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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In New York

July 16, 2012

Steven asks…

What are the cheapest places in New York City to have an apartment?

I would like for it to be not far from Manhattan but I know that there are not many cheap places to live in New York at all, much less near Manhattan.. But I dont want to be TOO far away from Manhattan. Just what are the cheapest places to live? Also what are the safest places?

Administrator answers:

Astoria and Sunnyside Queens would be two good areas. Both are good safe neighborhoods and you can get within the city by subway.

Michael asks…

Moving into new apartment in New York, cheapest internet options?

I will be living by myself.

I can get a Verizon DSL line for $34.99 a month (1 Year contract) with a Wireless Router, and access to ‘Verizon Hotspots’ but not exactly sure what that means.

I could also go with Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner service, but it is like $54.99 (Broadband connection).

Also, my apartment is ‘cable ready’ but I don’t really watch TV. Is there any way I can just get the basic channels (NBC, CBS, ABC) and not pay like $40 a month for hundreds of channels?? I have no need for that many and they don’t seem to have other options!

Just wondering what your experience is with both of these, thanks!

Administrator answers:

First you need to determine what service providers are available in your area. Connect Your Home is a national retailer for DISH Network, DirecTV, Comcast, AT&T, HughesNet and many others. They can search and find what service you have available. Once that is determined they can set you up with a very affordable internet package. Right now they have a $19/mo. Comcast internet package. Give them a call and see what deals they can offer you.

Ken asks…

what part/city in New York have affordable/cheap apartments?

i see in movies how everything looks so nice but i know some places are just really expensive
hahaah yeah Manhattan did not even enter my mind. thanks for the answer

Administrator answers:

Well, for starters, you can forget Manhattan. I would recommend looking outside of Manhattan in the outer boroughs. I believe Park Slope, Brooklyn is one way where rent is cheap at the moment.

Good luck

Susan asks…

Where is the cheapest place to live in New York but is still in the city?

i want to go to college in New York and i want to live there in the future. I love the city but i heard its very expensive to live there. What are some great cities to live in that have cheap apartments but are not too dangerous to live in and is still in the city

Administrator answers:


Sandra asks…

Safest and cheapest neighborhoods in New York City and surrounding area?

I am planning on moving to New York City in August and am trying to find apartments to rent. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could live that is safe and cheap and preferrably not too far of a commute from downtown New York.

Administrator answers:

Astoria – Queens, Flushing – Queens or cross the Hudson and check out Hoboken!

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