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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

April 11, 2013

Paul asks…

Can you become a successful actor from ohio or florida?

i live in england and love acting i want to make it my job i want to be noticed i cant really afford new york or l.a because its thousands of pounds just for a month(i would of lived their if there were apartments that were about 300-400$ a month) so i can move to florida or miami to become successful
p.s i have lots of training.
also how much would you say an 1 bedroom apartment costs for a month?

Administrator answers:

You wouldnt have to worry so much about your rent, as you would the travel time and money. If i were you, maybe not LA but try looking at places in California that are in the surrounding area, like a suburb. They should be cheaper. And it also depends on what job you have to support yourself while you are living there. Find a side job that might not make you happy but that you can handle and can pay your bills. Anyone can be successful. Its not where you live, its how you act…

Ken asks…

How much would it cost to live in a hotel in la?

I just moved to la for college & i was looking into apartments but they’re like really expensive even for small ones so i was wondering would it be cheaper if i just stayed in a hotel?
& no i am not going to live on campus.
living on campus is not an obvious answer.
im unable to due to other issues.
and money isnt really a huge problem i was just prefer to spend less.

Administrator answers:

Ahaha probably more than you make. I’ll give you an idea barely anyone even know about Arkansas. Here a decent hotel will run you $80 per NIGHT thats $540 per week just think of how much it will be in a well known place like la. Motels can be semi affordable once again this is Arkansas but Microtel is very good quality and only $160 per week but things are much more expensive in California. I would look at discount motels in Cali.

Susan asks…

I live in New Mexico and more than anything want to move to Southern California. Somewhere near the Seal beach?

I want to go to law school in California but curious if it is hard to find a good bar tending job in so cal. Also how is the pay/ tiPs compared to the cost of living. Any advice would help. Desperately seeking to leave the desert in my past and live the ocean life. Also, have kids and need to be in a good area for schools.

Administrator answers:

Like Mad Dog stated, the cost of living in Southern California is very expensive. You will not earn enough money working as a bar tender to afford to live here. Rent alone will run about $1500- $2000 a month for an apartment large enough for your family.

Another problem is that the Southern California area has a very high unemployment rate, and jobs are very hard to find. It could take you many months to find work, and during that time you would have to live off any savings you have.

Add to that going to law school as a non-resident will be very costly. You would be better served doing this in New Mexico where the tuition is cheaper.

Betty asks…

Is it cheaper to live on or off campus?

I am considering attending CSU Long Beach. In southern California, would it be cheaper to live in a dorm or in an apartment with a roommate or two?
I will be attending as an undergraduate, transferring as a junior.

Administrator answers:

It depends on how nice the on campus dorms are. Generally, they will be cheaper than getting your own apartment would be. Plus, utilities are usually included in the on campus housing cost. You should definitely live on campus, you’ll be more involved in campus life and won’t have to use your car so much (save on gas!).

Carol asks…

In your opinion, whats an appropriate age to leave your parents home?

Well, I’m 22 male still going to college and I should graduate spring 2013 semester but I still live at home. Would you consider this being a loser? I live in California and its super expensive to even move out but none the less what do you deem an appropriate age to leave and stay?

Administrator answers:

Well when you think of it it’s hard to live on your own. I look up apartments and they were like $700- 800 dollars per month. I would move out until I have a stable, well payed, full time job. Then I would move out my parents house, and who knows when what age that would be. If i had to guess I would say around somewhere in your twenties, when you are in your thirties you have got to move out. Maybe that includes moving to another state to find a cheaper place to live. Why are you going to move into a apartment that you could hardly afford,and work your tail off to keep and try to attend school on the side, work smarter not harder. Think about it, at home you are well feed, a place to sleep. It’s much cheaper to stay at home while you are in college, unless you are on campus, and you can save up for your first apartment.

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