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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

May 28, 2013

Paul asks…

Is it legal for a parent to throw out appartment application?

I’m 18 and live in California. the other day I stepped out for a few hours, and when I got home I found out that my mom threw away/destroyed the appartment application for my move out. Is it legal for her to go to such an extreme as to try and prevent my move out?

Administrator answers:

There is nothing illegal with what your mother did.

Having learnt (if you did not already know) that your mum does not want you to move out you need to be somewhat more circumspect about things like apartment applications etc.

You also need to talk to your mum about you moving out – do not accuse her of anything, don’t get angry and make your you listen to her and take in what she is saying.

Talk to her about why you want to / need to move out (make sure it is about you and not her). Ask her how she feels about you moving out and what concerns her. It may be that she just needs reassurance. If you really want / need this, then don’t back done but be aware of her needs and fears and try and alleviate them.

PS without knowing your reasons – be aware there are great advantages of living at home; cheaper, meals cooked for you, washing done …..
Maybe if she not giving you enough freedom or constraining you, you could compromise for now and see if she will give you more space and freedom and you don’t move out. Just an idea.

Remember in talking it is important to talk about how you feel, don’t attack the other person, give them room to move and try and find a win/win scenario. (I do acknowledge that sometimes a win/win is not possible but don’t burn any bridges).

Michael asks…

How do i Start a new life if i just leave the house?

Parents are doing the whole psychology thing with stressing me out so i focus on moving out.. I want to move out but i dont know what kind of housing options are available. Im thinking about California alot. How easy is it to just gather your things and just leave? where do i stay? im not crippled so i should be able to find a decent job.

Administrator answers:

Depending on what part of California you choose to live in you might be able to really afford if unless you have some money saved up. There are more things to consider beside just housing. I mean what do you want to do attend school? Some kindof training? Etc. Those activities also cost money. As for housing you can aim for a cheaper part of CA such as Sacramento region rather then more pricey areas such as the bay area and LA. An apartment in the Sacramento region can be as cheap as $500 a month for a 1bedroom while in the bay area it generally around $800+ for a 1 bedroom and similar in LA. If you can you try and look into and try to find housing that way. If you choose to rent from a homeowner and live in their additional units thats generally cheaper.

Sandra asks…

What town in the Central Valley should I move to?

I am going to be moving to the Central Valley from Boston, MA for a job that is located in Ripon, CA. I used to live in Davis, CA so I have an idea what the area is generally like, but I don’t know which town I should look for an apartment.
I will be moving with my boyfriend so we’ll be looking for a 1-2 bdrm in a relatively quiet neighborhood but we do like to go out so it would be nice if the area has decent restaurants etc.

It seems like housing is much cheaper in Modesto. But, is this town safe? would it be better to live in Ripon or Manteca?
What about towns north of Ripon such as Lodi? How is traffic in that area? Would it be better to live north of Ripon & drive south for a “reverse commute” ?(this is assuming that alot of people commute up to Sacramento) or vice versa?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I am definitely looking for a town w/ shopping/restaurants, I’d prefer not to live in a small farm town, even if modesto is a short ride away. Right now I’m leaning towards
Tracy because it seems to have alot to do, I’ve heard that it is safe, and it is not too far away. Plus, even though rent is more than some of the other towns, it is still ALOT less than what I’m paying now in Boston, and I will actually even be making more money than I am now.

What do you all think of Tracy? Safety? Commute? Any particular neighborhoods I should focus on?
Cyndee – I know that the area is not like Davis. The point I was making is that I used to live in Davis (I haven’t always been in Massachusetts) so I’ve driven through the Central Valley on many occasions and have been to Stockton/Modesto and know what the area is like.

Administrator answers:

Well, I guess I struck a few chords, unintentionally. Sorry to the person who answered first and I felt you might not know the area well because of your description. I didn’t mean to attack and realize the answer I gave did that. But I don’t want the person who asked the question to have a incomplete vision of the area asked about.

Davis is a unique town. That is all I meant by saying the others aren’t like Davis. It is a nice college town.

So.. Let me clarify, I have never lived in any of those towns but have been to them many times in my life. I live in the Northern Sacramento area, in a very nice community. What I see of California every day is beautiful country. I do not live in the farm towns, but see the beauty of them too. I know two men who are police officers in two separate Modesto area towns that I do not wish to name. I am aware of the crime in their areas. Drugs are everywhere, even in the nice community I live in. With drugs is crime. They have nice homes and families living in those local towns.
It is true, Modesto and Stockton are high on the state auto theft reports. It all depends on where you choose, which is why I say look around and you will find where you want to live.


You asked about Tracy. It too is a nice community. The freeway is close and you can get to just about anywhere you want to go from there. Cost of living is reasonable.

Enjoy your move out here, enjoy living here. I do.

I read the previous answer and honestly disagree. Has this person been to these communities? The most popular acurate tv station is KCRA3, but the newspaper mentioned isn’t the big newspaper. The most popular newspaper is the Sacramento Bee, and yes, is delivered here too.

I live in Northern California and only about an hour drive from the community you ask about. I have relatives who live in some of those towns. Sure there are disadvantaged areas in many communities, but this is a fact, where you are now too.

I will answer your questions with some facts I know from living here.

First… This entire area is nothing like Davis. Actually, nowhere in Northern California is like Davis.

-Ripon is a sweet little town, reasonable cost of living.
-Modesto is safe overall. It is a good sized town. Yes, there is a bad part of town, but more so there is a good part of town and nice areas. My friend works for the college there. She used to work for the city and before that at a hotel along the freeway. All have been safe places to work.
Tulare is nearby – Farming area – lots of fog.
-Atwater is nearby.. Another good neighbor area.
-Los Banos… Great little farming town with friendly people.
-Turlock has it’s downfalls, known overall as Tird-lock. It is a college town and a farming town.
More people commute down from Sacramento than up, but .. The freeway is packed bothways during rush hours.
-Manteca is good. Remember, much of this community is farming land and many of the residents are farm labor. Doesn’t make it bad, in fact some of these people are amongst the hardest workers you will find. These areas are not overridden with Gangs. I didn’t say there was no gangs, just not overridden.

Both a Highway and a Freeway run thru these areas.

Are you looking for a town with a mall or a small town?

Stockton has a bad reputation anymore. My father used to live there when I was in Jr. High. My step mom was General Manager at a big store in the Webberstown mall. But now, Stockton is being known for falling into repo from the mortgage crisis and gang issues. But it is a bigger city than the others you mention, and there are safe areas in town.

Don’t worry, you are moving to a good part of the state.
Yes, the income is lower. I think a huge part of this is because there is so much agriculture and farmhand labor. That type of labor does not draw huge wages. So the community has less income which forces lower paying jobs and housing.

Once you get here, you will find the housing area you are comfortable with. Just keep your eyes open, look at the neighborhood and you will see both the positive and negative features.

Susan asks…

Which is the most affordable college living experience?

I’m moving out of state (from Oregon to California) for college. Which is cheaper:
-Living in an apartment?
-Living in a dorm?
-Or living in a house?

I’d rather live alone than with a roommate. Do you think that’s a good or a bad idea?
My tuition is around $40k a year… going to a private college.

Administrator answers:

Living in a dorm would usually be expensive. If you can get a cheaper rent for an apartment near your school, that would help you stretch your budget. But if you really want to save more, get a someone you know and you feel comfortable living with to share the cost of the apartment.

John asks…

Help with privacy covering for balcony?

I am moving to an upstairs apartment with a fairly large balcony. The railing is very spaced and offers no privacy and I am interested in using bamboo to fill in the space between the railing but would also like some sort of lightweight straw matting that can be attached up top and hang down when I would like more added privacy. Is anyone familiar with such a product and the best place I can purchase it? I live in the Bay Area, California.
Thank you.
links to websites is helpful too!

Administrator answers:

The cheapest place I know to get roll up bamboo is large lengths is Cost Plus World Markets. And, they also carry straw matting that is weather proof and won’t mildew.

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