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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

April 2, 2013

Mark asks…

How much would it cost to live in Santa Barbara,California?

I might have a full time job coming in from there and I am thinking of taking it up,I am trying to find how much I might have to ask in the salary negotiations to determine how much is a decent salary to live a comfortable life style ( I’ll be renting an apartment) and trying to live within commuting distance (by bus)

Any inputs would be really helpful


Administrator answers:

= $20,000 is a decent start, but Santa Barbara is not on the cheaper ends of cities in Cali so make sure you have a good job secured before you move. Public transit is pretty decent. Depending on where you are, you may not even need to worry about that a lot.

Susan asks…

How much should an apartment in Northern California cost? (Or a room with a room mate) ?

Any ideas , roughly on what the cost is ?
And also what is an area in Northern Ca, that is near other things, like not in a complete deserted desert ?

Administrator answers:

That all depends on what kind of area you’d like to live in…. The Bay area is considered Northern Cali and it’ll have the most to do out of all North California areas but there’s also Redding which is just under the mountains in North Cali and it’s nice and warm there I like it….

But see in the bay it’s kind of expensive…. Apartments r usually between 800-4,000 the further east u go the cheaper though… U can find like 600-1,200…. I’m not positive of the prices in Redding but I’m assuming less then the bay…. and I beleive both have searching where you can check for prices and roomate as well…. Good Luck!

Thomas asks…

can you sue an owner of an apartment for doing work on the home himself instead of hiring a professional?

Our owner in Pasadena California, keeps trying to fix the sink and shower tub so it doesnt clog up anymore, but it keeps breaing down three days later. He’s being cheap when he can hire a professional to do the job. He also ignores our calls when we tell them the sink and shower arent working.
aint it against the law for owners to do the job themselves instead of hiring a professional. can we sue him? or get him arrested?

Administrator answers:

It’s not against the law for him to do the work him self, since he has the right to be able to do so.

However if he keeps doing as you say that he is, and it keeps occurring you may be able to request that he hires a plumber to do the work.

I would tell him the next time that this happens that if the job isn’t done right that you are going to hire a plumber your self to do the job. Be respectful when you let him know this, also let him know that this is becoming an inconvenience to you and that you shouldn’t have to live like this. Where it is an on going situation where your lives are being disrupted every time he does the work and it fails to fix the problem.

Look in your phone book in the front part and see if there is a legal service that you can call. I live in San Diego, Ca and in the front part of our phone book there is a service (legal) that tenants can call and get information/help free. You should be able to find out exactly what you can do to stop this from happening to you.

You may as I said be able to hire a plumber and have the work done right the first time to be able to stop being unconvinced by this. Make sure that you make a copy of the receipt to be able to present to him for him to pay you back. The legal service may advise you to have the work done and then present him with the bill along with your rent money that has been reduced by the amount charged for the plumber.

Please check with the legal service first before doing this, they will advise you as to the proper proceedure. Please make sure that you make a copy of the plumbers bill, and keep the original for your records.

Carol asks…

Is it possible to use a portable solar device to put electricity into my house via plugs?

I live in an apartment that has a small South facing porch, in Southern California. I’d like to use solar to decrease my monthly electric bill. Without buying a rooftop system (it’s not my roof, it must be portable), what can I get to plug into my existing sockets, to decrease my monthly electricity bill? (I already buy carbon credits and have special plugs to reduce drain from energy vampires).

Administrator answers:

Hey Socal, it’s always good to hear someone is interested in going solar. In your situation, you don’t have a lot of options, but it is possible to do it. What you need is called a microsine inverter. For several years Trace Engineering built one called the MS100, also referred to as the OK4U inverter. It is very small, can convert up to 100 watts of solar power into household AC and basically dump it right into your homes existing wiring. They stopped making them a few years ago, but I have seen them at resale websites like Ebay and Alt E Store on line. In fact, lots of them are sold already attached to a properly sized panel. They are not cheap, you might spend close to $1000 to get a slightly used set with the inverter already installed on the panel that puts out 100 watts or so.

There is another company called Enphase making them in Europe. They work just like the Trace unit, except they are set up for 240 VAC, like most of Europe is. Some installers are putting them into homes here in the US and have had good luck with them. They have a 15 year warranty, and most of the panels for sale today have warranties that run much longer than that. You can search for Enphase inverters online, or look for a used Trace unit at a resale website.

A couple words of caution. First, if you’ve not had any experience with solar electric panels, or PV, they have to be completely exposed to the sun. If you have a small shaded area, like from a rail on your balcony, the entire panels output is compromised. We learned this the hard way when we converted our home over to solar power years ago. It’s all working fine now. So that panel has to be on the outside of any rails, planters, laundry and so on to work. Secondly, these microsine inverters are designed to tie to the existing grid power, which means they have to have an AC signal to operate. If the power goes out in your building, the panel and inverter will shut down too, so you won’t have backup power from your panel during a power outage.

Another option is to build up a small panel/inverter/battery system like we did years ago. You can start with one small panel, say 50 watts or so, a couple golf cart batteries and a small inverter from the autoparts store. Go to Home Power Magazines website at and use their search engine to look for an article called, “Starting with the small system first.” It was an article that featured the system we originally put into our home 10 years ago. You might have to subscribe to use their search engine.

I suggest doing some research online and shopping around a bit before you make any decisions. You might decide not to get involved at all, and that’s fine, but at least you will be well informed. I’ll include some places to search for more info below. Good luck, and take care, Rudydoo

Jenny asks…

Where in California is a county to reside right by a beach?

I’m moving to California from Mississippi and know nothing of the place. I want to move somewhere close to the beach, as in I walk outside and I can almost see it, probably walk there. I’ve been doing some research but it looks like I need to take a visit out there myself.

Also, I was thinking Florida and that made me realize that i just want to be around a beach. Any suggestions on the best places to move to with beaches? That are fairly cheap as well.

Administrator answers:

I hope you have a very good job and lots of money. Living that close to the beach is EXPENSIVE. A decent 1BR apartment in a decent (not great) area runs about $1200. A beachfront apartment is twice that. We get a lot of people who want to live by the beach, only to find out they cannot afford it.

As for Rex, he knows nothing about the US, particularly California, and is still angry at the fact that he was deported. That, and his small pecker.

Check out for price and safety maps of LA County. Orange County is even a bit nicer, but even more expensive.

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