and some food. I really just want to live in Puerto Rico and learn Spanish and soak in the culture. If you know anyone who would like to hire me or has a cheap place for me to rent. Or any other thing that could help me out please post here or email me. Thanks To All!!!

Administrator answers:

With your military training, and experience in computers and management, there are jobs available to you. You will have to check
www.clasificadosonline. It is an English/Spanish online classified service for job, vehicals, home/apartments for rent or sale, and a lot more. This site is widely used by many. I suggest you check it out. Also you will want a resume prepared before hand so that if they say fax it you can.
In the houses/apartments to rent there are many places that will rent with lights,water and in some cases cable and furniture included.
Tips on a place to live:
1. Pricey areas are:
Puerto Nuevo
Old San Juan
Urbanizacion Roosvelt
All places that state Paseos or Jardines they are expensive. I get the Vocero Newspaper and here are a few of rentals of apartments as of today:
Villa Fontana in the town of Carolina apt. For rent includes livingroom,kitchen, 1 bedroom,1 bathroom, lights, water and parking for $450 a month. 1-787-768-2479
In Carolina Studio with lights, water, stove, and refrigerator included call 1-787-222-9325
Of course the Vocero does not have much, but this is just for you to see. The phone numbers are from the ad of the paper and are new announcements.
As for the jobs well you’ll have to check the www.clasificadosonline and see what are the recent offers.
You will by living here learn Spanish faster because your daily activities will involve Spanish.
The fast foods here are always hireing. Now, Plaza Las Americas has many stores and the tech stores such as Radio Shack, Bose and a few others may hire you.
There is also here stores such as:
Office Max
Circut City (comming soon to San Patricio Plaza) this is only 5 minutes from Plaza Las Americas
These stores specialize in computers and tech equiptment.
So, to move here I suggest that you save up some money so that you can pay your first few months of rent first, and have for to hold you off for a bit until you get your first pay check. You may want to use public transportation so, we do have the following:
AMA or Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses or Bus Authority-they have buses running from Rio Piedras, San Juan, San Patricio, Bayamon, Carolina and Santurce where the main stations are, but each station has various routs leaving to and from there. The AMA buses are 75cents per person one way. 35cents for disabled persons and persons that are over 62 years old and free for those over 72.
Tren Urbano or Urban Train:
This modern train (electric) runs from Stop 26 Sagrado Corazon Station (where the AMA buses of Santurce station are) and goes all the way to the town of Bayamon making a total of 16 stops on the way in the areas of Hato Rey(banking district), Rio Piedras, Cupey, parts of Guaynabo City, and a the last few in Bayamon up to the main train station. The Urban Train may hire you to work and operate on their trains. They start at 5 am until 11pm. Also they need bus drivers for the AMA. The AMA drivers make money, plus they get paid vacation (vacation time with their regular pay included), Christmas bonus, Drivers bonus(no accidents in a period of time) and other benefits to you. For a job with the AMA you will need the Heavy licence, fill out an application and they will send you to their school where you will learn all about driving a passanger bus, the routs and laws and regulations. It is fairly an easy job. Their number to call is 1-787-294-0500 main phone number their Human resource number is 1-787-754-3387. As for the Urban Train just on the internet enter Tren Urbano Puerto Rico and there you can select and find their number or info on jobs.
Hope this helped out.

Nancy asks…

I recently saw old truck containers converted into apartments. Some were stacked on top of each other. They

can be relocated, so are good for temporary or emergency use. My question is …How can they be used to help the homeless and what is the best way to get people involved and making it happen. I would love to see young people organize and help governments implement some ideas with old truck containers. Because they can be lifted and moved about would make them good halfway homes etc.

Administrator answers:

You’re on exactly the same page as me. 2 years ago, I bought 8 x 40′ containers to store some of the product I import from overseas when the same question dawned on me.

After researching home coversions, I found it is commonly done throughout the US, and many articles and venders have written on the subject:

The concept is brilliant, and cheap – until we realize the “people” behind the scenes in many of our gov’t institutions – well paid contracters, subcontracters somehow related to top officials. That doesn’t in the least say we wouldn’t have a good chance at seeing your idea implemented – the Media would catch onto it in a second.

This is what you do and how you get famous:

- First: my secret to you – Evergreen – a major worldwide shipper sold me 8 of these in 2005 Wholesale – directly from their NY port – shipped to Toronto for free for $1250.- top $1425.00 per container, depending on how much they were banged up on the outside. (which means nothing after a coat of paint.) Cheap?!!! Amazingly cheap.

- Find everything you know about how these are converted and the costs associated
- Milk as many people as possible with Habitat for Humanity to get your ideas implemented, including wheter you could sell them non profit to municipalities and so forth.
- And yes even selling them to Fema – using their substandard inhumane way they handled New Orleans situation as the driving force for your arguments.
- Write congress once you make a business plan which would be something simple to this effect:

“XYZ number of people are homeless, because america doesn’t have enough money. America spent XYZ on homeless shelters etc, which equates to XYZ per person (and it’ll be in the 10′s of thousands)
We came up with a better solution whereas a family of 4 can temporarily live in one of our converted units for as little as XYZ ($8000.00 guess) per container. The units can be transported with ease, and easily get trucked or railed to areas in need ot temporary housing.”

Then you do the magic: Send a video or letter to every news source in your city and make a good video presentation on Youtube. Theres tons of people there who will produce first class productions for free – just to get the publicity when your idea becomes big.

My thoughts: Go for it!!

Michael asks…

I am moving to Arizona in April and I need to know of any monthly move-ins or hotels with a nice price 800.00?

I am relocating to Phoenix,Arizona and I wanted to know if anyone knew of any monthly hotels or somewhere I can stay monthly until I find an apartment, I am looking for cheap rates but a nice place to stay my price range is about 500-600 a month and a move-in price of about 700-800

Administrator answers:

Extended stay or Budget suites of America. Would be your best bet they have kitchens.

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