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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

May 2, 2013

Daniel asks…

How hard can it be to live out by yourself in california if you are 20?

I live in a suburb city in the south bay area in california.
im in college now, and will transfer to a University in a semester.
However, im starting to do early planning. I dont want to live in campus.
I researched the cost of living and it came out to be around $300-500 for just an apartment a month, then food about $50 a week.
Thats about $600 or a month.
Whats your all’s opinion?

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming the $300-500 is if you shared an apartment with other roommate(s). I don’t think you could find an apartment of your own for that cheap. $300/bedroom might be a little optimistic, too. I think $400-600 for a room in a shared house or apartment might be more accurate.
You also have to think about extra costs like utilities, health insurance, transportation (car, car insurance or bike or public transport), cell phone bill, cable tv and internet bill, going out with friends…
I think if you budgeted a minimum of $1000 a month, that might be more realistic.

Ken asks…

Where should a dancer live in LA California?

im currently in high school. im saving up. I’m a hip hop dancer. i take ballet, jazz, and hip hop. i want to know what areas are close to studios, auditions and just pretty places and fun things to do in free time, also cheap houses or rent. thanks!

Administrator answers:

Many unestablished young dancers who are new to LA live in North Hollywood where the rents are slightly more reasonable and to be in closer proximity to the top professional dance industry studios for training. Millennium, Debbie Reynolds and the Basement are in NoHo, and The Edge and the International Dance Academy are in Hollywood. Millennium is one of the best hip hop studios in the world with numerous professional dancers and choreographers as regular master class participants and instructors. This studio has been a launching pad for many dancers who’ve gone on tour with musicians like Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake, and where a lot of actor-dancers like Heather Morris (Glee) still dance. They give discounts for members of SAG / AFTRA, but a lot of their dancers aren’t professional yet. Many of their classes are open to the public.

Debbie Reynolds is also very renowned for its hip hop, and it’s had a strong reputation for decades. Their Hip Hop Intensive in the summer is amazing. The Edge has some of the top choreographers as well, and a lot of professional dancers. The Basement and the International Dance Academy have become increasingly popular in recent years.

If you can afford to do so, I would try to come out during the summer and go to one of the intensives where you are likely to meet and hopefully befriend other young dancers. You might be able to find someone else is moving around the same time and make plans to live together. It’s going to be very challenging for you to get an apartment right out of high school because you won’t have any credit history yet and you won’t have a steady income. You’ll probably need a parent or someone else who is a solid adult to co-sign for you.

What people have stated about the auditions being all over LA is actually false. You might drive to various points of LA for some, but most are actually in NoHo, Burbank, and Hollywood. Check out Backstage where a lot of audition info is posted.

You’re going to need to brace yourself for a lot of challenges. Some girls skyrocket their dance careers, and others have a hard time launching. You face a lot of competition, a lot of rejection, and a lot of expenses. If you’re exceptionally talented, extremely hardworking, and very lucky you might get into SAG-AFTRA where you’ll get much higher pay as a professional dancer. I got my SAG card as a kid just through being spotted by the right person at the time time, and my little sister had a similar start. Make sure you also research and understand the cons of joining a union. If this is something you’re passionate about doing, then give it a shot, but make sure you have a Plan B prepared to fall back on. No, most dancers don’t become strippers like someone else said, but many do back their bags and go home.

~ skylark

Michael asks…

Will a worm farm in the city attract rats?

Some volunteers built a small raised-bed garden for our low-income apartment building. The soil looks like pretty good sandy loam, at least a foot deep, but short on nutrients and with NO organic matter whatsoever, and NO worms (or any other living beasties, as far as I can tell.) We’ll buy some organic additives before we plant, but I would like to get some worms in as soon as possible. I’d like to set up a worm farm. but we already have trouble with rats, and we don’t want more!

What is the absolutely cheapest set-up for a worm bin, that will be secure from rats? Do you have a persuasive argument for keeping it inside, that would work on staff worried about hygiene and odor?

Administrator answers:

Worm boxes do not smell if you only include non-meat scraps in your box. Just include veggie scraps, coffee grinds, egg shells, paper napkins and towels, etc. After I dump my veggie scraps into my worm box, I cover the assortment (to keep out the flies) with straw (you could use newspaper) before I put on the lid .

For a cheap worm box, you could buy a plastic storage container with a lid (like from Target or Wal-Mart). Start out by filling it half full of newspaper torn in strips. Follow the instructions that come with your worms. My commercial worm box drains into another box where all the worm “pee” accumlates. I pour this onto my plants. If your box does not have holes in the bottom, then you will need to drain off this liquid from time to time to keep the worms from drowning!!

You could weigh down the lid with something heavy or cover the lid with chicken wire. I have mine out in my back yard. Even though we have rats and raccoons in our yard at night, they have never bothered my worm box.

I have my worm box outside under some trees all year round, but I live in Northern California. The box should not be in hot sun (you will cook the worms!) or in a place that freezes. Some people keep them in their garage or basement.

Good Luck!!

Lisa asks…

How much is the cost of living in California? I heard north was the cheapest place to live there.?

When i get 20 i want to move there because RN Nurses make 35-40 an hour and that’s what i am going to maybe i was thinking California living has a higher cost of living? Pleaseee helpp!

Administrator answers:

Well, the cost of living used to be lividly high. I mean a 1 bedroom home, say 600 sq ft would cost you 500,000 dollars. Compared to 48,000 in middle america. Right now it’s probably pretty choice. As home prices drop. But I would contact apartment managers and ask them prices. That is the best way to find out. Food is more expensive, but fresh fruits and veggies are cheaper. A few years ago, I would have said that you’re making a big mistake. Generally people out there make more money, but that is due to the high cost of living. North isn’t necessarily cheaper. San Francisco is not cheap. Depends on how big the town is and how popular it is. Fresno is decent and it is down south. You may want to fly out there and just see for yourself before you make any big decisions.

Where’re you from, cus there’s things like traffic, smog, and general human traffic (waiting for hours to pick up prescriptions – even after you call them in early… Lines everywhere… Waiting on hold on phones for hours for any local businesses….etc.), that you may want to consider. Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Can a minor rent an apartment with an adult for college?

I am a high school senior in California, and I plan on attending a UC. It would be a lot cheaper to live with my boyfriend in an apartment, since we’d both be going to college, both be receiving financial aid, both have student loans, both be able to work part-time, etc. He is 18 and I am 17. (He is going to turn 19 before the semester starts.)

With permission from my parents, of course, would this be legal? Would I run into any roadblocks? (please refrain from criticizing our relationship.)

Administrator answers:

You could just have him as the leaser, and you as someone who will be living there. Like parents who rent a house but have their minors live with them.

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