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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

June 14, 2013

Mark asks…

Internship at SPIN music, safest place to live in or around Manhattan Island New York?

I am from Ohio with an internship at a place in between Lower Manhattan and Central Park and don’t know a darn thing about living/culture/prices of NY. I’ve done researching but I’d like some more firsthand opinions. I would be okay with living off the island if it were cheaper and safer. It’s for about 3-4 months. Just wondering where the safest areas of New York around Manhattan are. Is it better to live in the Upper East Side, Lincoln Square, Hoboken, Theater District Times Square? North or south? Anything specific REALLY will help me out a whole lot. Thank you!
Okay SPIN’s address is 276 5th Ave., 7th Floor — New York, NY 10001, probably should’ve mentioned that. Google map it. I’d like to live close to that but safest/cheapest apartments are a first choice.
And no I probably couldn’t afford 2k for a place but I figured it wouldn’t hurt in asking. That’s why I’m asking if anybody knows of certain places that ARE cheaper. -.-

Administrator answers:

In between Lower Manhattan and Central Park doesn’t help us. If you give us details, we can reciprocate. Lower Manhattan is all the way South and Central Park is much further away, North. If you are commuting to Lower Manhattan every day, then Brooklyn would make sense, but if you are commuting near Central Park, then Queens would be a better option. You also don’t say if you’re going to be on the East or West side. Why don’t you just give us the address? Is Manhattan even a realistic option for you? Can you actually afford $1500-$2000 a month for a tiny place?


$1500-$1700 for a small studio WOULD be considered “cheaper” in Manhattan. The only other cheaper apartments IN Manhattan would be Uptown in some sketchy areas of Harlem or Morningside Heights or further north in Inwood. Even these would cost you $1300-$1400 for a shoebox that is on the far WEST side, almost 100 blocks north of SPIN, which is on the EAST side around 30th St. I highly recommend you look for something in western QUEENS. You can get something 3X the size for the same price or something small for much less than Manhattan. You’ll only be 15-30 minutes away depending on where in Queens you choose. It will actually take you just as long to commute from those cheaper parts of Manhattan than some parts of Queens. Try: Astoria (nicer parts a little expensive), Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, Woodside, Long Island City (nice parts a little expensive) or slightly east to Rego Park, Forest Hills (a little expensive) or Kew Gardens. All of these have access to the subway and 30 minutes or less into Midtown Manhattan.

Sharon asks…

Holiday in New York, October – any family accommodation recommendations?

We are coming over to New York in October and would like some accommodation recommendations – apartments or hotels of good quality, somewhere central. Got two children and want a treat.
Any Tips, info, good restaurants, things to do – anything New Yorkie?
Thanks Guys!

Administrator answers:

My friend, I hope this helped.


-Empire State Building
-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
-Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck
-Times Square (no trip is complete without a visit to the”Crossroads of the World”)
-Catch a Broadway show
-Lower Manhattan/Wall Street Area
-United Nations
-Central Park
-Brooklyn Bridge (you can walk across it too)
-Grand Central Terminal (largest railroad terminal in the country)
-A Ride on the Staten Island Ferry (its free and you can see the Statue of Liberty as the ferry crosses the harbor)
-Sightseeing tour on a Double Decker Bus
-Conference House (scene of the only Peace Conference during the Revolution, Lord Howe versus John Adams and Ben Franklin)
-Bronx Zoo/New York Botonical Garden
-Yankee Stadium (big year for the Yankess Baseball team. This will be the last year their playing at the Original Yankee Stadium)


-Museum Mile (Fifth Avenue from East 86 to East 103 Streets)
-Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space
-New Museum of Contemporary Art
-Madame Tussaud Wax Museum
-New York City Fire Museum
-New York City Police Museum
-Transit Museum
-Manhattan Children’s Museum
-Sony Wonder Technology Lab
-New York Hall of Science
-Bronx Museum of Art
-Brooklyn Museum
-Milk Gallery
-American Craft Museum
-Museum of American Folk Art
-Museum of the Moving Image
-Museum of Television and Radio
-The Municipal Art Society
-Jacques Marchais Tibetan Museum (only Tibetan museum in the USA)
-Alice Austen House (one of the first professional women photographers, many of her prints are on display, and her home had an absolutely unbelievable view of the harbor)
-Snug Harbor (nation’s first and only home for retired mariner, its now a museum complex)
Other Attractions


-Macy’s (West 34th Street and Broadway in the heart of Hearld Square)
-Bloomingdale’s (Lexington Avenue at East 59 and East 60 Streets)
-The shops along Fifth Avenue (just don’t max out you credit cards)
-FAO Schwarz
-Toys “R” Us in Times Square
-Lord and Taylor (5th Avenue at East 38th Street)
-Chinatown/Canal Street Area (if you want to go on the cheap for the stuff you can’t get on Fifth Avenue)
-NBA Store (for the basketball fan – 5th Avenue at East 52nd Street)
-The Apple Computer Store (East 59th Street and Fifth Avenue)
-The Time Warner Center (West 59th Street – Columbus Circle)
-Hershey Store (for those with a sweet tooth)
-Grand Central Terminal (for the shopping)
-Century 21 Department Store (Church and Cortlandt Street)
-forever 21
-Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave)


-Second Avenue Deli
-Carnegie Deli
-Stage Deli
-Junior’s Cheescake (home to their World Famous Cheesecake)
-Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Ken asks…

I want to move to NY, Manhattan. where do i start?

I’m 18 and work as an apprentice administrator for a construction company, this is NOT what i want to do in the long run! I want to be something successful enough to be well off in New York’s, Manhattan. I have always felt lost in anything I do, i want to be so many things, an interior designer, or a chef at one point but i still don’t know what i want to be just something to do with IT. can any one help?

Administrator answers:

My friend, my advice, don’t rent an apartment in Manhattan. Consider renting an apartment in the outer boroughs (i.e. Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island). You will find cheaper accommodation in the outer borough. Once you’re successful, you can then move to Manhattan.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Chris asks…

How much do houses cost in Japan?

I have a class project, and I have to find out how much housing will cost, and my fiance wants to move to Japan, so I thought I would keep to the plan. o_o Anyone know?

Administrator answers:

First off, they don’t cost MILLIONS of DOLLARS, Millions of YEN, which equals Thousdands when speaking in USD.

House prices depends on WHERE you are going to live. JUST LIKE IN THE USA. Buying a big place in New York City is almost impossible and will actually cost you MILLIONS of USD, however buying a house in a smaller town might only cost you a fraction of the price and the house might actually be very large.

Most of Tokyo’s population doesn’t live right in the busy districts like how most of New York City’s population doesn’t live in downtown Manhattan.

The further you go away from the city center the cheaper things become.

Tokyo isn’t the top of the list for most expensive city in the world to live in, it is behind Moscow, and Seoul ,South Korea.

Of course Japan is a smaller country with limited space, but it is still possible to get a house and not cost you Millions of American Dollars.

As I mentioned location has a lot to do with it, just like how location has a lot to do with housing prices in the USA:

For example, a 2 story house, in a suburb of a major city such as Tokyo or in a immediate surrounding prefecture, say not near the train station, but walkable or bikable to the train station can cost around 30 million JAPANESE yen, which is about 280,000 USD. I know people in the USA paying higher prices for their houses then that! Of course in Japan houses tend to be smaller, but it is a house non the less.

Now if someone wanted to live right in the middle of one of Tokyo’s major districts, then 280,000 USD or 30 Million USD would mean didly squat, you would proably find a very very small apartment if you can find anything at all.
But thats the same for New York City or any major city.

Maria asks…

How many usd does a decent-good apartment in manhattan cost?

not fifth avenue but in a good area

Administrator answers:

Depends on where… Uptown is cheaper than downtown yet still really nice.

If you go Upper West Side you can get a decent studio for $1800 and if you go to Morningside Heights you can get something around $1600. If you get a roommate you can significantly reduce your share by a few hundred for a bigger apartment.

Hope that helps!

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