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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In California

October 10, 2012

Laura asks…

Which method is the cheapest to ship a Desktop w/ LCD monitor from California to Washington state?

Please tell me how much it might cost with packaging services to send it to an apartment in Washington state from California.

Administrator answers:

First things first! The best way is to package them in their original cartons and . . . You didn’t save them did you?

As to who to ship it with, you should be able to guesstimate the shipping cost by checking the websites of UPS, USPS, etc.. One caution, I know UPS will leave things on your front porch unless you specifically arrange otherwise. That may mean more money. The others may be the same way though.

Betty asks…

where should i move in California?

i need to find a CHEAP apartment to move into in california, i live in ohio right now, so i dont know anything about the cities there and stuff, help me outttt (:

Administrator answers:

I live in Norther California, and while many places are expensive, Orangeville is pretty cheep and it is safe because it is near many nicer towns.

Thomas asks…

I need help finding apartments in California!?

Well, i’m going to college at San Jose City College to play football. Coach was interested! So, i really wanna go but theres one thing holding back which is no apartment or DORMS!

So can someone please send me to a site that the apartments will be cheap cheap. Remember i’m going to be a full time student and football player.


Administrator answers:

Go on craigslist and find a room to rent from someone near the college

Lizzie asks…

I need an apartment in Atwater California fast!?

anyone know of some realllllly cheap places
much thanks for any ideas im moving from michigan to california so any ideas would be great! cheap cars cheap apartment everything
help me!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Http:// will be your friend in this situation. Good luck!

Linda asks…

Can 2 waitresses afford a $600-700 dollar apartment in california?

we will be moving to california and attending community college there and were looking to find cheap apartments but we also want to be in a safe area. we already have a car. We want to become waitresses when we move there so we can use the tip money too. will we afford to live together and pay 600-700 dollars on avg for rent plus other expenses?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you will be able to afford an apartment that costs that much as a waitress.

But finding a $600-$700 apartment in Southern California, the Bay Area, or Sacramento does not exist. In smaller communities in the middle of the desert or the central valley you might find an apt for that amount but it will be much harder to find a job, since they are small areas.

Are you also familiar with the cost of a California community college for non-residents? Out of state residents pay 3 times more expensive than instate students for the community college system. This varies by the specific school you want to attend but is close to $700 per class. ($225 per unit).

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