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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

November 11, 2012

Betty asks…

in las vegas anyone know of some cheap apartments on paradise by the airport i herd this is an ok place to?

stay to get settled so i can look for work i know unenployment is high but its just as bad here in california take my word for it when the illegles start to leave you know its bad i had one tell me they could do bad in there own country they were leaving

Administrator answers:

Do not live there! I used to work right in the center of all that on paradise and harmon. There are some weekly rentals which usually mean drugs and crime. Also alot of homeless in the area. More than once i have had people come into my work, as well as co-workers who had been mugged. I myself was followed one night all the way down paradise by a guy with is pants down around his ankles.
The only actual apartments on paradise are Cobblestone and they are expensive, like $1000 for a 1 Br

my advice, move someplace near flamingo, lots of REAL apartments(not weeklys) a little better environment, but still cheap, look into these

Riverbend Village
Hesperian Falls
Viking Villas
Bossa Nova
Cambridge Towers
Cambridge Gardens

George asks…

Where’s the cheapest and safest city to live in California?

Hi there. I’ve come across a couple of similar questions, but with differing answers. Basically, my Mum 2 younger brothers and I will be moving to California shortly. I don’t know how long we will be there, maybe a month or two, or maybe more.
Hence I was thinking we’d live in an extended-stay motel or something, then if we still live there, move to an apartment or condo.
However, I have about the high costs of living, and was hoping that someone could tell me where would be a good city/area to go to, somewhere not too expensive, is safe and has access to facilities (ie, not in the middle of nowhere)
If the area is good for tech jobs, all the better.

Administrator answers:

The tech jobs are all located in high cost areas. You can go pretty far north, at least 50 miles north of Sacramento and housing becomes more like the rest of the country. The cities are safe for the most part.

If you need to go south Bakersfield is fairly inexpensive, because it is in a desert. There are actually jobs there too. There are several prisons and it is a trucking hub. I have not heard anything indicating it is unsafe.

David asks…

I want to own a home in the cheapest part of California to own a home ?

I’m 19 years old, I know it maybe to early to be thinking about this, but I’ve always lived in this tiny apartment in this bad neighborhood in Brownsville Brooklyn(A lot of unfortunate things have happen to me but I am a warrior continuing to fight). However I am planning to go to College In California and then become a teacher after I finish my schooling as quickly as possible. Would I be able to own a home in Stockton California on a teachers salary?(I don’t care about safety or if its a bad neighborhood, I come from one and I don’t want to live in the projects in New York City for the rest of my life)
I’m never ever going to have children. And I’d even be willing to settle for a 2 bedroom

Administrator answers:

Probably so. In many counties there are special financing for teachers or other professionals who live in the community where they work.

To ensure that you can purchase a home when you are ready, concentrate on establishing a good credit score: don’t carry any balances on your credit cards or other loans.
Pay everything promptly – not late pays.

Start saving up for a down payment and and emergency cash cushion.

By the time you graduate and have a regular salary coming in you should be in good shape.
You may have to start out with a small condo or starter home, but you will be in a great economic situation if you continue to work hard.

Congratulations on your ambition and good planning.
Good luck to you!

Robert asks…

I want to spend a month in California (living arrangements)?

I’ll be coming from FL and ive never been there before. Would it be cheaper to rent a motel or get a cheap apartment for the time? I’m probably going to gonna be going to LA, San Francisco and some other places, depending on the cost to get there and living.

Administrator answers:

It depends. If you want to stay in one place as far as living arrangements go it would be cheaper to rent an apartment. If you’re doing multiple cities it’s cheaper to get a motel room.

Laura asks…

i have to move to los angeles california?

i need the cheapest apartments in los angeles like the cheapest you will find over there
like lower then 700 if possible
am moveing when i graduate

and one of my friends is moveing with me and stuff so we will both work
so yeah
ok pam quit being an idiot we will get like at least 350 a month with minnimum wage so a mont would be like

2800 to 3000

Administrator answers:

A friend of mine rents out a room in a family’s house in culver city for $600, so i don’t think it’s impossible for you to find a place to live in la for 700 dollars a month. It WILL, however, be difficult to find your own one bedroom apartment (in a nice part of town) for such a small amount. If you want to live in a better part of la, then for that rent, expect to share an apartment with more people than there are rooms.

Look at for apartments and put your max rent at $700. Los angeles is huge, and you didn’t mention if you even have any clue of where in la you need to live… Obviously the crappy parts of town, you can probably get a 2 bedroom for that much, but i wouldn’t really suggest it. When your searching for apartments, do a little research on the areas as well.

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