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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In New York

November 27, 2012

William asks…

Who can give me advice on moving to New York?

I need to know roughly how much it is for an apartment in New York, not necessarily in Manhattan, I need to know where the cheaper stuff is. Any good, real websites would be greatly appreciated.
I live in the UK and want to move there in a few years but I need a rough guide as to how much I need to save. If the amounts could be in GBP as well, that would be great. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Apartments really can range in price. They are cheaper outside of Manhatten and even cheaper again if you move to the Jersey suburbs. It all depends if you want to rent a room or your own apartment. There is a website in the USA called Craigs List. They have apartment listing and forums where you can ask questions about specific areas. Here is the link for the New York site.


I am from Northern Ireland and when I moved to New York I lived in an ‘irish area’ in the Bronx….its basically a whole area which is just populated by Irish immigrants called Woodlawn. It may be that there is a similar area for English/Welsh/Scottish. Try and locate it if there is becasue it really does make life easier. When I got to Woodlawn there were notice boards in stores and cafe’s with apartments for rent/share etc and you had the confidence in that you were in a good area.

A good website for you to look at would be Locate the USA forum and ask questions in there. You should get some good response from people like yourself who have done a similar move from the UK to the USA.

Good luck

Mary asks…

How do people afford to live in New York city if they make minimum wage?

I don’t get it, doesn’t someone pay for their apartments? I heard like the cheapest apartments are like 3000 dollars a month

Administrator answers:

1) were forced to live with other family members
2) we qualify for food stamps
3) we live in “rent control” apartments
4) a thrift shop is our favorite shop
5) its a sucky life, but we manage

Carol asks…

Rentals that are SAFE cheap and close to New York City?

is there any cheap apartments or anything in a safe area thats near the city?

Administrator answers:

Yeah. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny live there.

James asks…

Studio Apartments in New York?

I’m going to college soon (still in high school..) I need to know if they’re safe, cheapest where 9in and out of NY,) not to small as well. I searched up some ideas online how I can make it seem bigger but they still look smaller then my room (my parents pay for it through, I share with my cousin and it seems SMALL to me so you get it. It’ two rooms through with an office, living room not to small, two bathrooms and a balcony. A LOT of money I know! I used to have my own room but my cousin moved in…) also where are they the CHEAPEST? I’m going to be studying computer designs and don’t want to worry about money and also studying other stuff that has to do with art. Any help? Please no B.S I have two more years of high school left and just want to make it. I’ve loved the arts all my life and my parents (even through they drive me CRAZY) for putting me through art classes on the weekends!
My cousins only 17 and her family went through something I shouldn’t say….shes been through a lot and needs help and the worse part it wasn’t even her fault! Shes not cheap or anything, shes working even harder then me to get a good college so no!
thanks but we’re not sharing the same apartment or going to the same colleges. She wants to be a cop but still study other stuff. I’m thinking of leaving the country because I have a lot of family in France plus my parents said they’re moving back there, good colleges.

Administrator answers:

Trust me, it’s not worth it to get an apartment right when you start college. I’m in college in nyc right now and I’m glad I dormed the first year. Plus, studio apartments are hardly livable for 2 people because it’s just a living/bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Tiny. And anything you can afford with be way too small- especially considering that you didn’t like sharing your room because of the space.

Michael asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in new york city ?

I want to live in a cheap but nice apartment when i turn 18-19 And move to new york, But new york is so high priced with stuffed idk i should. So i just want a little help in experts that know a little something. And some details ! Thanks

Administrator answers:

In the Bronx you can find apartments for 900 a month plus utilities. You will not find cheaper then that.

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