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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In America

March 3, 2012

John asks…

Cities with the cheapest apartment rent in America?

I’ve been doing research. I found the midwest would probably have the cheapest but does anyone know what particular cities might actually have the cheapest.

Administrator answers:

Detroit, or any of the cites hardest hit by the manufacturing decline. At a point the rates can’t go any lower because no matter how much housing is available the landlord needs to charge the cost of maintenance and upkeep (even if they can buy the places very cheap). So there are probably lots of cities where you can get really low rents but they all drop to a point and can’t go any lower.

Betty asks…

Currently, where is the cheapest apartment rent in America.?

Include residential hotels also.

Administrator answers:


George asks…

where can i find the cheapest apartment rent in america?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest rent will be found in the most undesirable place to live… This will be in places where there’s a lot of crime, outside of any major cities, and really delapitated.

You can get a place out in rural North Dakota for like $350 a month for a 1 bedroom.. But why would anyone want to live in north dakota?

Steven asks…

looking for a cheap apartment in america?

im a 18 year old living in trinidad and im looking forward to move in america to go bac to school but not to live, where can i fine i cheap apartment instead of looking to move in the hood where there is a lot of vilolent which i dont want to be around that kind of life style . i’m more looking for a comfortable area to stay untill i finish school could u help me please

Administrator answers:

America is a big place, be more specific, North America, South America, Central America better yet pick a country. If you are referring to the United States, the South has a lower cost of living but it will escalate the closer you get to Universities.

Nancy asks…

How much does a cheap apartment in Japan cost? How about America?

Just the cheapest prices per month.

Administrator answers:

Depends on the area of Japan you are looking into. Usually, it will cost around 60-70,000 Yen, or about $518-$605USD.
That doesn’t even cover the gift to the landlord, key money, depost, or anything else you may need to cover.

In America, it really depends on the area you are looking into. An apartment in California isn’t going to cost the same as in Arizona, or any of the other states.

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