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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

April 26, 2013

Ken asks…

What kind of patio plants withstand harsh conditions?

I live in southern California, and my small bedroom patio faces a busy 6 lane street. I have some plants out there right now, but want to add to my collection.

My main reason to get more plants is to drown out some of the traffic noise, and keep more fresh air around. However, since the apartment faces a very busy street there is a lot of dust and soot that builds up on leaves.

My ideal plant would be something cheap, easy to maintain, bushy (for sound deflection), and tough to survive the rough conditions. Wouldn’t hurt if it looked good too:)

Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Bougainvillea is a good climbing plant–takes lot’s of heat, sun, and dry conditions (once established). Oleander would take similar conditions. Make sure you plant either of them in a very large tub for quickest growth. Few plants like much air pollution (and if soot builds up then you’ve got it bad), so give whatever you plant an good stiff spraying (with water) every so often to wash it off.

Thomas asks…

My friend & I want to move to the LA area in 1yr. How much money should we be prepared to bring each & such?

We are NOT trying to become actresses or famous in anyway. California is somewhere we would like to live together and we want to make sure when we move we aren’t going to fail and have to come back to Florida to our parents. Suggestions with moving our belongings would be helpful, too.


Administrator answers:

Here are some suggestions:

Plan on at least $5,000 for seed money. You will need to live for a month or two while you find a job, get settled, etc. Average rent for a 2BR in a decent neighborhood will be about $1600-$2000 per month. If it’s less, the area and/or apartment is very questionable.

You’ll need a car. Public transportation sucks here, and the area is spread out over hundreds of square miles.

Best thing is to line up a job first, then move to that area to minimize commute time. If you can’t do that, just get a place at Oakwood Apartments. There are several locations, and everybody seems to start out there.

As for moving your belongings: Don’t. Sell them, give them away, leave them in FL. It’s just a big pain to move it, and will add to your moving costs. It’s probably cheaper to buy some cheap furniture out here using the recycler. Just take what you can fit in your car.

Good Luck,

Paul asks…

What is the best and cheapest moving truck/van we can rent for a 1 bedroom apartment moving from FL to CA?

not sure which companies are reliable and we have limited funds to move. moving from central florida to southern california. opinions on rental equipment?

Administrator answers:

Uhaul, say just moving across town, turn it in in ca

Please give me the 10 points for best answer!!

William asks…

Where is the chapest place to live in california?

For my major Ill need to move to a city like NY or La or chicago. I’ll need an apartment. What are the cheapest ones? Im not concerned about luxery at this point

Administrator answers:

Where about in California?

Helen asks…

Do you agree that the environmentalist Nazis would ban any cheap energy, no matter how green it is?

If i invented a car engine that ran on air, and its exhaust was even cleaner air, they would ban it, because their REAL mission is population reduction, and less traffic, and more people packed on buses and trains and into high-rise apartments and OFF the countryside, OFF the suburbs, and OFF the freeways.
Do you agree or not?

Administrator answers:

“Do you agree that the environmentalist Nazis would ban any cheap energy, no matter how green it is?”

They’re really more like Marxists than Nazis. It’s a Malthusian philosophy that is opposed to economic growth. They disguise their opposition to growth by using more palatable terms… “Sustainable development”… “Steady state economy”… “Hope and change”… “Spread the wealth around”.

The Enviromarxists clearly oppose increasing the amount of energy available to our economy…

AMBOY, Calif. — Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in Congress on Monday to protect a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California by scuttling some 13 big solar plants and wind farms planned for the region.

Environmental groups plan to file suit in federal district court Friday arguing that the nation’s first offshore wind energy project, approved recently by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, violates the Endangered Species Act.

A rush to build environmentally friendly renewable energy in the windy, sunny Inland region has stirred up some unlikely foes: environmentalists.

They say the projects mean new transmission lines and towers across some of the very mountains and desert vistas people have fought to protect.

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