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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

April 14, 2013

William asks…

Where can i find wallpapers for my room?

I wanted a nice theme to my room and it all starts with a nice wallpaper. I would enjoy like a seinfeld kind of theme with a picture of the monks cafe restaurant or jerry’s apartment on my wall or another theme might be cool like a nice sunset or a beach too or maybe even a nice view of a city like new york, thanks

Administrator answers:

I was looking for a wallpaper mural for my guest bedroom and have come across several that you may be interested in.

Since you said you might be interested in a New York cityscape, you might try checking this mural out. It’s a mural of the Manhattan bridge at night:

You could try and match the dark, warm plum colors or the deep blues on the adjoining walls (murals that are pasted against flat, white walls look a little out of place). You could also place floor to ceiling curtains (maybe rich velvet) on either side of the mural as if you were framing a window. Track lighting would look nice on the ceiling above it. I would opt for modern metal furniture or sleek, dark walnut and deep violet bedlinens. You want to match the colors in the mural.
Perhaps a tall artificial plant in a silver metal cannister on an opposite wall with a floor lamp behind it, directed upwards would be a nice balance (be careful of wattage and placement, you don’t want a fire hazard).

I also found a nice tropical sunset mural here:

I would suggest wicker furniture or something with warm natural tones. I would try and find some deep burnt orange bedlinens with some deep yellow pillows for contrast, and perhaps a nautical-inspired swag lamp for the corner for some mood lighting (like the ones that look like the old style buoys wrapped in fish netting). An artificial palm placed on the adjacent wall towards the left of the mural may help give it some depth.

I also found a very magical-looking forest mural here:

You could paint the walls a nice neutral creamy brown and use dark colored, rustic looking furniture and off-white linens. You could also find some exotic, lush fabrics to drape over the head of your bed or create a mock canopy for an old world gypsy feel. A swag lamp would look great with that, too. Something in a rich jeweltone.

Finally, there’s a nice bamboo forest wall mural that might appeal to you.


You can use the wicker or dark wood furniture idea, or go with something more exotic. I would go with dark wood and a striking deep gold comforter with naturally-colored accents. Keep it simple. You could drape muslin from the ceilings to give the appearance of camping out in the forest. The only drawback to draping fabric from the ceiling is that it tends to be a pain to dust. A rice paper lantern placed in a corner would be great mood lighting. If you don’t have wood floors, you could get a tatami mat to fill some space in the middle of the room. Don’t forget candles. Once the lights are out, they can help with the illusion of hanging out in the forest. Just don’t get too relaxed and doze off before putting them out!

I would look in your local classifieds for furniture and ebay is great for finding accessories. Try and buy pieces on the cheap then sand and stain them yourself if you can. Don’t forget to sand down the walls if they are textured. Put a dropcloth down to collect the dust. Applying wallpaper can be a bit tricky. Take your time and do it carefully.

You can also try checking out this link from HGTV about wallpaper and murals.


Hope this helps getting the creative juices flowing.

Mandy asks…

Moving to New York City and want to know were a good area for a gay couple to live might be?

My boyfriend and I are looking to move to New York in September for him to go to film school and looking at apartments i realize i have no idea what the the good areas are. I want somewhere that is gay friendly and/or more open minded.

Administrator answers:

If money is no object, look around the subway stops called
Astor Place (6 train), Christopher St/Sheridan Sq. (1 train),
or W.4th (at 6th Ave., lots of trains). In Manhattan. I like the East Village area a lot. Like perfect would be 10th St. Between 2nd and 3rd Aves. Or 9th or 7th St. Betw. 3rd and 2nd. Then the farther east you go, it gets slightly cheaper. Avenue A and 7th, 8th and 9th Streets are really hip. Greenwich Village is more expensive, and Chelsea (around 23rd St. Near 7th and 8th Aves.) is also very expensive. Very convenient would be Hoboken, NJ, on the PATH train, one stop from Christopher St.!
Park Slope in Brooklyn is nice, like near the subway stop at 7th Ave. And 9th St. Just west of Prospect Park. Brooklyn Heights is also really nice and has great views of downtown Manhattan; not far by train.
It’s very hard to find a good deal on an apartment in Manhattan!!! The Upper West Side near Central Park, like near the Natural History Museum at 81st St. Would also be nice., but pricy. There are a few Latin gay bars in Jackson Heights, Queens, near Roosevelt/Broadway subway stops (lots of trains).
Good luck!

Susan asks…

What is the cost of life on the Upper East Side?

Could anyone with experience in New York City tell me what the average cost of living on the upper east side would be?

It would be great if you could give me a break down of what you spend your money on. (:
I’m planning on moving there next fall to attend NYU.

What about Brooklyn as well?

Administrator answers:

It really depends, if you live in the Yorkville area, which is east of 3rd Avenue, typically between 72nd and 96th street, then rents are fairly reasonable by Manhattan standards. You could probably find something in the area for around $1200 a month, if you need it to be even cheaper that that, you are going to have to share with someone. Even at $1200 a month this is really the cheapest possible, and most apartments will run for for more than $2000 a month.

Other than rent, cost of living in New York is not particularly different from other American cities. There’s always going to be really expensive places to buy food and go out and party etc, but it’s not like all places are like that. You can find normal budget stores here, just like anywhere else.

Brooklyn is somewhat in the same price range as Yorkville, but if you compare dollar by dollar, you’d probably get a little bit larger apartment for the same price. Not sure how important than is, but each to their own.

That being said, both Upper East Side and Brooklyn are sort of annoying places to get to and from if you’re going to the NYU campus in the Village. On the east side, the subways are pretty bad, and Brooklyn is a fairly long commute.

If you can add some information about your budget, I could probably give you some better advice on where to look. Also which NYU campus you’re going to would be handy.

Btw, the NYU residence buildings are generally very nice, although they are not really any cheaper than market apartments.

Ruth asks…

What are good hotels around times square for a family of six with teenagers?

We need a middle-priced hotel close to everything. Anyother suggestions like restaurants would be a great help!

Administrator answers:

Hi. Before going to New York City, you’re going to have to check out the hotel reviews given by customers who have stayed at the hotel because alot of NYC hotels are deceiving. Go to trip advisor (click the link below because it directs you to the New York hotels) and you will get the real scoop on any hotel. But your best bet is to stay at a bed and breakfast in someone’s home, which is what my parents-in-law did when they first visited NYC and they really enjoyed their stay/trip. Bed and breakfasts hosts/owners are much more accomodating and their rooms are much more cheaper than the hotels because they include breakfast! Go to craigslist (the link below directs you directly to the NYC bed and breakfasts) and find which one fits your budget. Email the owners, tell them which dates you are planning to stay, ask lots of questions,ask for pictures, and remember to always go with your intuition!

PS. When searching through the bed and breakfasts, unless you know about the other NYC boroughs, only inquire about the Manhattan location listings! If you are not sure if the location is in Manhattan, ASK. Some listings are out of town also, so you don’t want to overlook that. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

PSS. I also know of someone that owns a guest house and an apartment in New York City that you can rent. The apartment includes a kitchen, washer/dryer, and has continental breakfast. It’s for $140 per night- it’s good if you have a big family or traveling in a group. You can email me at and I will give you his contact info. You can inquire his availability about the apartment just give your dates you plan on being in New York City. My parents in law stayed at one of his guest rooms when they first visited New York and they loved it! The apartment is located on the 2nd floor above the guest rooms.

Sandra asks…

I’m moving to cali sometime in July and I have no idea where to look for the best places for housing?

I am looking for something in LA or SFV and I need help in determining the safest areas that are not insanely warm or insanely expensive. I want to live somewhere where it has a younger crowd, but the most important thing is safety. Thank you all in advance!
Wow, could we be any more anal? I obviously am from out of town since I’m asking the best places to live in California and I’m sorry I don’t know your “terms” but again I’m from MD we call California Cali. And I don’t understand why LA is offensive because its just an abbreviation. I mean seriously take a chill pill
Oh and I’ll make sure to inform everyone that calls California Cali, how offensive it supposedly is to many people who live there. But, thanks to all who have been helpful, now I know where to get started!!!

Administrator answers:

We see this every day in this forum: Everyone wants to move here, and is looking for the “cheap, clean, and safe”. It’s all about supply and demand: If it’s in SoCal, then it’s not going to be cheap to begin with. If it’s clean and safe, then it’s more expensive. If you need good schools, add a couple hundred bucks a month on top of it.

If you want to live here and enjoy the weather, then you have to pay for it. You put up with the smog and the traffic, enjoy the weather and pay your rent or mortgage. My advice is to start checking out craigslist,, and if you are looking to rent. You’ll quickly see that the minimum rent for a non-war zone is about $1,000-$1,200 per month for a studio or 1BR. Really nice areas (like the West LA area) easily run $3,000 or more. Want to live near the beach? Expect to pay a premium. If you are going to live in the SFV, be prepared to deal with the heat. It’s HOT in the summer in the valley, about 10 degrees hotter than the parts of LA that are on the south side of the Hollywood Hills.

“LA” is such a big place, there are so many neighborhoods/cities where you can live. Of course, even within a city or neighborhood, there are safer sections and less-safe sections.

In Los Angeles, some nice sections are West LA, Brentwood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Eagle Rock, Encino, Tarzana, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Granada Hills, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, West Hills, Chatsworth.

Along the beach: Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rancho PV.

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