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October 26, 2012

James asks…

Moving to New York City?

I turned 22 the end of May. I currently live in Michigan. I have visited NYC multiple times. I now feel that I want to move on with my life. I would love to move to NYC because it is the most amazing city I have ever been to. I still live with my parents.. have never lived on my own. I have a few friends in New York that are willing to let me room with them.. main prospect being in Queens. The time I spend rooming with my friends I hope to find a decent job and a cheap apartment in a decent neighbor hood near Manhattan. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions dealing with jobs or apartments or in general living in New York. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

It is very hard to get a job in NYC since you don’t have any working experience, even you are lucky to get a waitress job, it is only pay $8/hr and part-time.

Decent neighborhood near Manhattan? You need to pay $1400/month for rent, another $1000 for living and transportation.

Lizzie asks…

Can I bartend in New York City at 18 years old?

In 2014 I would like to go on a Gap Year in New York City (I am Aussie) and I am looking at job options. I was thinking nannying during the day and bartend/waitress at nights. I know the legal drinking age in NYC is 21 but is it true you can bartend at 18? If anyone knows please inform me :D Also if you have any info on things like cheap apartments, international driving license or nannying/babysitting let me know. Thank you :D

Administrator answers:

Before searching for ‘job options’ you need to research ‘visa options’. You will have to either be an Au Pair (it will be you ONLY job) or some kind of exchange program. There is no visa for casual work (like bartending).

Ken asks…

Senior in college planning to move to nyc with little money?

I know I’m dreaming big for someone with no money. But I feel like it it is something I can make happen.

I’m graduating college in May of 2012 and I want to go to grad school at NYU. But I don’t have the finances to do this whatsoever. How does a broke 21 year old move to a city as big and expensive as NYC and get by?

How do I prepare to make this transition?

My best friend lives there now and I have already given her the heads up to help me find apartments for cheap (might be living together even).

I’ll be working from now until I move to NYC hopefully in May. I don’t make very much and I will probably estimate I will only have may be $1000 saved considering I already am in a situation where I have to support myself and my paid jobs don’t make much…

Please give me any advice, even if it’s telling me I’m crazy for considering this and should move home first and find a better paying job first.

Though I would rather not move back home right after college
I know New York is where I want to live. I’ve not been anywhere else where the culture and way of life is even close to that of Nyc. When I think of my future I see myself living there and no where else, so telling me it’s the worst place to move does nothing.

Administrator answers:

I would recommend you hold off on enrolling in school for at least a year – to give yourself a chance to get settled. First, spend your time looking for a job in NYC after you graduate. Having a steady income will be important when you get there, and there is a chance that the company you work for may be able to provide financial aid for your masters.Enrolling in a masters program after a year – or even two – is not a drawback to admission. In fact, many students prefer to get some experience in their field before getting an advanced degree.

Charles asks…

Which city is cheaper to live in, apartment/house: LA or NYC?

Administrator answers:

Both are almost equally expensive, except NYC condo rent could be much higher. I’ve lived in both cities and ended up settling in L.A. The weather and climate are so much better in L.A. NY gets cold in winter and hot, and humid in summer. Lifestyles are different,too. L.A. Is laid back and friendlier.

Nancy asks…

Where is rent cheap in NYC or NY?

Me and my family are trying to find a 2 bedroom house or apartment in the tri state area. The rent budget is $500 to $650. We have tried just about every type of website out there help us out or at least point me into the right direction. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to look for another tri-state area for that rent.

I suggest Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

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