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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In New York

July 5, 2012

Charles asks…

where can i find low price cheap apartments in new york?

in staten island,

Administrator answers:

If you are on low budget you better search for roommates at craigslist rooms& shares section:
however if you wish to live independently and your budget is slightly above 1K per month you can check this one:

listed all apts Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island with rent below $1,500. Actually there are few apts for around 1000.

Jenny asks…

Where can i find a cheap apartment in new york city thats not in a bad area?

Iam a 17 year old high school graduate who wants to move to new york from virginia to start a modeling career but before i make the move i want to find me a cheap apartment and a job where and how do i go about doing this i want to move in may a couple of weeks after i turn 18 i dont want to end up in a bad situation up thier so where do i turn please help me also i want to move to get away from my mom.

Administrator answers:

New York has a high cost of living, and its not the easiest thing to get a job.
Sounds like you dont know anyone here. That makes things very tough.
What i suggest is that before you do anything that you send out your photos to modeling agencys in NY, but while your in VA, so you can gauge what kind of shot you have at your dream. You dont have to be 18 to be a model, in fact its a little late. You graduated, so i really dont know the legality of taking jobs and the law reguarding parental permission in that respect. However, your still in VA, so if the agencies are interested they can tell you.
If you are getting no response, it wouldnt matter if you lived here, they still ask you to send in your picture.
You need to get things clearer before you just move here. If modeling isnt reciving the response you had hoped, you could try to move her and get a bar tending or waitressing job. If your attractive, i assume you are if your trying to be a model, getting hired at the right place could make you enough money to live. However, if you have no exp, they might not hire you anyway.
You could try taking a trip here, and set up interviews for the date of your trip.
While here you could stay in a hostel

thats a list of them after the hotels at the top.
You need to plan and orgainize before you just move here. You need to set up a job, and then could try and save some money to get a apt. Also remember apts are leases for 1 yr, plus security, while jobs can go away tommrow. Alot of landlords probably wouldnt rent to you anyhow without a gurantor, so you might need your parents help, but most younger people just have roomates, which you can find from
Anyway good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Cheap apartments in New York for Summer ’09 for two young students.?

Hey, My cousin and I are going to NYC for the summer holidays in 2009 and we are looking for apartments in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Central Park, Midtown or anywhere near the shops and attractions.
I would be really grateful if you could respond as soon as possible because we would like to book it asap so we’d know for definite that are plans are in stone and we wouldn’t back out of a holiday of a lifetime… Thanks ya’ll..
I’m just wondering is Newark that far from NYC… Like how many minutes drive/walk would it be… If these places are too unrealistic, would you please offer alternatives. Thanks!
I’m broadening the search to the Bronx, New Jersey, SoHo, TriBeCa, and any place really within an hours drive to NYC…

Administrator answers:

You will not find a cheap apartment in any of those locations. Try the Bronx or Newark.

ADD: Newark is only 20 minutes (by train) to Midtown. The apartments are much more reasonable. I would suggest looking in the Ironbound section of Newark, as it’s a very nice neighborhood (great restaurants, clubs and lounges) and reasonably priced. Also, the closer a place you get to Newark Penn Station the better. You won’t need a car.

George asks…

How can I find anyone subletting apartments in New York City?

I need an apartment for 1-2 months in New York City while I tour and do my one month internship. From June-July 2007. Does anyone know an apartment or even an online listing of apartment sublets? The cheaper, the better. It’s a free internship. No stipend.

My stats: Female. 20 years old. 5th year in College. Living outside the United States.


Administrator answers:

Try talking with who you are interning with. They will have some good suggestion or direct you to where you can find some sublets.

Try looking on this site:

Be careful when looking for an apartment while being from another country.

Here is a link that will help you educate yourself in Laws regarding subletting in New York state provided by New York State website:

Try looking on sites that have roomate or apartments:

Another place would be to stay at a hotel since it’s only for two months. They have some type of hotels that are furnished for short term stay (extended stay hotels):

Good Luck.

Robert asks…

Where is the cheapest place to rent an apartment in New York City without being to far away from everything?

Me and my friend are moving to New York City in 2 years from the UK. I thought id try check this out early while we sort out our visas… CANT WAIT.. Thanks people

Administrator answers:

2 years in advance is a bit early to be looking for a place in the city… Things change a lot in nyc. You should check back in a year, but as of right now you can find reasonably priced apartments at the north end of manhattan (washington heights, inwood), brooklyn (red hook), bronx (kingsbridge near the 1 train), just make sure you’re near a subway line otherwise life can get difficult.

Good luck with those visas!

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