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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nj

May 16, 2012

Betty asks…

Husband is unemployed, I am a STAM, should we move?

I am currently living in a very small town, Fayetteville in Arkansas. This city has about 45,000 people population and basically there is nothing to do here and no job. My husband has been on unemployment for 9 months now and I am a stay at home mom with my 3 year old daughter. We are seriously considering moving out of state to find job, a bigger city and a better life.

My choices are Dallas/Texas, New Jersey, and California. Dallas is the cheapest of all, a 2 bedroom apartment for rent is around $550 pcm, which is the same money we pay here now. NJ is my husband’s first choice, but housing price for a one bedroom is at least $1200 pcm and California is the same $1100 pcm for a one bedroom. I personally love California, I traveled there last year and have been fantasizing about the beautiful coastal life ever since, however I don’t think that is realistic. We have about $7,000 savings, which can keep us for some more months. In a bigger city, we could at least find a job.

Do you think we should move to Dallas, and then in a couple of years move to California when we have more savings and more work experience (I came from England and my husband is American)? Or should we take the risk and move to California now?

The thing is I am a firm believer in law of attraction and abundance thinking, so my mind is always limitless.
stay at home mom

Administrator answers:

If you didn’t do the math yourself, factoring in food + electric + etc etc etc your $7000 after paying for the actual cost of moving won’t last 4 months. That is definitely in no way long enough to be able to be safe in finding a new job. Consider that your husband has been on unemployment for 9 months, why would you think that he can find a high enough paying job in 3 somewhere else?

James asks…

I would like to get everyone’s opinion about this?

I just recently got engaged to my fiance. My sister lives in another state. she just recently met him and introduced herself to him. He also met my mother and discussed his intentions for me. My sister was like how my ring should cost at least $1000.00 and how the ring is too cheap and no one will take me seriously if i told them about it. I finally got the ring and my mother has been out of town so i figured i would tell her when she returns. My fiance asked my mother to be around when he was going to propose as he felt it would make the moment that much more special. My mother took on my engagement day as well as my birthday. i get a phone call the day after talking about did you get the ring and how come you never told your family? I said first of all you were aware that he wanted you to be around when he proposed so why do you act to surprised? My sisters gets on the phone talking about since you never told me about your ring, i want nothing to do with your wedding. I said okiedokie and went on about my business. I talk to my mother last night she starts talking about how i should apologise to my sister for not telling her about my ring since she is the only sister that i have. I just want to know if this is at all necessary. This is the same sister who used to tell me during my highschool years that i wasn’t her sister and that i was a bastard since we have different fathers. this is also the same sister who threw my things out of her apartment and threatened to call the cops on me at her apartment on two occasions. This is also the same sister on the last occasion told me she didn’t want me near her apartment ever again. she has forgotten that i was there when she gave birth to her son. I used to drive 2hrs from Bethlehem, PA to her old apartment in NJ to send diapers and stuff when i still had a good job. I would like you guys to please chime in to see if i am insane for wanting to keep everyone away from my life at this time and focus on the blessing that is in front of me as well as the changes that are going on in my life at this time. Thanks all.

Administrator answers:

Your sisters behavior sounds immature, and even irrational. It isn’t normal for someone to blow off a family members wedding because they didn’t see the ring first. I probably wouldn’t bring it up for a while giving her time to come back to planet earth, and then tell her that you would like her to be part of the wedding, but that the decision is hers to make. In the meantime, I would continue planning your wedding as if nothing is wrong. That way, if she throws another tantrum you wont have to make changes because of her exit.

Charles asks…

Would this be cheaper?

When I was little I went to New York and have left a little piece of my heart there. Lmao, very cheesy I know but it’s true. I love that place more than anything. The rush, the smell (not as stinky as some say), and just the whole feel of it.

I would someday like to move in a small apartment there but it’s just too much… So would it be cheaper if I got a small apartment around the border of New Jersey? I mean when I went to New York we stayed right on the very border of NJ and took a subway to New York. Would staying in New Jersey be cheaper?


Administrator answers:

I was born and raised in North Jersey just 10 mins away from the george washington bridge it is an affordable option if you want to be near the city. Try looking in Bergen County here are some towns that are really close and have reasonable rent for were they are and are safe too Teaneck, Bogota, Ridgefield Park, Leonia, Palisades Park, River Edge, Tenefly good luck with your search.

Donna asks…

Why is it that when a Democrat touches something, I mean anything it turns expensive and cheap?

In NYC and NJ where Demonrats rule the apartments are expensive and run down, tiny etc.

The health care bill is going to be even more expensive and you are not going to get proper care. Unless you are an illegal alien of course Obama thinks they are more important.

Taxes go through the roof and we get less from the government.

The dollar is inflated and worth less then before.

The list goes on like forever and ever.
James I don’t know ask the demonrats they somehow manage to do it all the time.

Bloomberg is not a Republican he is a progressive in Republican clothing.

Everyone knows that where have you been.

In NJ the only Republican is the Governor and he is alone against the pack of rabid demonrats.

Administrator answers:

Cuzz thats who dey is.

Paul asks…

gas and electric connection – pseg – new jersey?

we live in NJ and got PSEG for gas and supply

what is the differnece between having gas and electric connections
our new apartment is fully electric, what does it mean.
which one is cheaper and cost effective
i always thought we get both gas and electric connection at apartments

Administrator answers:

In N.J. The landlord provides the stove.
If he’s installed electric, that’s what you get.
Gas is cheaper but the landlord doesn’t pay it.
Electric is cheaper to install, he does pay for that.

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