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October 20, 2012

Mandy asks…

What is the best/cheapest moving company in the metropolitan area?

I am looking to move a couch, living room table, a few chairs, a rug, and various items to an apartment in NYC. 96th and Lexington to be specific.

What is the best moving company for the job?
What is the cheapest company for the job?

Administrator answers:

Subscribe briefly to Angie’s List. It’ll be worth your while. They surely have one in NYC. There, you’ll get real comments from real people and ratings of companies.

I wouldn’t take the advice of anyone who posts a name as it may be self-serving in these economic times.

Here are some free cites w customer ratings

Good luck!

Donna asks…

What’s the difference between living in Singapore and New York?

Currently I’m a student living in Singapore with a Singapore passport. I’m thinking of studying in New York when I reach university age. I’ve heard lots of great things about New York, as well as bad. But the reasons why I can’t wait to get there is because I’m eager to experience American (college) life, have international college friends, explore new places, don’t really have to get ‘stuck in the rut’ like other Singaporeans, be overwhelmed by the availability/variety of good and services, heard that cost of living in New York is lower than Singapore (a survey ranked New York 23rd in terms of highest cost of living, while Singapore gets 13th), availability of jobs after graduation (though maybe not at this time), get to benefit from the PlaNYC 2030 citywide program of improving everything, from transport to environment ( ), know that New York has a huge Asian community for me to get comfortable with, and finally, heard that Singaporeans who lived/worked/studied there enjoyed their stay tremendously, so I hope I will too. I might even want to stay forever. But first I need to know why some people have a bad impression of New York life (is it because of dull work, problems any city would have, crime levels, or what?). What will I miss out if I choose to live in New York instead of Singapore? I also heard New York is voted the ‘safest large city in USA’, but what precautions should I still make? I come from a very safe country (not trying to brag but it’s true according to statistics), so I might very easily let my guard down. But I’m still positive about going to New York, so I can’t wait for my one-way ticket. One more thing, if I find it expensive to live in New York eventually, what should I do to keep costs down (e.g. where can I find the cheapest apartments, the reasonably priced shops/supermarkets, etc.)?

Administrator answers:

Hi Ardin – You may have seen Singaporean Colin Goh’s hilarious fortnightly column about life in Flushing, New York in The Sunday Times. He writes in his very local style about the cultural differences and not infrequently asks readers to write to him with their own experiences. He’s a lawyer turned filmmaker.

I think your query is perfect for Colin. His email address is on his website at:

Sandra asks…

Reasonable priced hotels/apartments in nyc?

Thinking on going to Newyork on 15th may for 10 nights, flying from Ireland, flights are quite expensive for us both..
Looking for good cheap accommodation whether be hotel/guesthouse as long as its clean and reasonably priced, Quite central (Mid-town)

Administrator answers:

My friend, there are plenty of hotels in New York City to choose from. Therefore, depending on your budget, may I recommend the link below, which will be very much helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Susan asks…

How much would it cost to put up walls in a NYC apartment?

The space is a duplex apartment with basically two loft-style floors. We would be creating 3 bedrooms out of this space- so we would need approximity 4 walls with 3 doors built. I’m not sure of the exact dimensions but figure each wall would be about 10 feet long and 8 feet high. Since we are on a tight budget we would be looking to do this as cheap as possible. If we hired someone to do this work, around how much would it cost, and how long would it take? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The best way for you to figure out cost is to figure out how many studs you will need. Figure one at the top and bottom and then roughly 8 for the actually walls if you build it 16″ on center. Then figure out your sheet rock. Standard size is 4′x8′. So you would need maybe 4 per side of the wall. Then figure some misc. Lumber for headers and what not on the doors and then price the pre-made doors from Lowes and Home Depot. Add some for materials like screws, nails, finish for the sheetrock, etc. And you should have an idea of cost. You could spend about an hour or so at a Lowe’s or HD and get a “rough” idea of cost. As far as labor for someone to do it, who knows? Check and see if you have to have a permit to do it. If not, maybe your building super could do it for some side-money.

Ruth asks…

Moving to New York City?

I turned 22 the end of May. I currently live in Michigan. I have visited NYC multiple times. I now feel that I want to move on with my life. I would love to move to NYC because it is the most amazing city I have ever been to. I still live with my parents.. have never lived on my own. I have a few friends in New York that are willing to let me room with them.. main prospect being in Queens. The time I spend rooming with my friends I hope to find a decent job and a cheap apartment in a decent neighbor hood near Manhattan. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions dealing with jobs or apartments or in general living in New York. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

If i were you, i would live on the outskirts. I know that living in the actual city is like a million dollars just for a townhouse

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