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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

December 13, 2012

Sandra asks…

What borough is the best to live in for college students?

Hi !

Me and 2 other friends of mine, are currently in High School, we are going off to college next year. We need a cheap apartment but in a decent neighborhood to commute because room and board for our colleges are HELLA expensive. So I need people opinion as to …

What borough is the best to live in and what area?
Affordable decent areas for 2 bed room apartments?

Thank you!
You don’t have to be so rude. But yes, New York :) .

Administrator answers:

It would help if you named the city, but I’m guessing NY…. Sooo Brooklyn is right outside of Manhattan followed by Queens.
The Bronx has a rep. For being tough so I personally wouldn’t advise to rent their.

I don’t know about specific areas though :/
Hope this helps :)

Sandy asks…

How much do apartments usually cost in New York to rent?

Just a nice apartment with like 2 bedrooms kitchen bathroom loungroom kind of thing?
How much does it usually cost to rent?
Because i heard its like insanely expensive there.
But i’d love to move there in like 4 years or something.

Administrator answers:

In Manhattan, a two bedroom apartment with the amenities you described would be AT LEAST $3000 (and that’s a good price). In Brooklyn or Queens, you might be able to find something in areas like Midwood, Bayridge, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Forest Hills (Queens) etc., for around $1600-$2500 (depending on how close to the subway, how large, what’s close by, etc.). It’s not cheap to live here, but it’s insane in Manhattan.

George asks…

How much for 2 bedroom apartment in NYC?

An estimate price of a decent sized, 2-bedroom apartment in Manhattan?
Location: Anywhere in NYC

Deffinatly need an elevator, not bother about how many floors the building has.

Im willing to pay for a decent sized 2 bedroom apt, not a cramped compact box.. prices based on that information?

Administrator answers:

Most apt, will run you 1500 and up depends where you go, Bronx is cheaper than Manhattan so is Brooklyn, here is a link so you could get an idea of how much it is

Linda asks…

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in new york city?

I wanna rent an apartment there and was wondering how much it costs. Also, how much does renting one room cost?

Administrator answers:

Manhattan is really expensive
so maybe somewhere in brooklyn or queens
i live in queens and i pay 1100$ a month for 2 bedroom apartment
its not in apartment building i rent it from a homeowner/landlord

there are lots of nice places in brooklyn /queens like kew gardens,astoria, maspeth ,middle village
as for brooklyn right now im thinking about moving to williamsburg( somewhere near mccarren park ) apartment there arent cheap but they are not as expensvie as in manhattan

Chris asks…

What should i know about apartments in new york?

I would like to live in New York after I graduate and would like to know what kind of apartments to be looking for. I will be living with 2 friends and we will split the cost. What should I be looking for, and how much should I expect to pay?

Administrator answers:

Pillar, hi. This depends on several things. Will you be looking for a three-bedroom apt, or are you willing to double up or use the living room as a third bedroom? Do you want to be in Manhattan, or would Brooklyn or Queens be fine? And if Brooklyn or Queens, how long a commute to Manhattan would you be willing to have?

So…here are a bunch of rough rents for some of these possibilities. In Manhattan, excepting very uptown neighborhoods like Inwood and Washington Heights which are cheaper but also quite a trek, you can expect a three-bedroom to START at about $3500, and a two-bedroom to start at about $2800. They will go up from there. Far up, but I’m assuming your not looking on Park Avenue ;) .

In Brooklyn, which I know much better than Queens, in the hotter neighborhoods, a three-bedroom will start at about $3200, a two-bedroom at about $2500.

If you don’t mind somewhat further, but still nice neighborhoods, the price will drop a bit. Maybe to about $2800 for a 3, and $2000 for a 2.

If you’re willing to have a good hour of a commute to Manhattan, but still be in safe neighborhoods (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, for example), the prices will drop significantly. You could find a 3 for under under $2000, and a 2 for under $1500.

You also ask what should you be looking for. That’s hard to answer without knowing more about you. Do you want a smaller building, like a brownstone? Or something more modern, a larger apt. Building with an elevator? Do you want to be near clubs and restaurants? Or do you not mind being a little off the path?

If you’re not from the city, I very much recommend looking for a place with someone who has lived in NY for a while and looked once or twice for their own apartment. It’s pretty overwhelming the first time and even with the economy as it is now, it’s still a situation where you often have to make up your mind on the spot. Also, be prepared to pay a security fee (usually one month’s rent) plus first and sometimes last month’s rent. And, if you’re going thru an agent as opposed to directly thru landlords, you’ll be paying another fee, also I think usually about a month’s rent worth. All this to say: Do not move to NY without several thousand saved AND a job lined up. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a very stressful situation.

Best of luck to you.

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