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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

October 29, 2012

Nancy asks…

I’m thinking of moving out, maybe somewhere in california , anyone know where i can rent cheap apartment?

Administrator answers:

The beach is free.

You could live real cheap on the beach. It even has showers and toilets. Think how nice it would be to sleep under the stars every night.

Otherwise there’s no such thing as cheap rent in CA unless you take on multiple roomates. The places that are cheap are cheap for a reason. Cheap rent is not worth risking your life over. Do your due diligence before arriving in California.

Linda asks…

In Chicago, is West Pilsen a dangerous area to live at?

I am a 27 year old female, I found a cheap apartment at 21st and California. It’s pretty close to my job, which is why I’m moving.Is this too dangerous an area to consider?

Administrator answers:

The area you are referring to is predominately of Hispanic heritage, but it is not entirely Hispanic there are pockets of other types of people too. Based on my experiences of driving through this neighborhood, and also looking at street view images I probably would not purchase an apartment here. It is evident that there is a small influx of new developments but at this time the neighborhood is in my opinion on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being least dangerous and 10 being most this neighborhood is probably a 7.

However I would advise you to go see the area for yourself if you get a chance, especially if you don’t work to far away.

Jenny asks…

Where/ How to find apartments?

I decided it to move out with my little sister and my mom. Since its our first time moving out we have no idea how to find apartments…..I live by the bay areas in California and was hopping to find an apartment nearby San Jose or Mountain View~~

so yea i m just clueless in where and how to find cheap apartments…..@@
please help??
Besides craigslist

Administrator answers:

Here are your options:

Realtors: Yes realtors handle rentals as a source of quick income but the returns are not large and often those working the rental market are fairly new in the business – counter-intuitively this can work to your advantage in that a new agent is likely to pay far more attention to a rental request than once making a lot more off home sales. However, because there is someone else getting a cut(the realtor) cost of these homes tend to be the highest.

Craigslist the free online listing site has a lots of homes, and apartments and yes more than a few scams. The old saying buyer beware applies here – like every where else.

Newspaper classifieds still have many private listings often some of the best small landlord situations are found this way.

Like jobs, many rentals – perhaps even a majority never get listed anywhere and are filled by word of mouth. Network with friends that you are looking – they may have a relative who needs a tenant. Also bear in mind that ads work both ways – placing an add being specific as to what you are looking for is size, location and costs – you will be surprised at the number of people who find good properties this way.

Best of luck.

PS Be an informed consumer as this is your first time. Do a google search for both state and local land lord tenant law. You will find a weath of information about what is and what is not allowed.

Charles asks…

Where to live in California?

A friend and I are planning on moving to California next year and have no idea which city to live in.

We need some ideas of cities there where we can find a cheap apartment, jobs, and some local dispensaries.

Preferably somewhere not too hot.

Administrator answers:

Hmm okay well… I think you and your friend should take a short trip there, maybe cruise around a little..??

Here’s what I did a few months ago (my family lives in CA) I flew in towards the bottom of Cali and drove all the way up to the top, almost the border…

If this gives you some insight — the least populated areas are going to be cheapest for rent.. Obviously… And off the water. You can’t expect to live in Santa Barabara off the ocean and pay cheap rent..

Down in SoCal, it is hot hot hot hotttttt… So, let’s rule that out.. Going up a bit, you hit San Fran, which is AMAZING! Jobs are PLENITFUL but cost of living is nothing short of outrageous… Completely outgrageous..

I would pick a small town around that area, look on, there is a forum.. Click California and you can ask any question you’d like. It’s 10x better than YahooA! When you want a legit answer on a place to live.. Very nice, I use it frequently..

Anyhow, upstate Cali, very chilly. I live in Wisconsin and I had to wear a hooded sweatshirt there during the summer months cuz I was chilled! :-D

Either way, do a little research, your best luck will be in the middle part of state and up north ;)

Helen asks…

Apartment prices in California?

Me and two of my girlfriends are moving to California this June, maybe July and we need a very cheap apartment in the outter Los Angeles area. I’m from Ohio and I know prices are very different. Can anyone who lives in an Apartment give me a rough etimate of about how much rent cost a month for an Apartment in Cali? We want to live near LA but not in it, maybe a smaller town like Valincia or San Burnardino. We need at least two bed rooms but three would be better. Also I have a small dog that is coming with us so the apartment has to allow pets.

Administrator answers:

Valencia and San Bernardino are both pretty far away from Los Angeles. I was actually born in San Bernardino, you can probably rent a 3 bedroom house there for around $1000/month. Valencia is in the valley where prices are quite a bit higher than San Bernardino for a 3 bedroom house you are probably looking at $2400/month. I am sure they exist, but I think you would have a hard time finding three bedroom apartments. Pretty much the largest is 2 bedrooms. To give you an idea of what I paid, while in Los Angeles, I was at Hollywood/Vine in a studio for $800/month, then West Hollywood 1 bedroom for $1300/month, then a loft in Downtown LA Historic District for $1400/month.

I actually have two small dogs, so I know the trouble of getting into an apartment. With three of you splitting the rent, you may be better off looking for a small house, as I think it would be easier to find a pet friendly place. I would suggest starting your search in North Hollywood where it is just out of the city, so prices are lower. The further inland you go the cheaper the price becomes, also around East LA, you can find cheaper prices, but they also aren’t the best of neighborhoods, I like Whittier, and Commerce area though. If you go west, you get expensive places like Westwood, Brentwood, then all the beach cities, but before that you can maybe find a decent place in Hawthorn or Carson.

Definitely check out Craigslist as you will find a lot more private owners that will generally offer lower prices on rent, you can also search for places that accept dogs. You might take a look at also, I have found places on there and you get a $100 gift card if you end up renting the place. A popular pay search in LA is Westside Rentals, my friend had a login so I checked it out, didn’t find what I was looking for, but they have exclusive rights to a lot of places. It is a pay site, but I think it has a clause that if you don’t find the place your looking for you get half the money back or something like that.

Good Luck in California, I just moved to Hawaii recently and looking forward to visiting LA soon.

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