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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

April 8, 2013

Donald asks…

What is the best neighborhood to live in Brooklyn?

I want to move to Brooklyn, and I want to be close to the city, in a SAFE neighborhood that is both cost efficiant and a very hip/fun environment. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for safety, proximity to the city, and a fun environment, you should check out Cobble Hill or Carroll Gardens. There’s always a new restaurant or boutique opening. The other ‘plus’ is that there’s tree-lined and brownstone-lined streets with lots of parks, and so it’s very pleasant to be walking around on a nice day. However, it’s not cheap. A studio will run you around 1300, a one bedroom around 1700. The square footage though is typically larger than you’d get in Manhattan. You might get cheaper prices on the ‘borders’ of these areas, as you go a few blocks further east and west of the two main streets, Court St. And Smith St. Be warned though that you may feel less safe on those borders and it is further from the subway. You MAY be able to find something slightly cheaper in Park Slope, which is a little more ‘yuppy’ and about 3 stops further into Brooklyn. DUMBO is up-and-coming, though some parts are very unsafe, and Fort Greene appears to be on the up and coming as well, just use common sense if you check out apartments there and trust your instincts.

In general, Brooklyn Heights is the most expensive. Just south of that is Cobble Hill, which has a lot of young professionals and young families. That area is very well-maintained. A few blocks south of that is Carroll Gardens, which was historically an Italian-American section and there still are lots of bakeries and salumerias around. There’s lots of families who’ve lived in the area forever, and held onto their houses even when the neighborhood went through some rough times. In general, Carroll Gardens seems to have more working families, and there are subtle differences like the parks and sidewalks are not as well-maintained as in Cobble Hill but it is still incredibly safe and beautiful. To the east of the whole area is Boerum Hill and to the West is Columbia St. And Van brundt Street which are just beginning to be vitalized (and still have a long way to go…). Good luck and you will LOVE living in Brooklyn. I don’t miss Manhattan at all and once I got my Manhattan friends to visit me, they were sold on Brooklyn too!

Sandy asks…

What are some cheaper and safe areas to live in around lower Manhattan?

I just recently got a job in the Tribeca area and I’m looking to find an apartment that is in a safe neighborhood but within budget (around $1000 a month). I’m fine with going to Brooklyn or NJ, but the apartments I’ve seen recently were in really shady areas. I would like to use the subways or buses and keep my commute under 45 minutes. I don’t need anything fancy, a studio is fine, I just want to make sure it’s somewhere safe and close to work. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

In regards to the first answer… Soho and Chinatown are most definitely NOT possible in your budget. It’s pure insanity to think that they would be. Sheepshead Bay, while affordable, is about as far of a commute that there is in Brooklyn. Prospect Park and Flatbush are not very safe. I really wish people knew what they were talking about before throwing out answers.

Back to reality… Manhattan is completely out of your budget unless you get a roommate, and even then you’re cutting it close. I would recommend the following Brooklyn neighborhoods… Sunset Park, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Midwood. They all have studio apartments within your budget and are 45 minutes or less to Tribeca.

Robert asks…

Anyone know any websites where I can find a job in manhattan/bronx in order to afford an apt?

I am trying to find a well paying job that will at least get me a small studio in The Bronx. I have a job that pays about 7.50 an hour, and I am not saying that I am not grateful to have that job, but I want to see if there are other opportunities out there. Does anyone know of any websites where I can find a job that will AT LEAST get me a decent apartment? Please don’t be rude. All I am asking is if there is a website where I can go to so I can apply for a well paying job.

Administrator answers:

I am not trying to bust your bubble, but any job that pays a living wage will require experience and/or a college degree. If you have neither, you will have to work your way up in your current job. If there is no way of doing that where you work now, try for a job with a large Company or Franchise like Lowes, Burger King, FedEx where you can work your up to a managerial position. It doesn’t matter if you must start at minimum wage as long as you can move up the ranks and then use that experience to get better jobs.

New York Apartments, even Studios, are expensive. The cheapest studio I’ve seen the paper in the last 7 or 8 years was $500 a month. Also, be careful of Craig’s list listings. Do not go to see an apartment alone and be sure that you get a lease that will allow you to leave with 30 days notice. Take pictures when you move in and out, so you won’t be blamed for damage already in the apartment, which would give the landlord an excuse to keep your security deposit.

Maria asks…

Are the cheap rent parts of Manhattan well kept or are they similar to those of the 1970′s?

How nice are these apartments?

Administrator answers:

Cheap? What are talking about 2500 a month? Remember nothing is cheap in manhattan compared to staten island.

Helen asks…

How can I afford to go to New York?

I’m looking for some really good internships and most of them are based in New York, I have no connection and enough money to buy only a plane ticket there and some savings.

I know this question is very vague because it depends and mostly its about the money, but if you know any afforable student housing or shared apartments that are very safe and AFFORDABLE, tell me please! I really want this internship and am looking for a new experience for the summertime.

I’m working for my parents, but eventually i want to find another job before summer and save up. What are some things I need to know before flying out to New York for a job interview?

Administrator answers:

The Quakers actually run some sort of communal living apartments in Midtown Manhattan, where you pay cheap rent but you agree to help out with chores. I’ve been there once, to pick up a friend. Pretty nice place too. And no, you don’t have to be a Quaker to apply.

This was many years ago, so I’m wondering if it still exists. You’ll have to google it and do a little bit of research. I forgot the name.

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