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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In New York

November 13, 2012

Linda asks…

What are some safe areas near New York City to move to that have cheap apartments?

I’m 18 and have around $4000 saved – which is my whole life savings basically. I just graduated high school, and I’m ready to get the hell out of my house. All my parents do is fight with me, I’m sick of them.

I already moved out of my house, I’m staying at a friends house. I’m working full time at the moment at a minimum wage job right now.

I plan on moving to New York City this June, and I’m saving all I can right now. I have enough money to last me about 3 months? I want to spend the MOST $900 on an apartment a month. I’m going to look for a job waitressing. And, if I don’t find a job in those three months and be able to support myself, back to my parent’s house I go.

Administrator answers:

I think you need to find a place other than NYC to move too. 900 would hardly get you in a roommate situation and jobs in NYC are not that great.

Where do you live now (I mean state – I know you live at home) are there large cities there where you could work? If you can’t find a job you will find $4000 will go very quickly.

Steven asks…

Apartments for rent in New York City?

I am wanting to move to NYC but I need an apartment. Do you know how much they cost, where the cheapest place to get one is, and a website to find listings? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

My friend, may I recommend the link below. It will give you all the information you need to know about apartment hunting in New York City.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Ruth asks…

Where is the cheapest or affordable place to live in new York city?

I just want to know the most affordable place to live omen new York city area? I live in suffolk county right now. I’m renting an apartment for 800 dollars a month not excluding electric and amenities. I am just curious I just want to see what affordable and maybe could move in that area

Administrator answers:

Try Street Easy, they have listings for places for less than $1000.00 per month. However, you should check to see if utilities are included.

Good luck

Mary asks…

How do I Find the Cheapest Condo in New York?

Hi! I am a 15 year old emerging artist, and I am doing many summer jobs etc. to prepare for when I am 18. When I’m 18, I plan to move to New York, and basically be able to start paying off a Condo (not an apartment, because I’ve heard apartments are never good). I have tried Zillow and other real estate websites, and tried to put in “min. prices” but those prices are always for the min. price to pay per month. I want to have about 10,000 dollars by the time I’m 18 (through working), and I hope to find a small, 1 room Condo that I can start living in (And paying off).

How Do I use these complicated real estate sites?

How much are the cheapest Condo’s in New York (Any part of New York, including rougher areas)?

How much of the Condo do you have to pay off at the beginning (~10%?)?

Thanks! Any help would literally be life changing! :)


Administrator answers:

You might find a co-op in NY but not a condo that you could afford. You can try this R.E. Company.


Charles asks…

Has anyone ever used Trip advisor to rent a vacation apartment in New York City?

I’m planning a vacation there sometime in end of June or early July and noticed it may be cheaper to rent one of those vacation apartments for a few nts rather spend so much on a hotel room. But since I’m such a skeptical person I would apprecaite any feedback if those places are legit or just out to take my money. It’s tough to choose since there aren’t too many reviews for the places. HELP! :) Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Trip Advisor actually goes through 3rd party sites like Expedia, which I have used before and is very reliable. Trip Advisor also has great reviews of many hotels, better than those on sites like expedia (because they just want you to buy into what they are selling).

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