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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

April 21, 2013

Maria asks…

I need help finding a cheap car and a cheap place to live?

My mother and I were sharing an apartment after I got sick and could not work any more, I have 2 small boys and had to get on State Aid to pay my part of the bills, now she has moved out and I cannot afford the bills on my own, I need to find a cheap car and a place to live for my sons and I. If any one has any suggestions I welcome them….I live in Tehachapi, California, I am willing to relocate.
my computer is a loaner from a friend and the internet is still in my mother’s name till she turns it off! I have no luxuries…. and I need a car to get to interviews, Doctor oppointments and to buy food for my children. Some of the people who are replying to this are really insincere!

Administrator answers:

You live in the Mojave Desert between Bakerfield and Lancaster/Palmdale. That is probably the cheapest place to live in California, it don’t get any better. Try other states.

Donald asks…

if you lived in California for the last 15 years and now have 3 children 3 and under where would you move to?

We are looking at Vegas, (its an easy move and cheaper than California). We are looking at New Jersey, or Pensyvania. (still cheaper than California and you can rent a place with applicances included on the east coast). We have looked already at Texas and didn’t like it for us, and Florida didn’t like either. What do you think between East Coast or Vegas, or would you just move from Southern California to Northern?

Administrator answers:

I like the east coast much better. The people aren’t as new age flaky or trendy or plastic or arrogant as the west coast. Vegas is a desert. I don’t like the desert. I like trees, life, waterfalls etc.

Virtually all apartments in the east come with appliances. I only rented houses out west. I didn’t realize that apartments didn’t have appliances. Are you telling me that college students buy stoves and refrigerators? That’s really weird to me.

Pennsylvania is a nice state and has some good scenery. Contrary to popular belief, parts of New Jersey are nice. Just like any state, part of them are the seventh pit of hell. My favorite states for scenery in the east in no particular order are…West Virginia, Virginia, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire. Cost of living…varies greatly within each state but Pittsburgh PA is about as cheap as it gets and it’s a very cool city with great apartments, nightlife, museums, schools and colleges and scenery.

Mandy asks…

How much room do you think 3 people need in a house in Los Angeles california?

I need help, any house suggestions in Los Angeles, me my friend, and a 9 month child are moving to Los Angeles. I need house suggestions, possibly sending links to houses. Cheap houses like 1,500 rent. 3 bedroom, 2 bathtooms. Job, and house suggestion thanks.

Administrator answers:

You’re not going to find a 3-bedroom house in LA for $1500. You’d be lucky to find a studio apartment for that, unless you’re in a really dangerous neighborhood. LA has just about the highest housing prices in the entire country.

And if you don’t already have jobs when you get there, no landlord will rent to you.

Laura asks…

Looking for good non expensive area in California to move to any ideas?

I’m planning to move to California with my friend and we are looking for an area that isn’t infested with crime that is near jobs dealing with gaming and environmental jobs that isn’t so expensive as well and by that I mean a two bedroom that is under or close to $1000. I know California isn’t cheap but these prices are ridiculous. Also anyone know of websites I can find for apartments?
My friend is looking for jobs in the gaming industry such as gaming apps for mobile devices and video games and I’m looking for a job dealing with soil sampling and plant research. I found one apartment in Oakland but I hear that’s not a great area.

Administrator answers:

When you say a job in gaming industry that sounds like working in a casino. If you mean designing applications that is the IT industry or web design. You should look in San Jose and you can live in Milpitas a small town near by that is cheaper or Morgan Hill which is nearby. There are many small towns in rural California but dont know where you can work except near Sacramento. There is a low cost areas like Redding but I dont know about jobs.

Betty asks…

how to move to California at 18 and become an actor?

i am 13 and live in nc .i would like to move to los angeles when i turn 18 . by that time i will have saved up about a thousand bucks and plan to get a job at target or something and i wanted to know cheap apartments for around 6-7 hundred dollars and how much other money i need to live . also is it easy to get on food stamps their. it is my dream to move their and if anybody knows any answers to my questions please answer then and please don’t bother if your going to give me stupid answers like this is not going to happen so give up . also my parents do not support the idea of me becoming an actor . if anyone also has any information on what to do for becoming an actor please tell me and thank you for whoever answers this

Administrator answers:

It’s very hard to predict your exact expenses in 5 years – so there’s no good way to answer some of your questions, but a thousand dollars will not last you long. You couldn’t find an apartment for 6-7 a month now (let alone in 5 years). Rent tends to start in the $1,000-$1100 range, and up (and again, it’ll be more in 5 years). And you’ll need triple that because to rent an apartment you’ll need first and last month’s rent as well as a security deposit. You HAVE to have a car in LA, especially if you want to get to auditions. The public transportation is not good – and that’s big added expense (with gas and insurance.) Right now you need at least $3,000 A MONTH to survive in LA in 5 years you’ll probably need $4,00-$5,000 a month.

A minimum wage job at Target will probably not cover all your expenses. And it will be a challenge to keep that job and still be able to do auditions and acting jobs (unless you have a very understanding boss who will let you cancel work on short notice). I suppose you could try to get the evening shift (since most auditions are during the day) – but that would still be a problem if you had a show or filming at night.

As for becoming a professional actor – that’s a business. It involves a lot more than just showing up at auditions. It’s more like starting your own company and you are the product you have to sell. It’ll be a big investment of time, effort and money. Professional head shots cost you hundreds of dollars. To work in TV/film you’ll need an acting reel and that can cost money. You’ll need money to pay for classes. Classes are important because they not only build your skills, but they’re a good way to start to make contacts in the industry (especially if you can get into classes with well-respected instructors). Networking is how you’re going to find a lot of opportunities.

And you won’t make a lot of money acting when you first start. You’ll need to take the low-to-no-pay acting jobs to get experience and network. But even for those the competition is stiff. For more professional work you need a talent agent, but you can’t just go and hire a talent agent. Legitimate agents are paid on commission – they get a percentage of what their clients make. Since they are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. And they can be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to be actors than there are roles. It is a huge challenge for a beginning actor to find an agent.

You’ll also need to understand actor unions, what they are and how they work. You’ll have to understand industry contracts, how the entire casting process works, how to find auditions without an agent, how to market yourself to talent agents and casting directors, how to do taxes as an actor and many other things.

Not saying that you can’t do it. But if you do, then do it smart! Thousands of kids run off to California to become actors with no clue as to what it takes. They get in trouble, fall for scams and ripoffs and never reach their dream. If this really is your dream then understand that it’ll be up to YOU to make it happen. No one is going to give it to you. Chances are you’re not going to be “discovered” or anything like that. Take the time now to build a great reputation locally as a talented and mature actor. Get experience and training. Maybe look into an acting school/program for after high school. It’s not required for a professional career, but like I said it helps build your skills and a way to make connections in the industry. And research the business end of things as well.

Good luck.

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