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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

December 24, 2012

George asks…

How do I keep my apartment cool?

I am in an apartment in California that is somewhat large and only has a small box air conditioner in the living room.

The rest of the house is VERY hot (in the 90s) and is getting too hot to handle.

What are some things I can do to cool down my apartment?

Would putting black trash bags over the windows help or hurt?

We have a lot of fans blowing around…but its just blowing the hot air in circles :(


Administrator answers:

Go buy insulated drapes for the windows…you can order them cheap at They will help keep the heat off and the cool in. And DO NOT put black trash bags on your windows…you’ll fry.

Other options would be:

*Tin foil on the windows. It works, but looks like trash.
*A box fan in front of a bucket of ice. It blows the evaporating cold air from the ice, into the room.
*Keep whatever drapes you have up now, closed tight.
*Leave all your windows open at night (very dangerous. Only do this if you REALLY trust the neighborhood you live in.) And then close them right when you get up in the morning.
*And, as basements tend to be cooler, if you have one, go there. I have a split level and it’s 20 degrees cooler downstairs then it is up.

Good luck. My air conditioner broke last year during the heat wave…I’ve been there.

Charles asks…

What’s the best time of year to find a cheap apartment in Portland, Oregon?

I’m moving to Portland, Oregon sometime soon and I have a lot of freedom as to when exactly I’m going to move. I was wondering, then, if there’s a time of year where there are more apartments on the market. Maybe during the middle of or right after a college semester or something like that.

Administrator answers:

You will be able to find affordable apartments throughout the entire year. My husband owns several apartment buildings throughout California, Usually we run specials every other month. And with the variety of apartments in your town, you will find an amazing deal. Just take a few days out of your hectic life and search around. You will eventually find an apartment that is right for you.
Always ask about month to month, it may cost ten dollars more per month, but when you are looking for a quick escape this will come in very handy!

Good luck to you and all that comes your way!

Betty asks…

In the show the Big Bang Theory how much do you think a physicist like Sheldon makes a year?

A senior physics researcher at Caltech I’d guess he makes enough not to need a room mate or a cheap apartment for that matter. But on average how much do those guys make in real life.

Administrator answers:

He’s not a senior physics researcher. I think he’s supposed to be a postdoc, which would be a salary of $40,000-ish. The lifestyle depiction is reasonably accurate, then, especially given the cost of housing in California.

Paul asks…

What apartments in California do beginning actors move to?

I am looking for the apartment that Ryan Seacrest moved into when he was first starting out; because I remember hearing that a lot of actors moved there and it was a place for new talent to move to.

Administrator answers:

Cheap ones

Ken asks…

Would it be cheaper to have a wedding dinner and party at the club house where I live or have it at a banquet?

I live at a beautiful apartment complex in California. They have a beautiful decorated club house that I could rent and have my weeding dinner and party. I am inviting only 40 people only. If I do it myself, I would have to rent equipment, hire servers, bartenders, DJ and cater the food. At banquet facilities, restaurant or hotels. They are expensive and require 20% gratuity.

Administrator answers:

Start pricing it out. Find out how much it would cost to rent the clubhouse then all the additional stuff. Then find out how much it would cost to do the same at a banquet hall.

Im thinking over all you are probably better off at the club house since you already live near enough to it that it would either be free or really cheap to rent, and you probably wouldnt need all the space that a banquet hall has if your only inviting fourty people.

Perhaps also consider sticking to appitizers instead of a full meal, that cuts way down on catering costs. Like, definatly get enough to feed everyone but just have a meal of appitizers instead of a full meal.

If any of your friends are handy with a sewing machine perhaps they could make tablecloths rather than you having to rent them from the caterer?

Craft stores have loads of great ideas for making centerpieces that dont cost a lot but look like they cost a lot more. If you dont mind doing a bit of handy work perhaps you and your future spouse could whip up centerpieces on your own and save some $?

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