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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

November 7, 2012

Jenny asks…

about how much would it cost to BUY an apartment in queens or manhattan NY?

it has to be at least 3 bed rooms. Has to have a lot of space. and would it be cheaper to buy a house in queen instead?

Administrator answers:

The link below is a .pdf file, the “quarterly market report” from Citi Habitats, a real estate broker. It shows sale prices in the different parts of Manhattan:

While it varies widely between the different parts of the city, for three or more bedrooms the average is around $2 million.

Lizzie asks…

Expenses in New York?

I am from LA, planning to move to Manhattan New York or near there soon in the future. Are things more expensive there than they are in LA. How easy or hard is it to find a retail job for a 21 year old. Are apartments cheaper or are rooms to rent more affordable?


Administrator answers:

LA isn’t cheap, but Manhattan is more expensive. Tiny studio apartments in Manhattan start at around $1400-$1500.month plus utilities and that is just in limited areas. Expect to pay $1800 in most neighborhoods. You can save a lot by renting in one of the outer boroughs like Queens or Brooklyn. Rents start around $1k/month for something decent and a little less if you live in someone’s basement. The only real financial advantage you have here is that you don’t need a car like you do in LA. NYC public transportation is very accommodating, fairly economical (an unlimited monthly pass is just over $100) and makes getting around quite easy. Retail jobs usually have a high turnover, so you should be able to find one fairly easily, however – it will not pay enough on it’s own for you to survive, so you’ll need a second job or a roommate. That is unless you have a stunning resume and land a high end commission job. I would not recommend renting a room. You’re better off with a roommate(s),

Daniel asks…

Where can I buy cheap/discount paintings in Manhattan?

I am looking for art to fill my apartment – specifically paintings. Where are good retail outlets where I can buy nice framed prints of original art or reproductions of well known works?

Administrator answers:

One place you might want to try is at the Met on the weekends. 5th Ave is lined for blocks with folks selling all sorts of paintings at pretty reasonable prices. There are also a lot of folks selling photographs also. Columbus Circle also has sidewalk merchants on the weekend but you will not find as many as you will by the Met.

George asks…

Can anyone recommend nice, cheap and safe hostels in New York City (Manhattan)?

I’m going apartment hunting for a weekend in a few weeks and I need somewhere cheap and convenient to stay. I will be looking at apartments in the Greepoint/Williamsburg area and maybe in the East Village.

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Look on expedia, they have several for like $30 a night.

Fair warning though, its probably going to take you more than one weekend to find a place. Apartment hunting is kind of cut-throat here.

Ruth asks…

Can you recommend a Cheap Monthly Parking Garage in Queens or Manhattan?

I live in Manhattan near the N/R line. I can’t afford the city’s $500+ monthly parking rates. I’m looking for a place to park my car and then hop on the train back to my apartment in the city. So ideally, I don’t want to be to far in either direction of Queens or Manhattan. I must have a car for work purposes, so getting rid of the car is not an option. I need a covered space due to the winter snow (when it does show up) and the place has to be well lit and safe.

Administrator answers:

Go on the internet.

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