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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

December 16, 2012

Mark asks…

Can anyone give me a cheap 2 Bedroom apartment in East LA?

There is 3 of us moving to California in our 20′s. We are looking for a cheap apartment in East LA that is also kind of near a bunch of activities.


Administrator answers:

East LA is ghetto. Apartments here in SoCal aren’t cheap. I’ve lived in Orange County my whole life and it’s expensive as well. You won’t get anything less than maybe $870 depending on how nice you want your apartment to be. $870 is probably the lowest you’ll get anywhere in California in general and the apt. Won’t be nice.

Lisa asks…

How do i covince my husband to rent a low priced apartment?

We pay $1500 rent for a 1-bed apt. (California). The only advantage being that it is 5 miles from where my husband works. But since our monthly income is only 2400 it is too much for us. My husband hopes to get a better job within some months. As our lease expires next month i would go for a cheaper apartment in another locality. But my husband argues that it is a matter of few months before he changes his job and so we can continue paying what we are. I feel its not wise to continue paying so much even if we have hopes of an increased salary because we are planning a baby and i would like to save every bit i can. How do i convince my husband to about it.
i cannot delay the baby much longer since i am already 28 , and i cannot work as i am on a o workable visa.

Administrator answers:

Tell him you will move in the low priced apartment with your mother and he can stay put. He will have you out by nightfall.

Linda asks…

Where to buy an appartment for cheap?

After i graduate this year out of high school i want to leave my house, sounds like a typical high school-er, but i cant stand living in my house anymore its too much drama and problems for me so i want to leave. I want too know where too find a decent cheap two bedroom apartment in california area like Ontario, West Covina, etc. Any good cheap places you know PLEASE help me out and give me any information you have. Please and Thank you.

Administrator answers:

You don’t BUY an apartment, you RENT an apartment.

You’ll need to be at least 18. In addition, you’ll have to prove to the landlord that you have an income that pays three to four times the amount of your rent every month. In most cases, you’ll also need a decent credit rating. Very few recent graduates have these things.

Keep in mind that California is one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country.

If you want to get away from your home, why not just go to college and live in the dorms?

James asks…

How do you even begin to start moving to a different state?

Ok so im from philadelphia, pa. i want to move to los angeles, california.
how do i even start looking into it?
please dont judge, its not like im going to do it soon, im still a freshman in college and i want to just see what my options are.
please help me with websites or anything possible. cheap apartments/job listings will be helpful!

Administrator answers:

You have access to a computer and an ISP so, what’s the problem?

Daniel asks…

Could you help me find an apartment to rent in Paris?

My friend and I want to move to Paris in August but we are having a rough time finding a cheap apartment that we can rent… Do you know any good websites where you do not have to pay fees and so on?

Merci beacoup !

Administrator answers:

Here is an expert on this topic; an American lady in California;

Tiffany Urness

plz keep me informed as to what you discover

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