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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

April 18, 2013

Michael asks…

I want to move to a really cheap area of USA.. I was thinking Manhattan cuz there are cheap apts there?

so is Manhattan an actual island? or is it some sort of submarine craft? I need to know please help.

Administrator answers:

Manhattan is actually a Prison Island. By the time you get there and figure this out, it will be too late. That’s why apartments seem so cheap there. They do include room and board, but you can’t open the windows.

You may be able to get out, but only if Snake Plissken is available, and- frankly- he’s getting a little long in the tooth.

David asks…

How well can you live on minimum wage?

What I mean is, is it possible to live on minimum, have a semi decent place to live, a few luxuries in a safe area, if you live alone?

If not, what are some things you wouldn’t probably be able to have? I understand you wouldnt live like a celebrity, but is Minimum wage enough to live reasonably well on?

Administrator answers:

Not “reasonably well” by most people’s standards, but you could get by in many places (not in more expensive places). That wouldn’t even cover rent in Manhattan or San Francisco, but you could make do in small town middle America, some place where you could rent a decent apartment or even buy a modest house for $400 – $500 a month.

That assumes you enter the situation pretty much debt-free, or maybe with just a cheap car loan. Helps if your employer provides healthcare insurance (or you just do without), and you don’t mind eating a cheap high-carb diet featuring lots of rice and beans and 3-for-a-dollar frozen burritos.

If you were to deny yourself things that modern people consider basic staples — cable TV, Internet access, cell phones, a new SUV, going out a lot — it’s amazing how cheaply you can live.

Nancy asks…

What’s the best place to live in Boston, MA?

I want to live in Boston, MA. Only in the area where it populated since I’m not a suburb guy since I currently live in NY,NY.
Price shouldn’t be that bad since I’m paying 1,200+ for a studio in Manhattan.
So does anyone have some interesting place in Boston, MA where I should live in?
only looking for apt/condo for now since I’m 22 years old.

Administrator answers:

I feel like I’ve answered this question before, but Boston has some good apts/condos. They are usually expensive, but usually starts around $1,200 to over $10,000…. The Colonnade Residence is a luxury apartment which is in the $4,000′s. Also try Fenway Apartments. It’s expensive…but what do you expect?

For cheaper alternatives, suburbs might be the only cheaper places. Boston is expensive and most of the cheap apartments are either high crimes location or just plain ugly.

Laura asks…

What’s the difference between indie and hipster?

Administrator answers:

Indie is just short for independent. I like mostly indie music, which hipsters also would enjoy, yet I am not a hipster. A hipster is someone who goes all out, sells there tv, buys the cheapest apartment that manhattan has to offer just to say he lives there, and goes to a sixty thousand dollar a year school to major in something that will have zero benefit to him in his life.

Steven asks…

What’s life like in Astoria, Queens? Is there a lot of criminality? Are there any good places to stay?

I’m thinking of moving there for my job and I would really like to know. Only serious answers, please!

Administrator answers:

Astoria is probably the safest part of Queens. It’s a cutesy neighborhood with a lot of culture. You could live on the same block as Indian, Greek, and Dominican restaurants. The types of people who live there are college aged students and other people who like the neighbor-ly feel to the area, as well as the cheap prices.

Astoria is an up and coming neighborhood, so if you do want to live there, move soon while apartments are still cheap. My friend shares her apartment with 2 friends and they each pay $600 for a spacious apartment. It’s about a 15 minute ride in on the subway to Manhattan.

I’d say a drawback however, is that you’re not on the island, so you depend upon the subway to and from Manhattan. I like being able to walk home from work, shows, etc, so I’m not dependent upon the subway since I live in Manhattan. If I wanted to live in Queens, I would most certainly, without a doubt choose Astoria!

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