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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

July 29, 2013

Sandra asks…

In general, where is cheaper to live, Los Angeles or New York?

in terms of getting a one room apartment in a decent neighborhood

Administrator answers:

NYC is going to be more expensive on the whole. HOWEVER, certain parts of the Los Angeles metro area are some of the most expensive real estate in the country. The Greater Los Angeles area is actually something like 34,000 square miles. And Los Angeles proper is mostly office buildings with only a few high rise apartments. It’s not like Manhattan where you have huge apartment buildings next to huge office buildings.

Http:// might offer you more insight.

Ruth asks…

Where can I survive in America with only 10,000 dollars and how…?

I’m 17 planning to move in to the US soon but I really don’t know anything about the US let alone traveling …let alone being on my own . I’m trying to get in the music business by starting small and hopefully fit into my shoes one day .. I’m a singer songwriter (I know I’m not the only one) but I really have some thing different to offer …
Now my question is ..where can I live in the US with the starting budget of 10,000 dollars ..enough to find me an apartment and a job ….somewhere music is appreciated and somewhere safe/cheap ….somewhere I won’t be shot for a bar of kit kat…
PS I watch a lot of CSI so I’m a bit nervous abour this big move

Administrator answers:

Bigger questions would be what kind of music will you be doing? Major music locations in America include Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and New Orleans. Nashville is probably the safest and is Country and pop music oriented. The other three would be more rock, pop, jazz, blues. Seattle is known for grunge and alternate rock. Usually in any larger city, safety is more in which neighborhood you’re located, and where you’re going to commute and work.The biggest expense would be rent, try to find a room to rent as the cheapest option, Search local real estate sites for rent. References to a local church may help with safety. Seattle has rooms to rent for about $500/mo, other expenses will probably run you about $500/mo, so you have enough for a few months while you look for work.
Once you pick a style of music, and the city, then get a list of recording studios, or bands looking for members, start hanging out at the recording studios if they will let you. Once they know you, then they may help with referrals and rooms to rent too, rooming with other musicians will help with your networking. Bands that hit the road will need helpers too, so you can have a job, network, and learn more of the practical side of the business. Each major venue that hosts bands will also have these jobs. Maybe look for types of jobs at recording studios too, even a janitor has his foot in the door.

Mandy asks…

Where is the best place to move to in America?? Please answer?

Where’s good to live in America and cheap. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, Washington State, or Florida
Scenery is a lot prettier and those places, and the cities are too.
Florida has a lot of historical places like St. Augustine, and pretty beaches.
New York is crowded, but the city is very nice(unless you plan on renting in apartment. Although they have great views, the apartments are as big as a small closet)
New Jersey is more of an open, more country place compared to New York, and it’s only about an hour away. If you find a good place there, you might be able to see New York City from a distance. Washington state and Virginia are about the same places, but Washington is a little more city-like than Virginia. It’s up to what you think though, which place you prefer is best :)

Helen asks…

why is it so expensive to live in CA, and how do people afford it b/c they pay so much less? Anyone else agree?

Mi Gusta, get a life – this is yahoo answers not English class a hole.
Mi Gusta, get a life – this is yahoo answers not English class a hole.
Mi Gusta, get a life – this is yahoo answers not English class a hole.

Administrator answers:

The economy in america is really bad. Someone told me that britan is worse though, Some places in california are cheaper. I live in SanFrancisco its really expensive for everything. Hercules is slightly less expensive. The economy here is still really bad and the neighborhood also contributes to that as well. They dont pay that much less we learn to live here work hard pay bills. Some places pay more because that money is so much less because the houses there are more so its not entirely true that they pay less here or all houses are super expensive when they really arn’t When the economy is bad house prices go up and people move outside the city to cheaper houses or apartments.

Susan asks…

Can I afford college education in Norway?

Hi, I have a lot of questions so thank you ahead of time for reading! I want to go to college in Norway. I’m still not sure what I will major in, but I’d prefer the campus to be in Oslo. I’m from America, I’m learning the language and all, but I heard that a American needs one year of college education to be eligible to go to college in Norway. Is this true? My parents won’t be coming with me so I will have ro support myself. I will either live on campus or in a apartment near by. I’d prefer not to have a car, it seems like Oslo has a lot of other transportation options. I plan on working too, if I can find a job. Can I make enough to pay for school, rent, and other needs like food? If I earn scholarships in America, are they good in Norway? I’m not sure if my parents are paying for the schooling. They go off and on with it. I’d also like to take a dance class, is this possible on a college budget and timetable?

Administrator answers:

Most European bachelors are three years, and I know that at least in Norway just an US HS diploma isn’t enough to get in. According to NOKUT (link below), you need:
- HS Diploma + 1 year college studies in academic subjects with grade C or better
OR HS Diploma and 3 Advanced Placement Tests with at least grade 3

Most courses at undergrad level will be taught in Norwegian. All foreign students that seek admission must pass a Norwegian Language test for almost all Bachelor programs (see link about Bergenstest)

Almost all universities and university colleges are tuition free in Norway. You still have to pay for your housing, food, transportation and books, and depending on where you live it can easily cost around 100,000 NOK per year. In order to gain a study permit you must also prove that you can sustain yourself for the coming year, and that require you to have around 95,000NOK in the bank. You must provide this proof each year, and it will increase with the general inflation.

It’s possible to work maximum 20 hours each week while you are on a study visa (40 hours in the school holidays). The problem will be to find such a job, as there are many others in a similar situation. The current unemployment rate is quite low, and if you know the language it should be possible to find something. The wages for unskilled workers are quite a bit better than in the US, so it’s not totally unrealistic to earn enough to pay most of your cost.

American scholarships have varied rules. You must check to see if you can use any of them abroad, but I would guess that most of them are linked to certain American universities. It’s unlikely you will qualify for any of the common programs in Norway, but you can check out the link below.

Norwegian universities doesn’t have the same kind of campus that you are familiar with in the US. There are no student housing on the campus. The Student Welfare Organization in Oslo (SiO) does offer a lot of student housing, but they don’t have enough to provide for everyone. Most students rent from the private market. Students normally live in a single room, but have to share the bathroom and kitchen with one or more other students. Many students also join forces in order to rent an entire apartment and live together.

The public transport system in Oslo is quite good, and most students doesn’t have a car. If you can’t get accommodations near your campus, it’s almost as good to live near the main transport routes. Check out the link on transport below.

Dance class:
Everyone needs a hobby, and the Oslo Student Sports Club provide a lot of options. They have a dance club, and they provide VERY cheap dance classes for students.

Good luck with your college education!

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