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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Manhattan

June 21, 2013

Charles asks…

what will it approximatley cost me to live on my own?

I’m trying to make a budget so that when im 18 i can move into an apartment.I would like it if someone could give me an estimate for the things listed below…i would like it to come from someone who actually has had experience living on their own in an apartment with no roommates.

-cell phone
-& gas for transportation

all i am asking for is estimations per month.Thanks so much

Administrator answers:

You are trying to really make me work aren’t you you buster.
O.K. New york city rent 4,000 a month in Manhattan that’s cheap.
Better area of the bronx 2,000 to 2,500. Or more.
Long Island1500. To 1800. To 2500. A month
food is pretty close all over figure 25. A day if you buy carefully & prepare yourself.And that doesn’t cover wine or beer.
Water usually included, if a home figure 5. A week.
Cell cheap 25. A month.
Cable & internet average 65. A month if you u chose carefully.
Gas depends on M.P.G. & do you use a taxi or mass transit
low mass transit 42. A week train bus
gas 3.00 to 3.50 a gallon forget the price now it’s going to go up when they turn the screws on all of us.

Jenny asks…

Can I survive on 77k/year in NYC as a recent grad?

I have a job offer for 77k in Manhattan as a recent grad in finance. I want to live downtown and be able to go out/eat out. Is this enough or should I keep looking?

Administrator answers:

That’s a very good place to start, seeing that most American FAMILIES can live of that much, the average being around $66,000, and still have some time to buy clothes, cars, vacation, etc. SInce you’re living in NYC, a car isn’t the most vital source of transport, therefore you can probably buy a cheap one or live of bikes, buses, and subways. Find a nice apartment, you already have a stable job, and you’re pretty set. Just make sure you don’t settle for 77k/year. You can always do better.
My personal opinion, that’s a little low for me (190k/year) but you’ll work up to it eventually. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and you’ve already got a head start.

Richard asks…

What’s the average cost of living in New York City?

I would like to know the cost of things such as rent,electric bills, travel and food?

Administrator answers:

There is no right answer to this question. It varies a lot.

Rent can vary from $500/month if you live with roommates in a loft deep into Brooklyn (you’d be very lucky if you could even find something *that* cheap). It wouldn’t be pretty and you’d probably have rats living in your apartment.

Or you could spend $1 million/month in a penthouse overlooking Central Park. The sky is the limit.

The average 1 bedroom apartment in 2008 in Manhattan was around $2600/month. New York is one very expensive city!

Robert asks…

how much would i have to make to afford these apartments?

how much would i have to make a year if i wanted to afford an apartment in Manhattan that cost $ 2,375 or another that cost $3200?

Administrator answers:

At an absolutely minimum, $82,000 for the cheaper one and $112,000 for the more expensive one. More realistically, $114,000-153,000. You need to figure out a personal budget to know what you can comfortably afford and still contribute to your savings. These estimates are based on what a potential landlord would like to see.

Paul asks…

Good place to live in New Jersey close to Manhattan?

I want to move close to Manhattan for about $600 a month or less by myself, is that possible in New Jersey?
What are the closest cities to manhattan and how far and easy is it to get to the city?
I need a place close to supermarkets and stores.
I prefer a nice neighborhod with some bars


Administrator answers:

NJ is not cheap, but it will be cheaper to live here than it would be to live in NYC. Look into Sussex County, it’s actually pretty beautiful up there despite what people may think about NJ. Sussex County is nothing but farm land and parks! I recommend moving to Wantage or Branchville, which are two towns in Sussex County. In branchville, you are closer to supermarkets and stores (about 10-15 minutes) and you are also close to the city.. About an hour and 20 minute drive. Wantage is more of a family town, not sure if you can actually rent any places here, it’s mostly just neighborhoods for families, however Sussex (also in sussex county) has plenty of places you can rent (so does branchville) Sussex actually has tons of mini stores and places to eat and you can rent an apartment right on Maine Street in Sussex. You’ll be about an hour and a half away from the city in Sussex. Also, there are bars in Branchville and Sussex.

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