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July 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

Safest places to live in Chicago?

My wife and I are considering a move to Chicago for her to go to Rosalind Franklin University, I’ve found some apartments around Chicago for $700-$900 mostly to the south and west side. That’s about the most we can afford, don’t care about the size of the apartment, even a studio is good if it has parking and is safe. I want to know what are the best places to live within 45 minutes of the school and also what are the areas of Chicago I should absolutely avoid. Thank you all for your input.

Administrator answers:

As has been mentioned, that university is in North Chicago (about 40-45 minutes north of the city). I live about 10-15 minutes away from North Chicago and highly recommend not living in North Chicago. Instead, some of the towns in the surrounding area are: Waukegan, Lake Bluff, Gurnee, Lake Forest (home of Vince Vaughn), Zion, Beach Park, Wadsworth, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Highland Park (home of Michael Jordan), and Mundelein. If you go too much further south than that your going to start running into the north shore which will be extremely expensive. If you go any further north, you will be in Wisconsin. If you don’t mind living in Wisconsin, both Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha are right over the board and housing is usually a bit cheaper! I was born and raised in this area and absolutely love it! It is home to two malls, an indoor waterpark, and Six Flags Great America! I hope this helps! Good luck with your decision!

Lizzie asks…

New Yorkers, are these 4 things true about NYC?

I heard NYC is a beautiful city (i never been there yet), i would love to probabely move there, but there are some factors that make me not want to move there and i would like to know if those factors are true and legit, or if they aren’t and i should just move to NYC. Those factors are: 1. I heard that NYC is infested with rodents and bedbugs.
2. New Yorkers are supposedly culturally rude and even cold-hearted in general.
3. Also that in NYC public schools they supposedly distribute condoms to kids; sounds sort of messed-up if that was true.
4. And that NYC has alot of screwed-up laws that just mess with peoples’ freedoms and a whole many other stuff; things like that soda-ban and some law banning salt.
So, those are the factors. If those factors were not present or not what i think/not so true, there, or significant; i would love to move to NYC. So i thought i should ask you all (New Yorkers), how present are these 4 factors in NYC? Also, should i move to NYC then or should i probabely not? Please tell me about each factor. Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

1. Dirty restaurants and cheap old unkept apartments may be infested. Thankfully, all restaurants are required to post their health code score on the windows. Look for “A” and “B” restaurants. Don’t rent an apartment that looks like a crack den. You’ll obviously find rodents and bedbugs, just like in any city. NYC is just a great mix of the economic spectrum, so just be aware of where you are.

2. My family is a typical NY family. We have harsh language but we would do absolutely anything for each other. I can notice a NYer from a mile away. NYers are just a busy bunch. Their stores, streets, and restaurants are crowded so what do you expect? They also have probably seen a lot in their lives (9/11, mugging, homeless) so they may be more realistic and cut-to-the-chase than someone else.

3. IDK about that one. Might be a rumor about how crazy NYers are. I’m not a “teach abstinence only” believer so I can see how if a student went to a teacher and said they were sexually active, a teacher might feel obligated to hand them a condom. NYers are realistic. That kids gunna do it anyway. Why not prevent a pregnancy?

4. America in general has a lot of laws that mess with people’s freedom (and that’s coming from a liberal). I think that because NY is the world’s window into American life, the mayor wanted to make an example of healthy changes. Personally, I find it to be rediculous and so do many many NYers.

If you’re young, you should move to NY to try it out. I absolutely love NY. I don’t think there is a better place. My cousin, who is in a wealthy family, read a book to a homeless man (in my aunt’s company) who he passed everyday and was friendly with when he was little. Where else would you see that? Where else can a rich person get to see the realities of the real world, of the lifestyles of every kind of person?

David asks…

How is Life in Las Vegas?

I visited Las Vegas last Week and I like it. Im thinking about moving there because I’m tired of living in LA. The cost of living is to high. I just want some info from people that have been there for a couple of years that can tell how much to expect to pay for rent, bills, gas and what neighborhoods to stay away from.

Administrator answers:

Lots of answers…but NO ONE answered your question(s)….wow, our education across America must really ‘suck’…maybe my small town education and further years in college paid off for Yahoo answers!!! LOL

Las Vegas can be whatever YOU, the individual, want to make it…or are willing to work hard enough to make it become for you!!

You can be the 7-nite-a-week party person…brushing up with celebrities – You can be the food connoisseur dining at some of the most fabulous restaurants in the world – You can see all the shows, lounges, headliners, special concerts, after-parties, etc ………OR………You can live a normal life, just like in any other town in America, or pretty darn similar. As a town of approx TWO MILLION people that spreads out for ‘about’ 45 mins of a drive in any direction from the strip…there is a HUGE amount of ‘normal city’ lifestyle here. Yes, many people work in the casinos, restaurants, shows, etc on ‘the strip’…but even more don’t. But ALL of them have to buy groceries, gas, rent apartments or hire handymen, buy tires, grab fast food on the corner, use daycare and send their kids to school…all the normal stuff. My wife runs a fairly big convention (about 14,000 attendees), so one week a year we stay on the strip, other times we go to meetings, dinners, shows, charity events, etc at various properties…beyond that…the other 95% of our lives are spent going to our respective offices (NOT on the strip!) picking up our kids, helping them with homework, taking them to KungFu or soccer or ? And living ‘the normal life’.

I usually say “The first 2 or 3 years someone lives in Vegas, they are still a tourist…going to the clubs, seeing all the latest shows, spending most of their free time in the casinos, etc.”
After that they finally settle-in to normal life…and if they don’t…they end up moving away because they..
1) thought they’d ‘get rich quick’ and didn’t
2) developed a ‘vice’ that wasn’t good to have in Vegas (gambling, drinking, drugs, etc)
3) had some other problem they would have had issues with anywhere but needed to move back home to deal with.

Actual Answer to your question(s)…

Yes, the cost of living in Vegas is MUCH cheaper than L.A, in prices of gas, taxes, real estate, etc etc

Rent, assuming you mean one bedroom apartments…can be in the $600 up to $1200 or more…depends on the neighborhood (amount of crime or location of exciting/nicer places)…and of course 1 br or 2 or 3? Of course roommate deals and ‘low income’ areas can lower prices too!

Bills, also depends on you…in an apartment, shouldn’t be much…but you can always buy basic cable instead of digital w/hundreds of channels, etc

Gas, pretty cheap here…compared to L.A./California (used to live there)…even though rates do keep going up several pennies at a time…it’s still cheaper than California!!!

Don’t live TOO close to the strip, there are exceptions, but as a general rule…it’s either “expensive high rise condos…or very low income and high crime areas…general rule…avoid streets with only a Letter or only a Number. But depending on what street it’s off of…a few blocks away are not bad.

Donna asks…

what is a wage i could live on in NYC?

I may be offered a job in NYC but I don’t want to move unless I know I can support myself on what I am being paid. What is a wage that I could afford to live on in NYC, living in a safe area and not too far from downtown Manhattan? I am a single guy so I don’t have anyone else depending on me.
added details: I am a theatre-maker which is why NYC beckons.

Administrator answers:

Minimum to live in Manhattan? $40,000, although you’ll have roommates and not a lot of spare cash. Think at least $60,000 to live on your own, comfortably, in outer Manhattan. Downtown would probably more like 70,000 although I’ve never lived there.

If you can tolerate a commute, and you’re willing to live in Queens or Brooklyn, then you could do much less. $30,000 a year to live, $45,000 a year to live on your own comfortable. I live in Brooklyn and it’s awesome, Queens is a bit more ‘suburban’ so if you really want the stereotypical NYC feel, Brooklyn is better, but Queens also a bit cheaper.

Keep in mind, when I say “live on your own comfortably” that still means a studio apartment, public transport, etc etc. If you want to live in Manhattan or even the outer bouroughs in a way reminiscent of the movies (large apartment, eating out all the time, having a car or using a taxi etc.) then you’ll need at least a $250,000 salary. Minimum.

But it really is fantastic here, even if you don’t get a job offer you should start looking for one because NYC just has something that no other city in america can offer.

Sandy asks…

Cheap apartments in Indy?

I’m planning on moving to Indianapolis in the summer for school and am looking for an apartment for my boyfriend and I. I’ve looked at dozens of places but I can’t find anything that really works. Since we’re both going to be going to IUPUI, we’d like to live either within walking distance to the campus or an IndyGo bus stop. Our budget for rent is 800 at the highest. If you could suggest any apartments or neighborhoods, that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Well first Welcome to Indy :) hope you can stay our city is the fastest growing region in the Midwest.
I would recommend going to a website like look up apartments within your pricerange and then use a website like
*My Guy is BroadRippleguy i am part of a recruiting class that shows all the great Benefits of living in Indy* will tell you if the apartment your interested is in a good neighborhood or bad.
Good luck and Welcome to the Great city of indianapolis! The next Boomtown in America and home to Super Bowl 46 and the Indy 500. Plenty of stuff to do here.
If your a single i would recommend visiting Broad Ripple Village and Mass. Ave in Downtown.

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