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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

December 20, 2012

Nancy asks…

What is the best cordless phone for a New York City Apartment ?

I know 5.8 GHZ is the best frequency to get. Is there anyone out there who lives in Manhattan, that has a cordless phone that works well when pretty far from the base ? I think that if the phone has an antenna that helps as well, not sure.

Administrator answers:

Actually, I’d recommend a DECT 6.0 phone. The 6.0 isn’t a frequency but rather a standard that had been adopted in Europe some time ago but has just come to the US within the last couple of months. It runs on a new frequency band of 1.9GHz and what makes it different is that it’s completely digital, it’s completely interference free and it’s allocated more power to be used which results in better range. Every DECT phone utilizes frequency sharing techniques which not only checks for the clearest channel, but can tell when other phones/devices are using a channel with a “listen before transmit” feature built into every DECT phone. There are no analog phones or non-DECT 6.0 phones allowed on this new frequency band which makes it the best option. No longer can people’s cheap Wal-Mart phones mess you up ;-) 5.8GHz may not be fully utilized yet, but with the availability of cheap 5.8GHz analog phones hogging the spectrum and not incorporating modern frequency sharing anti-interference techniques, it will not be long before it becomes just as bad as 2.4GHz. DECT 6.0 is the way to go for range and to be impervious to interference.

Other nice features DECT 6.0 phones have is that you can associate the handsets to more than one base, and you can use more than one handset at a time on a single base.

Phone range really depends on the construction of the building but will go anywhere from 150 feet to 1500 feet depending. I’ve noticed some of the expensive commercial DECT 6.0 phones even have repeaters you can set up to extend the range. I think you should at least look into DECT 6.0 options available to you before setting your heart on a 5.8GHz phone.

Joseph asks…

Any Tips For Someone Moving To New York City?

I curently live in New Jersey.
I’m trying to move there to go to a really good culinary school.
I don’t make very much money right now so it’s kinda hard to save but I’m trying.
Is there a way to get an apartment without going threw a broker?
How much would rent be on a cheap apartment?
And do you think land loards would rent one out to a 21 year old?

Administrator answers:

Where in Jersey do you live? The commuting isn’t bad. You could be in mid Manhattan in less than half an hour, and the rent is a lot cheaper.

Maria asks…

How pricey is it living in NYC?

I’m not just going to up and move there. I’m going to college for a few years to be a paramedic or something similar. I know if I just go without a plan, I’ll probably end up homeless. What does a medical job pay on average? I know renting even a crappy apartment in Manhattan can be upwards of $2500 a month, so I’m prepared to live somewhere else, but close. I’m trying to remember thousands of people live there, so it can’t be impossible!

Administrator answers:

It’s possible to live there, just look around upper manhattan, where Columbia University is at, some of those apts are cheaper. You can also try to live with roomates in an apt and share rents. There is always a bargain in the many supermarkets, stores, etc, so you have to do the hunting. I was born and raised there and moved out of there in my 20′s. I loved it, I grew in character and always fastpaced in everything i do…I may have left New York, but New York City has never left in me. So many things to do, you’ll make it…

Linda asks…

What sort of salaries do the upper class people in Manhattan earn?

Im talking about the annual salary of the upper east side people who live in flashy apartments or townhouses and own mansions in the Hamptons. What sort of annual salary would they be earning? Please give an estimate amount and please just dont say a lot or too much! Thanks

Administrator answers:

The sort of people you’re describing would probably have income of >$1 million per year per family, whether it’s from *salary* or stock investments or selling real estate or interest off a massive inheritance or something else. That said, it’s not a simple thing to calculate; I would classify as “upper class” folks making a small fraction of that amount, and there are New Yorkers who own very fancy homes but have little income themselves, they just inherited the house(s) from someone who bought during an era when real estate was far cheaper.

Mary asks…

what is it like to be a college student at nyu? and maybe live on their own in a studio apartment?

Please im thinking of making a life changing disciton. i want to be a editor in cheif at 17 magazine. and go to nyu college. and live in a studio apartment. plus is it realy as fun as it looks on tv and the movies? plus any tips for decorating my new ny apartment?

Administrator answers:

NYU is in a nice part of Manhattan, with lots of good restaurants, bars, and other activities in the area. It is a good school, particularly if you’re going for Film or publishing, but all around it is a very good school. If you can go there, I say go for it.

Now for the tough part though – it is not cheap. It is actually going to be expensive. NYU is a private college and is very expensive in terms of tuition. If you get university housing (which there is not much of) it will be a bit cheaper. If you get a studio, as you’re hoping to do, then understand it will be a bare-bones minimum of $1500/month. Studio apartments in Manhattan can easily go over $2000 a month. This cost will be in addition to your tuition, fees, and food, not to mention your utilities like phone, electric, heat and hot water, cable, and internet.

When you see people doing this stuff on TV and in movies, remember that it IS TV and movies, and it’s not real life. They never show Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS working; they never show Sarah Jessica Parker scraping by and eating Ramen Noodles for a week because she can’t afford food if she wants to have electricity.

So, I’m saying that if you can get into NYU and can afford to go there and afford the rent of a studio apartment (i.e. You’re independently wealthy or your parents are wealthy) then definitely go for it. If you and your parents are not made of money, however, you may want to consider going to a state school where you are from and moving to NY after college and finding a job here. From that point you can work your way into 17 magazine or any other. By that time you may change your mind and want to work for a different magazine anyway.

Good luck in your decision making and in your future!

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