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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

November 24, 2012

Helen asks…

Questions about rent/cost of living in Manhattan?

- If you rent an apartment, what amenities do they usually provide included in your rent?
- Besides Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood, Hamilton Heights, and Uptown in general, what are the cheapest neighborhoods to rent from in Manhattan?
- Specifically describe the cost of living in Manhattan, both the pros and cons

Administrator answers:

Amenities will depend on building to building, i live in a building where electricity is included, heat hot water all that. Other people pay for electric, but not hot water, it really depends entirely on your building. Besides the areas you mentioned, upper upper east side, financial district and lower east side are cheapest.

Cost of living is high in manhattan no matter wher eyou live though, food at grocery stores is expensive, so is everything at cvs, if you are really worried about $$ but want to be near manhattan you should live in brooklyn or queens, in area like astoria, williamsburg, lic, fort greene that are right there and you can be in manttan in 10 minutes

Lizzie asks…

I Ran Away From Home As A Kid…?

…and it was the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.

Why does the government think they can just make harboring a runaway youth a serious crime. That law may be killing kids.

When I was 16 I ran away from a horrible home and traveled across the country to New York City with 500 bucks. Within a week I had a place to stay in a Long-Term Transitional Housing apartment for homeless teens. While there I got my GED at age 17, found a job, enrolled in CUNY community college in manhattan for 2 years. After finishing my first year of college I got my own cheap apartment, finished community college, got accepted and enrolled in Baruch College in manhattan, graduated there in 2 years. Then I got a job at The New Yorker, worked there for 4 years, then got a job at The New York Times, and I’ve been working my way up from there where now I’m a full time journalist for them. If I had never run away none of this would probably ever happen.

I’m not saying all kids should just run away, but sometimes its the best. Government needs to butt out of people’s lives.
@RaeCat13: Exactly!
@Poppy: Agreed.

Administrator answers:

Most kids story’s don’t go the way yours did and if you’ve been on the streets you know how tough it can be on a kid with no money shelter or food.Their purpose is to prevent people from using these kids or harming them surly you under stand that.

Mark asks…

I want to put my property management co. ads under apartment doors, in manhattan. What r my legal/other risks?

I have advertisement flyers promoting my new property management company and mentioning my company’s URL. I want to hire (Chinese) food delivery men to distribute these under the doors of the apartments they visit, so that residents may motivate their boards to choose my company instead of their current one. Regardless of whether this is a good and economical commercial strategy, I am curious what legal and other risks I am taking. Will the current property management company have good grounds to sue me for improper commercial solitication methods or some such thing? I am not trying to be cheap and avoid paying a lawyer — if you can direct me to the right lawyer or at least the right type of lawyer who can address these issues, I will appreciate that help as well. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Not sure of the legal issues here, but something tells me the building managers are not going to like you putting paper on their premises.

Also think about what this tells them about your new company. That you hired chinese delivery people to stuff flyers under doors. Thats ok for a take out menu, but not professional to get any property management business. Why not call some of the buildings and make appointments to introduce yourself and your company. It’ll come off professional. More so than flyers under a door.

Chris asks…

Typical Manhattan Apartment Rental Prices?

What are some cheap average rent prices for living in a small-medium 1 bedroom flat apartment, in New York, Manhattan – Places like Lincoln Central or Clinton?

Administrator answers:

$3,000 a day……i mean $3,000 a week….i mean $3,000 a month

Paul asks…

Is Bedford – Stuyvesant a dangerous area or a safe investment?

I was thinking of investing in an apartment or two in BedStuy, for the price of a cheap studio in Manhattan I can get a large 3 bedroom there but a lot of people tell me it is Dangerous. I have only lived in Manhattan a year and do not know the areas too well but I do want to invest in an apartment and i thought that was one of the cheapest areas that seemed ok when I walked around with my broker. Any ideas about this area or other suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Not a good area..but up and coming…in the next 10 years it will prob be trendy. They are moving all the “trash” out and replacing it with new condos and money making people;

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