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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

April 9, 2013

Ken asks…

What is the minimum amount of an electricity bill in California?

I just moved into my first one bedroom apartment and I have no idea what to expect. What is the cheapest your electricity bill has been?
umm yea if u would have read the question u would see that I mentioned how big the place is and I asked “whats the cheapest YOURS has ever been” Geesh

Administrator answers:

That would ovbiously depend on how much you use and how big the place is is stove is electric or gas, if you have central heating & air, or a gas furnace and what electric co. You end up with.

Ok, if you have Southern California Edison, they bill you monthly and I’m sure your landlord covers water, etc., it should run you about $ 27.00 / mo if you arent home much during the day and if you turn off the lights always when not in use, and if you keep your thermostat at 78 degrees during summer and during winter about 70 and put on extra blankets, jackets, and heat one room at a time from time to time, but it’ll be slightly higher then, if you get DWP they bill you every 2 months. If you really take care of your electricity, it should be even less, my bill came in at $ 34.00 and I have a 2 + 2 I work out of my home but do all the things I mentioned, my place stays very cool during summer, but it’s very cold during fall and winter.

Thomas asks…

How do you mail a package?

I feel stupid for asking this but I’ve never mailed anything in my life. I want to send some treats to someone in Washington (the state; I live in California). What do I do first? I know I need a box and a shipping label but how should I send it? Is FedEx, UPS, or USPS the best way to go? Or can I just drop it off in a local mailbox (it’s my understanding that I can do this if my package is less than 16 oz)? I have zero idea what to do at all so please help!

Administrator answers:

Kim’s answer is overkill if this is a low-value item & that someone in WA lives in a safe area or has a front desk/ doorman that accepts parcels for apartment buildings. Signature~required confirmation is for something like a wedding ring or $1000 laptop computer

USPS priority mail boxes are your best option if the recipient lives in a safe area (low risk of thieves stealing packages) & you still want tracking info. Standard Post if you have your own box and y

flat rate or actual rate is up to you. I’ll plug in links

cheaper than FedEx or UPS ~for small boxes~ in that area of the delivery services (they also have cost and transit time calculators to shop around & confirm that they’re more expensive)

Nancy asks…

Is San Pedro California a nice area to live in?

I’m searching craigslist for apartment and came across some really cheap ones located here. Help?

Administrator answers:

San Pedro is hundreds of miles from SF. It’s in LA County.

Mark asks…

I want to move to California but not sure where to stay and the cost of living?

I live in Michigan I would like to move to california a little after fall this year. I would like some advice.

Administrator answers:


How old are you? Will you be attending college? Will you be alone or with husband/kids?

Are we talking houses or apartments? Renting or buying? is the best site to search for apartments. (and houses, and jobs, and furniture, and pets!!)…

All the apartments on sites like and are just going to be fancy apartments that can spend money on advertising.

The BEST thing about Los Angeles is that there are apartments EVERYWHERE. There are probably more apartments than houses! You just have to really look around.

If you are looking to buy a home I suggest you try and look into areas such as Palmdale and San Bernadino which are near Los Angeles and a bit cheaper. Oh Pomona is pretty cheap also.

Gas Prices
Currently $3.40 – $3.90

1 bedroom ranges from $700 – 1400 depending on area
2 bedroom ranges from $900 – 2200 depedning on area
Average 1 bedroom is probably $1100, average 2 bedroom probably $1500

Are suposed to be a little higher than average but I’m not really sure

HORRIBLE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE . Taking the bus is many times better – and cheaper. $52 bucks a month gets you unlimited rides. And if you are going to be at UCLA and on the Westside alot then another $60 for the Santa Monica bus. IF you have a car, parking at UCLA is alot. And of course gas and insurance both are terribly expensive out here.

I reccomend Glendale area. Glendale is a bit cheaper than the average but also very nice and very safe. Glendale / Burbank / Pasadena is the best area to live in with regards to both price and quality. Glendale has a local bus for a quarter, rent for 1 bedroom is $800-1000 with Pasadena and Burbank being about $900-1200.

Hollywood is nice if you want a bit more excitement and flavor. Hollywood ranges from really cheap to really expensive. North hollywood is really cheap $700 apartment.

Hundreds of clubs, bars, strip clubs, restaurants, malls, movie theatres, complexs, fairs, festivals, events, etc.etc. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to be bored in Los Angeles. Whatever type of person you are there is something for you. There are hundreds of different neighborhoods and they are all different in some way. Whatever race you are, whatever weird activities you like, whatever music you like – you will never feel weird or alone in Los Angeles. It is a very exciting place to live. BUT the right area can still be good for families. It is possible to raise good well-rounded kids here if you live in the right area and raise them right.

If you are young or going here for college or don’t have kids yet, you’ll LOVE it here. It is just a paradise to be young in Los Angeles.

The buses run everywhere so despite what you hear you don’t really need a car in L.A. It helps of course but it’s so expensive these days to drive that it’s nice to always have the bus there to fight traffic for you.

Jenny asks…

How much money do i need to move to California?

Hello i’m only 19 but i want to move to California within the next 2 years. I live in New Jersey atm and i was wondering how much money would i need to get started if i decided to move. I figured i’d need enough money to rent an apartment and have money to buy food for a few months until i can find a job that can pay the bills.

So what are we talking about? $10,000? $15,000?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where in CA you want to move. I can tell you that if you move tot he larger cities it will be easier for you to find a job. Sacramento housing is much cheaper than Los Angeles…it really just depends where

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