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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

May 16, 2013

Donna asks…

What are the most reasonable places to hold Sweet 16 parties?

I’m planning a sweet 16 party and want to be able to rent a place at a reasonable/cheap cost. it is in southern California.

Administrator answers:

Check out the places that hold wedding receptions. Other possibilities include the meeting place for a friends apartment or trailer park complex. You will have to expect to pay a few $ but the sweet sixteen is important.

Helen asks…

What makes an area expensive or cheap?

I was looking at places to live in California. One person told me, the cheaper it is, the more it has crime and ugliness, etc.

Is this true? So you have to pay more, to live in a nice area?

Administrator answers:

For the most part yes. I live in Tampa (one of the nicer sections of the city) and even though I got a good deal on my rent, most of the other apartments in the area I am in for a 1 bedroom go for 900 to over 1000 easily. It is beautiful here. Sidewalks are huge and well taken care of. Perfect for taking a walk, or even taking a bike ride!

Another area of town which is really bad – you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for about half that cost. However, that area is in the heart of the ghetto. Pawn shops all around, crime, businesses where you have to get buzzed into after a certain time, etc. I would not feel safe walking around there at night at all!

Mandy asks…

What is the cost of living in Granada, Spain?

Can 2 people live there on 1350EU per month? How cheap is it to rent a decent apartment in the old city?

I’ve been before and remember everything seemed pretty inexpensive. Is it still like that? Compare to cost of living in California, USA and Buenos Aries Argentina


Administrator answers:

You could live on 1350€ a month if you really had to. It really depends on what you require as a standard of living. Grenada city will be more expensive than in a village outside. I live just an hour away from Granada and I couldn’t live on 1350€ a month, and I own my own place.
I couldn’t compare living in Spain to the countries you mention, but I live well in Spain whereas I couldn’t in the UK.

Carol asks…

What are some safe, relatively inexpensive neighborhoods in Chicago?

I’d like to know which neighborhoods have rents that are inexpensive, at least by Chicago standards.

My only stipulations are:

A) I’d prefer not to get shot, mugged, or have my apartment broken into.

B) I have a car, so I would have to be able to park it somewhere. I don’t have much cash to pay for parking, and I’d rather not park a mile away from where I live.

Other than those two things, I’m not picky. I live in a small studio right now, and that’s probably what I’ll rent in Chicago too. If you could also give me a ballpark price range for how much I could expect to pay in the neighborhoods you suggest, that would be greatly appreciated too!


Administrator answers:

What you want is to be just outside the particularly nice areas, so that you’re in a safe area, but developing – one where parking is still relatively available.

So, where you might want to check is (in order of recommendation): Roscoe Village, on and near Roscoe Street around Damen; the South Loop, just south of the city (around Wabash and Roosevelt); the UIC area, around Taylor, Halsted and Roosevelt; Ukranian Village, around Ohio and Damen, just south of the popular Wicker Park; and Logan Square, on Logan Avenue, around California. Logan Square, I admit, does still have some crime problems, but it’s improving rapidly.

Rents in those areas will be less than the nearby Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Bucktown – a one bedroom will run you $800-$1000 a month or so in nearly all those neighborhoods, Logan Square a bit cheaper than the others.

Jenny asks…

My parents have to retire on $1800 social security only, but where in Northern California can they do so?

They’re healthy but too old to get hired (they’ve tried), so the major considerations are safety and cheap housing–any ideas would be appreciated. We’ve tried senior housing, but the waitlists are long and they need something asap.
if you don’t have an informative answer, do us all a favor and put on oven-mitts before posting here

Administrator answers:

Hi. I am in the bay area and a senior living on a small social security payment and nothing else. I couldnt get hired either. I have a Section 8 apartment. It would take years to get a voucher, so I can suggest they either move to a small town in rural California like Chico or Redding or Nevada City and pay $500 a month in a senior mobile home park, house or apartment, find an “affordable” senior 1-bdrm apartment for $1200, get on a waitlist for the low income senior apartments for $800 for 1-bdrm. I have checked all this out. If they are willing to leave California, Oregon is friendly and has good services and lower rents. I have spent time there too. You didnt say where you are located or where they are. That makes a difference in helping to answer your question. When you say Northern Cal that covers a vast area unless you know that Northern Cal means north of Santa Rosa.

Oven mitts?

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