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July 27, 2013

Linda asks…

what are the problems faced by the people living in chawls in bombay in 18 and 19 century?

please give the answer in at least 100 words

Administrator answers:

The word chawl is a slightly anglicised version of the Marathi chaal, which means “anklet” and by extension came to mean “corridor” or, to use the Mumbai word, “gallery”. The very etymology of this architectural form, then, reveals what kind of residential space it was meant to be – one in which the boundary between private and public space was blurred, and communal areas were as significant as private ones. “It is difficult to view a chawl as an empty built form in isolation, like a bungalow or an apartment building,” writes Adarkar in her excellent introductory essay, “because a chawl cannot be stripped bare of its occupants. Its existence in the cityscape can be seen as a theatre, imagined only with performers on a stage.”

It was this human crush, fending for itself as best as it could and devising a variety of creative solutions to problems of food, domesticity, and childcare, that turned Bombay, over the decades, into “the city of gold”. Chawls began to come up in great numbers in the “Indian quarter” of Mumbai, north of the spacious, landscaped European quarter in Fort, from the mid-nineteenth century onwards as the Indian cotton industry boomed, filling up the breach left by the Civil War in America. The colonial government and an emerging class of Indian capitalists needed labour; and migrant workers thronging the city from the Western Ghats and the Konkan coast needed cheap housing. As Bombay urbanised and industrialised, many chawls were built by private parties on what was formerly farmland.

George asks…

Thinking of travelling to Spain and Brazil. Any help? :D ?

I’m starting college really soon and I’m planning on going to Rio, Brazil first for a couple of months. How much money would you suggest I’d take? Any cheap hotels to stay? And pretty much the same for Barcelona, Spain. I have quite a clear understanding of the Spanish language and still teaching myself, same with Portuguese. Any help would appreciated. iGracias!

Administrator answers:

You don’t specifically say when you plan to go to Brazil (Rio) but summer is getting ready to end there and the rates for hotels will be going down drastically. OK maybe not drastically but certainly better deals will be able to be found. Carnaval is the most expensive time of the year there and its over so savings are to be had. Since you say you are going for a couple months, I suggest you try and find an apartment. A studio, with bath and kitchen, can be had for a as little as 2K for a month which is way less than a hotel. You can also check into the hostels in Rio de Janeiro which will be much cheaper than a hotel. As for how much money, it depends on what you like to do and how you like to do it. If you are one that drinks a lot and have to party every night then it can get real expensive real fast in Rio. If you take it easy and enjoy life on a budget then you can get by on R$50 – R$75 a day after airfare and lodging. This will let you eat well and see the sites without going to crazy but still enough for a beer with dinner. Money of course can be saved using a kitchen, shopping for your meals at the grocery store and entertaining yourself as opposed to being entertained but this won’t be easy until you’ve been there a week or 2.

I don’t have answers for Barcelona only Brazil but speaking and understanding Portuguese will be absolutely critical to finding the good deals and saving tons of money. Don’t think that just because Brazil is in South America that everyone understands Spanish. This will only insult as they will assume you are a dumb gringo that doesn’t realize Brazilians speak Portuguese. Also – having been to Barcelona several times, depending on what type of Spanish you’ve learned, Barcelona may prove to be incredibly difficult as the accent is concerned. The first time I heard the news I thought it was in Russian or Greek and I speak fluent Spanish.

Ken asks…

What is the cost of living in Rio De Janeiro?


I am thinking of moving to Rio De Janeiro and I was wanting to know the expected monthly cost for the following:

1. furnished 3 bed townhouse
2. car purchase cost and insurance
3. expected electricity/water
4. expected petrol
5. expected internet and cable tv
6. food shopping per average person

I am trying to decide what monthly costs I could expect.

Thank you in advance.


Administrator answers:

Hey there,

I am a single and I live in Rio by my own, in this city you are probably going to live in some apartment.

1. Furnished flat 3 bed in South Rio US$ 1000,00 a month at least.

2. My gf owns a US$ 40.000 car and she pays US$ 1.200.00 a year for the insurance

3. I pay US$ 60,00 per month for electricity, water is included on you condo bill.

4. That will be US$ 4,00 a gallon

5. I pay cable tv US$ 90,00 internet i pay US$ 60,00

6. Food I expend about US$ 200,00 on the supermarket

Rio aint cheap compared to other cities in South America, but as you are from the UK i suppose, that will be super cheap.


Sandra asks…

Do you think the exterior of British houses is sucks?

And why all are almost same design
I visited many cities in Britain and didn’t feel the taste of change

Administrator answers:

No offence or anything but we don’t demolish building just because they are little old! Our building are also not build of just wood and are not built in a day. Many of them were built in the Victorian era and have housed many people very well for many years. In order to make ALL the building look shiny and new and modern, we would have to tear down ALL of the UK. And in the mean time, where to people live just so we can make our houses *look* nice?

We choose to cherish, look after and enjoy the rich history our building have rather than tear them down and make new shiny ones. Shiny may look lovely, but there is no substance in it if it’s all bells and whistled! We have many building here (many residential houses too) that have housed some of the greatest artists, writers and musicians.. Such as Oscar Wild! Some places have historic value as they were based on famous stories, such as Baker street and where Sherlock Holmes lived in the stories (THAT house, has been turned into a museum) Mahatma Ghandi has even lived in a few Brit houses.

It also costs a hell of a lot to build new houses and we prefer to make use of what we have and add onto them rather than pull it all down.

To you, our buildings may look horrible, but to us they are history and something to be made use of.
We are trying to build more houses, purely for the fact there is a housing shortage. The modern flat I live in now is Victorian but you wouldn’t think it!

To be honest I have been to America and in a lot of places, the houses all look the same, all look cheap and made of flimsy wood and some are in a bad state!

Even in NYC some of the apartments are years old and not new, and based on a fashion that may no longer be in fashion such as the 50′s!

There are ugly houses and nice houses whatever country you go to. The difference is, understanding the country your in!

EDIT To DARLING. The fact is, we appreciate history rather than satisfy some short lived whim to *look* the part. We choose substance over fakery. Our inside of our homes can be nice as well as poor. Don’t see much difference in that of the UK and USA. Difference is, we choose to see the poor rather than fake over your fake houses, gated communties and big cars! USA people also have nasty, dirty houses, with poor people and poor insides!
The USA is not all shiny and clean! BOTH countries have rich and poor and BOTH have nice and nasty houses.

I am not ignorant enough to assume my country is the best and the nicest and the cleanest because it it isn’t but neither is the USA!

Joseph asks…

College kid plz help?

Okay. I’m a college student on a tight budget and I need some food shopping advise/recipes. What can I make that is quick and easy and somewhat healthy. I don’t want to live off of Easy Mac all of my life and I want to learn to cook. I have a small apartment with a microwave, stove, sink etc. I need to know what things to shop for (food is so expensive!) and how to make the most out of my money. Can anyone help me with this?

Administrator answers:

Ok, before I start talking about meals, here are a few quick inexpensive fixes:
Bagels (they’re cheap. You can get a generic bad of bagels for only 99 cents). I mean you can do a lot with them. You can eat them with cream cheese or jelly or butter, you can toast or microwave them, you can put eggs/omelets on them, and create your own breakfast sandwhich. You can even buy a box of sausage patties (for a dollar-the brand is Banquet Brown & serve) and make a sandwich with the bagel from that.
Canned stuff! You can get baked beans usually on sale, either 3 for 99 cents or 2 for 3 dollars.. Depending which brand. You can get canned spam 2 for 4 dollars. With spam, you can eat it on toast or bread with ketchup, fry it and have it with eggs and hasbrowns, and what not. Also, canned raviolis and spaghettios, they’re like a dollar a piece and even though some consider it childish, if you’re on a budget.. It is helpful. And, generic brand canned fruit is only a dollar.
Right now the cheapest meat on the market is Chicken.. So if you buy plenty of it there’s many different things you can make. You can buy a box of Chicken Helper, they have various different meal-types. You can also do grilled or fried chicken, chicken fettucine alfredo, etc.
You can buy Steak-UMM microwavable burgers for about 7 bucks. They’re definitely worth the price and if not, you can get a generic brand for cheaper.. Also hamburger rolls are pretty cheap.. Generic brand is usually only a dollar.
I like to buy plenty of ground beef because it is versatile. I can do hamburger helper, make my own burgers, make meatballs for meatball sandwiches or meatballs and spaghetti, and I even do beef, with gravy and elbow noodles.. It’s simple and cheap.. You can buy elbow macaroni for 99 cents a box and Hunts beef gravy is usually only a dollar.
You can get Low-Fat Yogurt (La Yogurt is the brand), 10 of them for only 5 dollars..
Minute-Maid Fruit Punches or Lemonades are always a dollar at the local supermarket around here, which is PathMark.
You can get Ball Park Beef Franks for $1.99 and all you have to do is boil them.. And of course, hot dog rolls are only a dollar if you get the generic brand as well.
Banquet Meals, which are basically TV dinners, are only a dollar. Sure, they’re not gonna satisfy you if you eat them all the time, but for a quick meal in a hurry, they’re quite good. They have various kinds like chicken nuggets with fries and corn, salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and corn, and more.
I like to buy On-Cor Traditional Entrees. They have Salisubry Steak, Turkey Slices in Gravy, Meatballs and Pasta, and they serve about 5.. So if you have any leftovers you can either heat up the next day, or freeze them for another week.
If you want something on the sweet side, you can get Ice-Cream sandwiches for about $1.99, the brand is called America’s Choice.
I like to get a tropical mango (they’re usually only 99 cents) because that’s my favorite fruit.
I also like to get a 6-8 qt can of Kool-Aid, which is usually about $1.89.
If you like just about any fruit, go for whichever is on sale.
Also, stock up on Jell-o and pudding, they’re cheap snacks!
If I want chips or cheese-doodles, I get the generic brand mostly all the time, unless name-brand is on sale.
You should also get peanut butter and jelly… And always have bread, doesn’t matter if it’s generic.. It still taste good. Plus, they have generic brand wheat bread too, so healthier and cheap!
My favorite thing is Lipton Pasta/Rice Sides. They’re only a dollar a pack, feed about 4 people, and all you really need to have is milk, because other then that the pack includes everything! They have so many delicious varities for so cheap!
Of course I will suggest Ramen noodles.. As many college students hate them, it is always good to have them in stock for a rainy day. If you really don’t have anything left in your cabinets, at least you have them.. Plust they’re only like 12 cents.. Can’t get much better than that.

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